Amy Horn
Town quarterback quote different with credibility discourse manufacturer research.
Anthony Milford
We need another episode💯
these guys think there cool....i dont know what they think if i walked in there with my boyz like kobe MJ and snoopy
James Harden
ill be here some day
OSN needs to watch this if he hasn't already
I want to get my hair cut here.
Will Levy
See man I swear draymond and bron don't even hate each other ball players just like to get into each other's heads
Danny Ocean
Same mindless shit full of cliches... These pro athletes and their RAP LYRIC TALK. "you know what im sayin"... "go get it"... "it is what it is"... "Respect"... Yada yada yada... Nothing perceptive about it.. Just some black dudes talking that rap lyric talk. Predictable cliches. Same old lines, different "Ballah. " I go to any barbershop full of average joes and they talk the same way. Barbershop talk isnt something I look at for introspection. Especially from NBA & NFL athletes. See this is why I love bill russell and doctor J.. They talk like educated men without using any rap talk cliches. NOWADAYS Its always the superstars who talk like dumbasses. Its like the bigger the name, the dumber and Predictable they talk. I learned more about athletes watching JJ Redick's 15min. Uninterrupted documentary than watching this 30 minute nonsense. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CAN SOMEBODY TEACH THEM (AND FLOYD MAYWEATHER) HOW TO PRONOUNCE THE WORD "ASK"... SAYING "AKS" DOESNT MAKE YOU SOUND COOL, MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE A DUMBASS.
Why the fuck does draymond look so lost lmao
Frank Garrett
Green sounds like a retard.
le Mitchell
Kyrie probably watched LeBron talk to them about him and it pissed him off so now he wanna get it without LeBron, I bet my bottom dollar he didn't like that conversation
le Mitchell
why is 2 Chainz ever there wtf?
Pablo Jiménez
This is a really cool idea for a show...Kudos
Kiwi Boy
We need this to be a weekly series!
Kevin Durant
Ya'll talking shit bout' my hairline when this shit is worth $400 million more dollars than any other fucked up hairline. I'm looking at you Dennis Schroder.
Cameron Cloud
This should become a series for real
dwane hargrove
Wish deon Sanders walked in
Lebron and draymond ain't got beef jkjk
Benny Bos
Whas this filmed after the 2017 finales?
"three white wide receivers" disrespectful af
Mike Davis
Imagine walking in getting a haircut and seeing Lebron and all of them
Diea he have hair to manage?
Chalupa Batman
and a quarterback does need to know both sides lebron, he has to know what his offense is going to do AND he needs to be able to read a defense, he may not have to play defense but he needs to know how a defense is going to play him
Chalupa Batman
lebron has a point about saying any football player is the greatest athlete ever cause they do play 1 side of the field they don't play offense and defense
that being said you can't say brady doesn't effect 1 side of the ball, what is said in football all the time about running the ball? it protects your defense gives them rest and not turning the ball over to not put your defense in a bad position so an offense in football does effect the defense just offense doesn't have to play defense
Deez Nuts
Most of the people in there didn't even need haircuts
I'm surprised draymond didn't talk trash
Wavy CJ
That's why niggas hairlines and shape-ups be fucked up, they nodding they heads and shit while they getting cut and shit 😂😂
Patrick Adzimah
Rich Paul and Maverick Carter are the business deals and moves behind LeBron James everything you hear about the deals the commercials all of that is them now you know you're welcome.
Bob Hope
Excellent stuff.
sethywethy love
i can listen to LeBron James and Draymond Green talk all day
Can Ozcan
12:55 made laugh hard.
Kyle Pickens
Bruh. If this is the barbershop Lebron goes to, remind me never to go there
song at the end?
DK Gaming
Draymond the donkey taking L's
Forever_animated 24
lol I'm dead 2 chainz said is they playing better
Forever_animated 24
lol I'm dead 2 chainz said is they playing better
Socially Awkward96
No one finds it odd how draymond and Lebron are hanging out at the barbershop together ? Where's the edge the competitiveness this is why I missed the kobe era you'd never seen Kobe hanging out with Celtics players at a damn barbershop seeing this makes me a firm believer that the NBA is truly staged for the best teams or best player
Peter khot
Lebron's look older than he is.
Colin Sikes
what up gregg
Colin Sikes
this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny
Richard Holmes
Hello money n king my bad I finally listen but I got y'all on nfl this season, lotta times one is on world conquest so y'all are apart of the non lakers so that's why I was removed from for so long but I got y'all it's going take while I'm about to make some chicken brb
Fred Smith
@18:00 2 Chainz talkin about the illuminate and their control over people. Lebron should know about this, as he is a illuminate scumbag
Tony B
LeBron traveled while sitting down
Stidoms Homes
excellent embodiment of excelling in excellence
Maverick is unlikable. Know-it-all and loves to be heard. Came across too many dudes like that.
Have to love the process to get the results but you have to NEED TO WIN.
jeremiah santander
Bron your lungs
Bamlak Bekele
Bamlak Bekele
they in New Orleans , damn they should have hit up AD
tre thomas
We know why LeBron head be mess up now 💀
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