Unbox Therapy
Razer Blade Pro (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2rpdOJK
Razer Blade Pro (International) - http://geni.us/mQ9TPI
David Simon
its certified by thx because razer owns thx, lol
Vikrant Maan
I have that same laptop and mouse
brandon holden
Is the screen on this 120 hz?
david galstyan
can somebody explain me why pay $4000 for ball size screen when you can buy xbox or playstation with wall size screen? I'm not gaming person so maybe there is a good reason,
Detecting Stuff
4k dollar laptop witout a full keyboard? Tf???
Its Overpriced.
Nischal Thota
Yo do an acer preditor
Please do a video on the ASUS Zephyrus! would be appreciated man
Bro do a video Frying bacon and egg with razer blade
Beenthere Donethat
I thought all keyboards were "mechanical"? I only have Macbooks, aren't they mechanical?
mudo mudo
Is this razer ad ?
This laptop is my fucking dream
Chrome User
Lew! Unbox a Acer Predator 21X.. :)
Saitama Sensei
Lol that tigerwoods news tho
IDontKnow _22
This guy spends 1000 usd a day and I spend 4 months trying to find a $63 dollar laptop.
But Can It Run Crysis?
ami a. dalek
Try unboxing an $11, 313.00 customized Sager laptop.
Choco Nilla
im 14 teen and my parents dont really get me anything i live in png when i grow up im gonna a be somebody and get stuff like this
Peter Samuel
is this based on windows 10
Michael Gusevsky
U know whatd cool? Custom keys, with customisable mapping on a touch screen panel above the keyboard
how depressed are you
Gamingnerd Cdp
Iam NEW in this Channel this Guy sounds like pwediepie but less swearing
Nicole Deguzman
thats nice but i dont have money to buy
Well,now you know why god created 2 kidneys
prabhat bhattrai
Ram ..
Processing speed
Is it good for roblox?
John Benedict Carreon
Ryandro Ryandro
could you suggest a gaming laptop with a office pc look i meant the razor logo bright lights look too lout. i am gonna get a job soon and i will be the youngest in my company so cant afford to take a loud gaming laptop looking like a kid.
Data Vx
I Have the death adder and chroma v2 with RAZER yellow and jesus that cost the equvilent of some gaming pc's lmao
Official DeFy Clan
I don't know why I watch these videos when I know I will never buy
James B. Hall
hey man, can you spare any change?
lol I could get an op gtx 1080ti sli gaming rig and still have all the money in the world for some nice pheripherals
Alberto Filpo Adventures
He has a lot of pc lol
priyanka jaiswal
I own 5 of them now ( for my gaming studio of 25 people ) . I own 10 predator 15x and 10 predator 17x
Jerico Buenaventura
Can i like have this? :(
Victor Plays Roblox
But i just have Completely nothing bro
Victor Plays Roblox
Plz can i have it plz
Inky gamer9
1$ per pixel
Boba Fett
Such a great laptop with such a crappy operating system what a complete waste.
Bermese Abduel
Can I play cool math games?
Then the predator 21x comes along and takes a huge shit on it 😂
Hello, I Have an fujitsu lifebook ah530 Want to I Need a Laptop Gaming plz plz plz Help Me Please
Vanlia Plus
Who want one? I do!😫😫😫😍😍
"You get what you pay for", lmao no you fucking don't.
Adilah Gaffar
Damn its so nice to have it. The closest thing i could get to see it is by watching your video.
Robotic Fox
Sigh One Day One Day...........
Sundeep Rajkomar
Unbox a Predator next
NIKETHAN - N loops
Can u please send me a producer edition of FL studio ..!!
Astro I Rocket League!
i have a GTX 1050, 8GB ram and intel i3220
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