Makenzie King
Tiki Bear
Try the clothes on
Tiki Bear
Try the clothes on
Hannah Hodges
It says RAD
nanette duncan
i subscribed
Jaycie Lopez
My favorite out of Gabbi was rose gold sweatshirt and my favorite out of Niki was beevus and butthead sorry if spelled that wrong
XxKawaiioreoBiscuitxX surgeoner
And maybe a night routine
XxKawaiioreoBiscuitxX surgeoner
Ik a video you should do you should do the Tomboy vs girly girl morning routine
alexandra humbert
I love this video
Adonia Flores
they look good
Adonia Flores
i love you guys
Ansley Cassel
I feel like Gabi did a better job at shopping for her sister
Victoria Marie
Can you guys shop for your boyfriend please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ripple Wave
The shoes aren't to bad
Christine's Crafty Corner Channel
Crazy Frankenstein shoes
Jenna Marie
You guys didn’t make this up
??? But I know the boys did it for u guys but what if you all do it
Can u guys do more videos like that but for your bf and they do it for u
Please do the pizza challege
Chloe Merrick
Bash Khaled
I actually loved the shoes :/
niki shues ar not cute
xxxLucyxx x
Gabi’s hair! 😍
Shaine Astrid
I thought you would try those😭
Sokaina Tadili
Try on haul!!
Matthew Bryan
Halloween costumes then and now
Shit Fuck
I love the halsey reference!!!
Blu Love
Those shopping skills
Shianne Eanes
can we talk about how this is like old Kylie vs new Kylie.. or is it just me?
Emma Packard
the frankenstin shoes!!!!! omg adorable!!!
LPSmarissa Rose
The red hat actually said rad
Vanessa Herrera
I love you gabi
Sissy Cook
They look silly silly but I would act like a little touch of like high heels on the back
Johnae Mcdaniel
Nikki& Gabi my favorite YouTubers/ people in the world 💗 I would really would love if Gabi gives us a closet tour and show us all her clothes and pieces that u love pleaseee😘 I would really would love if u do one .
Adora McCoy
Can I see them without makeup? Not being rude.
Eeshal Salman
I was waiting for you to try them on
Chris Kayser
k yeah no, you didn't come up with this..... nice try tho
The boyfriends did better
Kara Coates
I feel like those shoes are a death machine for ants and any other insect
Mia Slesser
those shopping skills!!
Noemi Montoya
you should do a video with karina garcia and make slime
ultimate turmoil
it says rad😂 but I loveeee the shoes
Lissy Appleyard
Don’t you guys ever wish that you said someone else’s comment?
Briana Imholte
Shoes= fugly
Kathryn Fineblum
I love it 😍
PhoenixRARA The Weirdo
Bridget Longacre
Try on hauls next time
sofie jazz
I love how Gabi acts like she has known her fans all her life I like that
Dj Gallagher
I love your voice and your video
Alexa Jennings
My color scheme is Niki’s but my style is Gabi’s
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