Unboxing The $4000 Razer Gaming Laptop

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Razer Blade Pro (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2rpdOJK
Razer Blade Pro (International) - http://geni.us/mQ9TPI

Razer has created a sleek 17-inch gaming laptop that packs GTX 1080 graphics and 4K display. Will the Razer Blade Pro be your next gaming laptop?

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Unbox Therapy
Razer Blade Pro (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2rpdOJK
Razer Blade Pro (International) - http://geni.us/mQ9TPI
Ya Mum
My laptop feels like it has a 1 mlp hour battery
ThyBallisticLui 57
I want this laptop so bad, damn dude. Help a college student out haha I’m jk
Manuel Troche
but can it run Fallout 4?
Mikro Oyuncu
Unboxing Acer Predator 21X Please.
Not at all first thx certified on a laptop. My Clevo p150em, metabox custom built. was thx certified. This was in 2012.
can i have it?
Mads Mose
I have a 10.000$ Gaming laptop ha
Jerikho Patrick
What is the name of the games that he play?
Ellie Mandy
I have a $1.40 in my wallet. $0 in both bank accounts. How am I still alive?
M.gading rizani
unbox play point blank
Xaniac Ludix
Heh, you should give it to me. Thanks.
Who games on a pc?
If you wanna game do it on a console (if you wanna go to heaven do it on a playstation however)
Frank Chen
Do you have pelican box and earphone box?
I had the 14 inch version from 2014. I was so incredibly disappointed by it. The price is no where near worth it. Yes, it had good hardware, but the design was terrible. It got so hot to the point where you couldn't touch it, the battery life was terrible, and because of the heat, the rubber at the bottom melted off and made a huge mess. Never buying laptops from razer again.
Cole Laging
watching 4k laptop video in 140p
Cryptic PvP
Saint Guardian
Brah i have 3 dollars
4k on a laptop and you recommend to buy headphones wtf. For 4 grand I'd want it to tuck me in bed at night and whisper sweet nothings into my ear while stoking my hair.
with that money I can buy car
do a alien ware 17 review laptop
TheLegend 28
And theres me who is happy having a ps2
James He
Get the Valerie plzzzzzzz
Hartej Virdi
Okay so THX - Dell XPS had THX and 2.1 by JBL on laptop 6 years ago.
that keyboard Lighting system: Alienware 6 - 7 years ago
4K Display - most of the gaming laptop these days.
So really not that WOOOAAAHHH..

Anyhow love your channel, keep making videos WOOOAAAHHHH!!
sandeep reddy
hi intel hd 620 graphics up to 8gb and intel i7 7thgen 16gb ram ddr4 its good for gaming or not?
Tech Therapy
1:50 - that's a thunderbolt port...
Amir Nazemi
Idk about you guys but I still prefer a PC with the same price, anyone else thinks like me?
Marcin Kowalczyk
...a macbook that i always wanted to be...
Tony K
Actually razer isnt the top end of gaming laptops, just saying you should do some research before making big claims. (im not bashing razer, their laptop are really good)
Alex K.
this laptop would probably be way more popular if razer would finally change their goddamn ugly ass logo
Andrey B
too much hype man, too much hype
Pizza Pie
0:18 Jack
Kaisar Akhmad
rip left handed
Razer owns THX lmao
Cat.exe has stopped working
Id rather customize a gaming pc at cyberpower pc with better specs for 3k less
But no matte screen, dealbreaker
Samuel White
4000 dollars and you don't even get a number pad
Gets a $400p gaming laptop
Plays Minecraft w/ shaders
mohammed fuzail
acer preditor 21x is good
Metal Head666
man if I have a 4k laptop the first thing I'm gonna watch is 4k porn
Citizen Blane
Hi. What camera are you using?
Francyboxer 26
♥‿♥ im crushing in this laptop!!! Everything is perfect!!! I NEEEEED IT NOOOW!!!
Daffy Duck
you can get a better computer for less than 900$
Matthew Anthrax
The graphics is great,for the best resolution in the world.
Pale Horse Rider
Razer all day son.
Kristine San Jose
neun malelf
Overpriced OK, but isn't it a great little machine? I mean of course until MicroSoft fcks it up with an update no one needs...
neun malelf
The Music is great
Rafa Betancourt
Could anyone please tell me where did he buy his glasses? I really liked them!
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