France vs England 3-2 - Highlights & Goals - 13 June 2017

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English Commentary

France vs England 3-2 Highlights & Goals
International Friendly, 13 June 2017.

0-1 Harry Kane
1-1 Umtiti
2-1 Sidibe
2-2 Harry Kane
3-2 Dembele

France 3-2 England: They may have played practically the entirety of the first half with 10 men, but it is France who managed to get the decisive goal through Dembele after Kane had levelled things up from the spot shortly after the restart. It was a great performance from Deschamps' side, despite losing Varane to a red card.

Harrky Kane had opened the scoring after nine minutes, but goals from Umtiti, Sidibe and Paul Pogba assists put France ahead until the Tottenham striker's penalty. For Southgate, the fact his team failed to push on and take advantage of their numerical superiority will provide some cause for concern.

France will host England at the Stade de France in Paris on Tuesday in what promises to be an intriguing international friendly.

France were beaten in dramatic style by Sweden, as a late error from goalkeeper Hugo Lloris saw the team condemned to a 2-1 loss. England, meanwhile, were held to a 2-2 draw by Scotland on Saturday.

arsjaad poese
African last name.
arsjaad poese
How was that a red card???
Shazah Mang'ula
Evil Morty Smith
Hey, England only lost because it was a city
Rogerio Lopes
Ah the eternal rivalry.
Double Trouble
guled ali
france team are so good thumps up for france giving these players chance to succed unlike english racist.
England Vs next generation superstars
Oliver Moors
Dembele's miss reminded me of tobi's miss in the wembley and sidemen games.
Anelimye Lasyans
Obvious bias from the commentators, determining the "intention" of players despite the evidence to the contrary, seeing offside that do not exist and being certain of phantom penalties AFTER the whistle. By France or by Africa, England was totally outclassed.
England is my city
AJL-VideosHD Alexander
Sterling you dick, copying Mane with that! cock
Peloma Pepe
England must thank that red card... I wonder how this could have ended if it was 11-11
Peloma Pepe
If France doesn't win World Cup, then noooooo. What a great team of young talent
Peloma Pepe
FrAfrica 3-2 England
Alli is such a diver smh
almuiz omer
England football club sucks
France should just join the african continent at this point
Shar shop
Mbappe please come to arsenal, and wear no.14
Serdar Yılmaz
Mbbape=game of thrones grey worm
For all of those comments ABOUT AFRICA. Their parents are usually people that left Africa because they wanted better opportunities. Most of those boys are born in France. THEY ARE FRENCH. FRENCH IS NOT A RACE IT'S A NATIONALITY !!!!!
Legend27 Koké
Umtiti in top ten best defenders in the world. He is so dangerous on set pieces and is so great at defending. Better than varane by a mile.
Colm Kennedy
Why is there so many racists in the comments? What about dele Ali or Danny rose or Bertrand or clyne or Sturridge or sterling etc? It's not like they're entirely English either
Colm Kennedy
Listen closely at 12:30. Did someone just fucking burp??
Walter Amorim
"France team":

★50% French players.
★50% African players.

This way it gets easy to make a team that is not totally "French". If it was not like that u would not even have a "team". What a bullshit u r.
Jerome Fecto
Dans votre cul les Rosbeefs
IM Reborn
These man love to fake shot
Nikola Uzelac
France are absolutely stacked wtf. They will surely win the World Cup next year. Probably the most talent I have ever seen on a national team.
Shah G
Alot of african origin players there show the talent region posses
9:57 phil jones' face lool
nasean taylor
not going to lie england made pogbas price tag look accurate
Ronnie Marway
Pogba was one of the best players on the pitch
8:13 Varane didn'T even touch him. Great referee
FREEZ time
F*** you england (GERMANY!)
france is blacker than the blackest black
Raj di angelo
not to be racist but france looks like an african team ..
10 African vs 11 England
superguy X
How is this fair they have the best players from the African continent?
do vantho
Dele Alli ăn vạ kìa ==
in minuto 9:40 pogba hizo una jugada de cr7
All Star
French is with this Team the world best Football Team 😍 Pogba dembelle mbappe its only amazing
Uzgun Bir Insan
England buying refrere. 7:46
Very Lol. Fuck the imperalism fuck the capitalism. Long Live Soviet Union and Turan Union.
Just like man u
Full of niggers
We takin over
Hakkican Bilgi
God's Child
Cameroon played lovely in this game
Class A Living
England is my city!
Hank the Mad Ninja
Pogba wasn't good

David Hartley
I'm english and i dont buy this oh they dont try bollocks. what i think it is why they fail as a team so much is that none of the players simply have the "football brain" as they put it because if you look as soon as we reach opp box 9 times out of ten we stall and dont know what to do next.
Lord Olivier
2:30 That was beautiful
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