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Dosto please mera channel bhi subsriber kro
praneeti rakhunde
How can i service my one plus device as there is no service station at nagpur, maharashtra ??

Plzzz do answer...
Dhinesh R
Pls provide a service centre at puducherry soonn pllls
avishek nath
Stange thing is the mobile no is always switched off for Bangalore Service Center. THat is what u call customer service. Get real One plus
shivang sharma
sir I have one plus 3T (within warranty). I have got some dust in camera and got it cleaned from service center​ gurgaon 2 weeks before, but now again I can see the dust has started accumulating. what should I do now.
it will be well appreciated if oneplus provide quality service in india.. keeping in mind the overated price which is being charged in the name of some additional taxes
we could have gone for apple or Samsung.. .If u guys promise a affordable phone ..make sure u let it be that way
Ravi Soren
The Company who claims best customer service. In reality it is the worst service provided to their respected customers. I was thinking of buying OnePlus but i dont think I will ever settle Buying OnePlus. They are not so reputed Like Apple or Samsung. They Never Claim anything about their customer service system yet they provide the best customer service.
iwas excepting my delivery of #OnePlus5 yesterday ie on 28june2017 but thanks2 @amazonIN my order isdelayed now their service sucks in INDIA
Shubham Songara
Shame on you charged a guy 48k to repair a 28k phone......purchased op3 by that I knew that it'll cost me humungous amount to repair if got damaged ever. Now I have to baby it huh!!.....Thank God I watched Sharmaji Technical video on service I'll never let my known person ever buy a OnePlus crap.
arjun bahadur
sab se cheap service Hai tum logo ke off Kar rahe ho or logo ko fool bna Rahe ho yeh video upload Kar ke.....plz vlapne Bhai jaisa mat bno BBM2
Aditya Chaubey
the service of oneplus in worst.....don't buy oneplus smartphone guys...plzz
kumari urmila
is there service center in bihar,for purchase i tried it but amazon didn't deliver in bihar(vaishali) help me to buy this product one plus 5
nimish kubal
vibration effect on back panel of my one plus 5 while charging..any defect ?
Sunny Dedha
False promise
Hey, OnePlus , at least answer my question. You guys are fogotting your old devices . You promised nought for op2 but now you said that no noughat for op2.
Your promise never settle is already settled in case of op2 . If you can't accomplish the promise then why you trying to say never settle ...
Gola Motswane
I love my one plus 3, cracked the screen when it fell on the first time within a month. I still have a cracked screen. difficult to get the repairs done in South Africa.
A Op3t
op 2 users​ are crying...
op should give some exchange offers for them to upgrade , really; op also said op 2 was a failure
Always Galaxy and IPhone only
Parveen Mahaputra
why only in India?
Safeer Kapdi
One more important thing..... Please increase the supply as much as you create the demand by advertising about oneplus..... 128gb version of phones is always out of stock.... I dont understand why.... Kindly look into it.
Pavan Reddy
Oneplus(last year) - oneplus 2 will get nougat
Oneplus(this year) - software support for oneplus 2 is stopped.

Stop giving lame reasons and maintain ur word. And am i the only who thinks that op5 looks like an iPhone

Op user
Nikhil Patewar
Just the advertisement doesn't make sense. Only the users of one 3 and 3T are not your customers. you should start respecting all of your customers. When you launch a new product , you completely forget your previous product customers. It's not at all fair with users of one +1 ,2 or X.
Rampo Nek
OnePlus company cheated their Oneplus two customers. No more software 'Update' or support to thire one year old OP2. Company saying they only focus on launching new product and not interested in after sale service, Os update or bug fixing.

i was a big fan of OnePlus. but they cheated.
OP2 stuck on Marshmallow. they stoped their One year old OP 2 and OPx Support and updates. How to trust this chainees manufacturer ... think twise

