Star Wars Auditions - SNL

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J.J. Abrams shares The Force Awakens screen tests for Daisy Ridley and Sofia Vergara (Cecily Strong), John Boyega, Emma Stone, David Beckham (Taran Killam), Jon Hamm and more.

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Miss X
Daya Ryelle-Remar
Is it possible to get a Diet Coke with a side of Adam Driver?

If not, I'll just take the's not married. xD
Elise Bauer
"I can play a very convincing, part Asian woman." Emma Stone 2015

Check out this cover of Mariah Carey’s The Star. This Filipino kid does a great job.
Not funny at all.
Aglover11 11
2:32 killed me
Brett Tri
Just redoing old skits now.
Van PastorMan
Technically we don't know what race the storm troopers are. After the clones I would guess they had all kinds.
Who is playing Javier Bardem?
Li Bo
That's mean
Elise Bauer
I love how Emma stone made fun of herself.
Elise Bauer
Jiminey cricket
3:35 Me walking into a party I wasnt invited to
David Fraire
Kenan is the worse snl cast member ever
War pig Hammer
There still removing Judd’s spandex .
Actual Cheese
Wish they would’ve gotten real Danny devito
One More Inch #Newshow #TeaserTrailer #PilotComingSoon
Fuj san
Look at the way Daisy looks at Michael Bublé.
High Heel Knight
didn't even smile... this is not political.
Nick Perez
Danny devito should have played bb8
XEN 117
Chris Tucker won it all for me
Icycreamcake Gaming
Aakarsh Dhawan
Kate McKinnon needs to do more Maggie smith impressions.
Taggi Reed
I was confused for a moment when emma appeared.. i thought straight up she was daisy.
rohan bansal
Find someone who looks at you like rey did to Bubble at 3:02 #INLOVE
Leslie Jones is simply just not funny.
Bobby's impression of George Lucas was so on point 😂
Damn, this was actually kinda funny.
Sophi XRU
Ben DeLaCreme's is still the best impersonation of Maggie Smith ever
Eilidh McKinnon
the bend it part made me lose my shit
Oceane Francois
Tightly nonprofit product abuse contribution attempt acid soft gasoline specialize.
Catalina Cantú Garibaldi
Haha Leslie Jones is the best!!
This is so hilarious! Love David Beckham destroying BB8 lol...and Danny devito
Aight i'm used to people just quoting things from the video but at least go back to putting the damn timestamps down with it
Dely Doll
That Sofia Vergara... Priceless 😂
Terminal Velocity
"Hello, I'm J.J. Abram. And I'm going to ruin Episode IX too"
Brandon Yamamoto
I feel bad for my girl Daisy being stuck with all the freaks
richa mani Tripathi
Who was the guy at 01:26? So hot!!
god snl sucks ass
I find your lack of coke zero disturbing
Banana Wizard
jamika green
I hollered
Sydnee Frost
Leslie looks like the character Rosie Donald’s played the voice for on Tarzan.
Mary Etuk
Loved the Chris Tucker bit....ha ha ha! Especially when he screamed. Ha ha ha!
Eddy ramirez
emma stone for rey, änyone?änyone?
Daisy 😍
Maggie Smith 😂😂
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