Unboxing The $4000 Razer Gaming Laptop

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Razer Blade Pro (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2rpdOJK
Razer Blade Pro (International) - http://geni.us/mQ9TPI

Razer has created a sleek 17-inch gaming laptop that packs GTX 1080 graphics and 4K display. Will the Razer Blade Pro be your next gaming laptop?

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Unbox Therapy
Razer Blade Pro (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2rpdOJK
Razer Blade Pro (International) - http://geni.us/mQ9TPI
Is this worth the price and if a part of it broke how much would it be to repair it?
Victor Huff
My fricken' dream laptop.
I need this laptop in my life oh my god it looks so fucking beautiful. Bro I want, want it so badly.
Lemon Knight
But can it run Crysis?
aziz as
Firepopcorn 123
4 fucking thousand dollars, at that point, I rather buy a very good and awesome looking PC and Monitor, hella Games, the best Keyboard and Mouse for me, and a good chair.
Niels van der werf
i think i came a little :3
theReyna Davidshow
What's on your hand?
DC Gaming
there is a ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) in the video tags.... wow
I just a 4 minute ad for you, your welcome
I've actually got that
vicente Schultz Solano
I'm in love. Too bad my wallet is empty and will be empty for other 5-6 years :(
I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Could buy a car for that wtf
You can build the pc yourself with all the same parts for a lot cheaper
Angel Aguilera
No offense but nobody's spending a fucking 4000$ laptop when I could get a great one for somewhere around 500-1000$ one
Please could I have it
- -
its fun 'n all watching all this amazing stuff being opend/unboxed but u no what would be better than that, me unboxing it (wink,wink) ;)
osvaldas mockus
ther is i9 if you wanna know
Ben Minue
Video hasn't started but what is the graphics Card?
But Can it run crisis at 4k?
Jesus Christ I would be so happy if I had this
THX is owned by Razer... Just saying...
WHY is the mousepad on the right hand side :( it sucks being a lefty sometimes
i know what im getting for Christmas... and gotta throw my old 2000$ gaming laptop ( its the only gaming hardware i have that isnt razer )
They wasted so much space on the face of the laptop.
Alec Farrugia Cachia
Razer owns THX, they could get THX certification on their mousepads if they wanted
they fit a fucking gtx 1080 in that?
How do they do that? I need to set up my own company.
this is why i need to graduate go to college and be successful in life so i can buy shit like this
John Franklin
show us your gshock or other watches but no smartwatch
James Trahan
Basically an Alien ware laptop lol.
Pratik Bendre
God I need this!!!!!
Christopher Pack
Are there people buying this to edit 4k video instead of just gaming?
Poe Bears
Fuck this and fuck Razer. Five out of five products I've owned from them broke within months, they're just aesthetic-based shit quality. Don't buy Razer, be smart.
Edward Ramirez
Claudius Tv
If it's better than the 4300$ MacBook Pro, then I'll take it.
4k and 4k$ ig @claudiustv1
Because of Moore's law, I somewhat regret getting a gaming laptop.
Gumm y
Sitting here in front of my lenovo laptop that can fry an egg
What is that drilling music going on in the background? Some affirmation type stuff or binaural beats Lew?
Ivan Richard
not much tech info in this video
I hate my life.
smith lewis
take a $4k lapy in toilet then exits from toilet after 4 hrs when battery dead
xXThePlayersXx -Minecraft and More
Can it run minecraft at 60 fps?
ibrahim cowke
4000$ to 800$ I'll buy than.
WitherSkeletonHD und Mikaelcraftertv
It's having touchscreen
Hyeunseop Choi
Fucking Hot Laptop Yet.
WitherSkeletonHD und Mikaelcraftertv
8 million subscribers in Austria living 8 million people
Black Hammer
This is so fucking stupid. Why can't make monthly payments on stuff this expensive. They would make so much more money because people who aren't literally rich will be able to afford it.
To a meeting with that green @ss logo? Yeah right.
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