#NeverBuyOneplus Products
I give you 1+ like Keep it up oneplus!
Saiprakash Reddy
and after all you forget about the oneplus x for the software updates
Siddhartha Ramakrishna
That's a well put together video. Joy. Now, if you could put some of amount of money and energy towards TRAINING your OnePlus support staff at these stores - you MAY just have a winner. I've had the worst experience at your service centers. They don't now what they're talking about. A scratch on the screen APPARENTLY means the display is dead. A heating issue APPAENTLY means the mother board is gone and the phone needs to be changed. It's been a terrible experience at your stores, OnePlus. Let's put the marketing money in the right areas, eh?
best company ever seen
Yash Bhuwalka
I m a regular buyer of One plus Devices but due to high pricing it won't be possible for me to buy this set now
Parmarth Saini
Not atall true...
I had to struggle a lot in getting OnePlus X repaired, waited for a very long time at the service center and finally they said phone cannot be repaired (it's a motherboard issue ), in the nutshell lost all my company data.
Very bad experience with OnePlus,
Akhtar Hussain
Good after sales service is as important as a good product......which ensures success
wwe wrestling
this is shit, s8 is the best u stupid cunts
Denver Lobo
Liking for Eggy!
Anurag Paul
But You guys stop giving updates to oneplus x, what about the promises now? 😒😞
tech 4tress
the oneplus customer care helpline is the worst i have ever encountered, my oneplus 3 had an otg issue and i was unable to access it, i confirmed that it was a hardware issue by taking my freinds phone and installing the same firmware and os on both the phones and using a same otg adapter to test and it was working fine on his phone and it wasnt on my device,
so i called these oneplus customer care and was explaining him the whole situation, and that customer care personnel was just saying that its a software issue and will be solved in the next update, how many ever times i tried explaining him the situation he keeps repeating the same stuff as a fked up robot, so i took the phone to the service center and showed him the phone and tried to explain him the issue and had to show him the proof that i am running the same version of os as my friends device and using the same otg for accesing the thumb drive,and explaining him that it was a hardware issue, wasting 2 hours of arguing ,he finally took it, his happened in hyderabad, and you advertise about promise of 5 !

Moostak Ali
awesome phone. . . love 1+
Thakur Sumesh
Bhaskar Hotshot
You People are Awesome
Truth Seeker
ha ha my 1hour quick repair my ASS your executive don't even pick up phone don't lie you liars worst service you can get with oneplus
Nandamuru Vamsi
Fake as shit..... Not at all true
A one plus 3 customer
AnRg Marasinu
That is until 1 plus 6 is released :-P
after sales​ service sucks....
dev chauhan
juth juth
Ankit Sen
Why so much hating on one plus. . One plus is still new wait for few years and then see
Uzzawal Minz
increase no. of service centers in india. you are having very few atleast add 1 to each state capital. your after sales service is very poor.
vinod malviya
still using oneplus x without VOLTE with Jio 4g frustrated me
and software update r u guys kiding with me last security patch was in November 2016 thats they promised to user hehehe .lost faith in oneplus
sajal Patil
1+ valuing its customers is the biggest bluff of 2017
It promised a nougat update for oneplus 2 and even after literally begging for the update at forums, oneplus turned on their promise! Every oneplus user is gonna face the same fate as the next generation of oneplus devices comes out! #abandon_oneplus
Ganesh P
I am really impressed with narrator voice. It's just amazing.
T&G 360
one plus is grt
maq1990 gg
Oneplus is not what it started with... I enjoyed Oneplus as a low profile company... the invite system... it made me feel worthy of owning a Oneplus... now it's just another Chinese brand... that's a fucking rip off of the iPhone... hate you Oneplus...
RiAz Mahmud
lol. we don't get Android 7 in oneplus 2. but sony z5(Snapdragon 810) got this update. loser company. i just switch to Sony or Samsung. iPhone is the best phone, caz it's give all updated and company understand the consumer want. after release OP 5, i am sure OP 3/3t user face same problem.
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