Filip Kasprzyk
Is that phone a Nexus 5X? :D
Jakub Zięba
I'm cry, first time for a long time I don't skip the ad, :) it's awesome!!!! My congratulations
I ask my dad a lot of stuff! I never knew that people mostly depended on technology.
Crypt 451
This needs more upvotes.
Donovan Wright
Love it so true!❤️
Andrew L
Love the video
Ken K
Where we've come.
came from benja!
Love it! #GoAskDad love you Dad, thanks for all the lessons you've taught me 😁
Another very special and touching ad, like Allegro.
savannah elizabeth
savannah elizabeth
Good call sponsoring​ mitch, his video was hilarious! Also, this is the brand my dad uses :)
pac man
well done gillette, i am using your mach3 considering new 5 razor one, but what ever i am very satisfied witch mach3, really nice ad i watched it till end :)
Gary Ellliott
Nicely done, Gillette!
Cocoa Butta Kisses
a beautiful commercial!
Cocoa Butta Kisses
a beautiful commercial!
W chuju mam dzien ojca, na dzien dziecka nie zapytał nawet co słychać.
J Bisaillon
There is no sound,
Dave McLurg
Great work AGAIN Gillette! I did not think it was possible to out do last year but you did. You certainly get how vital and influential an engaged father is and you tell the story better than anyone. Thanks for supporting Dads.
I used the internet to get stuff I need to to learn how to shave. It shows that I can learn how to get started myself
Incredible idea! Well done Gillette!!
Jalal Khan
Beautiful <3
Ralph Amato
i wish i could still the razor handle from when i first started shaving i threw it out dumb me Gillette Contour plus
bk rashid
nice video
Isaiah Pacheco
What happen you don't have a dad
Mahmood Ali
pervious one was good
stupendo direi
Francesco Pio Napolitano
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