France vs England 3-2 - Highlights & Goals - 13 June 2017

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France vs England 3-2 Highlights & Goals
International Friendly, 13 June 2017.

0-1 Harry Kane
1-1 Umtiti
2-1 Sidibe
2-2 Harry Kane
3-2 Dembele

France 3-2 England: They may have played practically the entirety of the first half with 10 men, but it is France who managed to get the decisive goal through Dembele after Kane had levelled things up from the spot shortly after the restart. It was a great performance from Deschamps' side, despite losing Varane to a red card.

Harrky Kane had opened the scoring after nine minutes, but goals from Umtiti, Sidibe and Paul Pogba assists put France ahead until the Tottenham striker's penalty. For Southgate, the fact his team failed to push on and take advantage of their numerical superiority will provide some cause for concern.

France will host England at the Stade de France in Paris on Tuesday in what promises to be an intriguing international friendly.

France were beaten in dramatic style by Sweden, as a late error from goalkeeper Hugo Lloris saw the team condemned to a 2-1 loss. England, meanwhile, were held to a 2-2 draw by Scotland on Saturday.

Lloris, Giroud and nine Africans. Go France :D
I don't know what people hate Giroud but he is sick.
Angel Wani
France team on Pogba shoulder
A Rmn
Why did Varane get a red card? That's BS
pys dyu
어이!!심판 정신차려!!그게 파울불것도 아닌데 퇴장까지줘?눈이 발에있냐?어린아이도 구분할줄알것다 파울아니라고
Phan Thành Đạt
Mbappe and Pogba are amazing !!!
sidhartha behera
golden generation of france
Why was that a red card??? Surely it should only have been a yellow?
Xtain Dion
French pple stop to criminalized Africans and return our stars back home😎😃😆
Amazing match
raheem sterlig is a waste
England lost the game against a 10man team. Weird.
Ân Hoàng Huy
Varane did not even use his finger to touch Alli :(
I don't think that's a red in a million years
Houssam Harrachy

Abonnez-vous à la chaîne
SolShka2005 Adams
The French team is just better than the England team
Pogba is world class mourinho doesn't know how to utilise him
Riviere Marc
at 10 it still works
Deaven Tran
Have you guys noticed that France has the BEST black players. 😂
Jack butland in goal?
Mohamed o Conteh
Congratulations French people.
drerrie jemoeder
harde video pik
bvb well represented by dembele #Dortmund. Amazing especially with mbappe
TSU Beast
mbappe had so much bad luck that game
Kim Boom Joong
Kim Boom Joong
Dembele and Mbappe are ridiculous
Xanny Evangelista
the english commentators make the game seem soo fucken boring smh
Usman Farooq
Man of the Match was Pogba anyday he played one of the best games of his life.
Lee Joy
i dont get that red card that was just awful call
Rafee Hammons
Man that french team is crazy good and young!
dhio prastyo
wow mbappe + dambele
That's what they get for not having The Legend Joe Hart
Don Heus
should of been 4 -2 with Girouds on side goal . Sad!
Even though Referee is with the England team, they together couldn't able to save the match. Karma still works.I also wonder whether France is the European team or African. No offence.
Just Another BTS/kpop Trash
A bit of my background. Great grand Father fought for France during ww1. he was a Tirailleuir Senegalais not meaning he was from senegal but from somewhere in Africa. Never told his son where he came from after getting french residency after the my Grdpa and Fathrr both born in France. people are making jokes and stuff but this thing aint funny. not knowing exactly where u from, totally embracing a culture, a nation that made you yet people making fun of you for having no choice of being born in a country and being raised a certain way. i have had the chance travel througout Africa and never would they consider us the same as them. calling us nanes such as "le francais" (the french) or "l'etranger"

my point being you guys saying France is an African team as a joke are not fair.

the Portuguese also have a bunch lf black player but its less talked about.

ps :the France territory is not just the mainland but also covers multiple islands (mainly oopulated by black people due to their geographical positions)
mpappbe and dembele best duo
6:35 lol cameraman
ak k
French young talent is insane !!!
saleh AlSuhibani
pogo is so crazy
jacob smith
the commentators are very biased. After watching the replay it's clear that Varane put his hands up and was trying to avoid contact with Ali. The commentators see this but still agree with the call of the referee. It should not be a red card. Penalty yes but not red if it's accidental contact.

2 hard players going at it, but in the end Varane did slow down and tried to avoid contact with Ali
cali khaliif
cali khaliif
I'm English and I hate watching England there so shit in every way and for deli alli give up your shit stick to spurs that's where your good.
Asgeir Myrvoll
When dele ali got penalty it was offside, you can see clearly that kane was aming for the ball and then stopped. Bad ref, reel bad.
dope guy
most goals Heaton concedes are rebounds Agree?
Thierry van Thiel
Deserved win.
ronald cuarite
Y pensar que esos eran sus esclavos :V
Rolando Mora
France 2018 world cup champ for sure. So much attack
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