Undercover Lyft with DNCE

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In this Line edition of Undercover Lyft, watch as Joe Jonas and his band, DNCE, hit the streets of downtown LA as they pick up passengers, jam out to Kissing Strangers, and rekindle an old connection.

carrie white
That's,cool I'd like be in.there with Joe jonas
Gucci Versace
He sounds like he's getting throat fucked
Shaniya Davis
Shaniya Davis
The girl with the two ponytails and glasses WHO IS SHE IK SHES FAMOUS
Undercover Lyft summary.

All Star Athletes - Good
Camp Rock Actors - Somewhere far below
Supreme Anthony
What is DNCE 😭🤦🏻‍♂️
Ferran Machado
Jen Richards <3<3<3
Josue Gomez
this is ridiculous I'm not doing this jeez
Jen Richards!!! In the leather jacket! I love her! Such an amazing woman! She co-starred, co-produced and co-directed an Emmy nominated web series. Herstory. I would be way more starstruck seeing her!
beg matter
Why is how that guy cuts his hair and dresses socially acceptable lol
Peopp Olas
Fifth harmony should do thus
Rayan Garawi
Timmy Harrison
I see nizhoni cooley
"we playin tricks on people" wow, that is so ugly.
Conman Epicness
I've never heard of these people but they look like smug assholes
Not enough people know what DNCE looks like...
who tf is this band
Darren Sar
lol why does this look fake,,, the demi one was much more real
i didn't know they faked these... my proof is that one of the people is an actress/ model
Brynn Duck
this is really funny haha
Zach Perez
I prefer impractical jokers
Zachary Ding
I love fake taxi ... I mean Undercover Lyft!
Lysel Diaz
Lyft is afraid to show its milage record in my dashboard. Had 10 rides today in Florida and payed $61 from 9 am to 7 pm. I can definitely most say Lyft and Uber are the most scammer company in the US. I need a lawyer.
Why can't this happen to me but with Ed Sheeran??
Kevin D
Show the real lyft line experience. When riders are like WTH I didn't realize Line meant I had to ride with other people. Or better yet, when you have two riders and one is really inebriated and other is really uncomfortable sitting next to that rider. Or when you have two inebriated riders and they start fighting, that's the best.....NOT!
You have to be an idiot to not notice. This is so fake
by far the worst episode of undercover yet
"I was in a band and we broke up" MCR CONFIRMED
i think they are always gonna be joe jonas and his band
and i think he knows it too from the way he had to point out that they are the other members
fuck me up
Omg please do this with twenty one pilots
The B.O.A.T
Bram de Haan
Oxygen interview cross ghhike divorce prisoner right hostage.
Spencer Honda
lmao poor guys.
Bobert Meow
1:11 It's raping time
Sabrina Sainte
I'm so confused?
Why did he kiss her on the head...

Maybe I'm unaware that they might be together... but I still don't understand why he would randomly decide to kiss her...??
Savage Things
I didn't really feel this one I really liked Lovato's Lyft video!
Rocio Pozzer
😂 Dnce makes me laugh. 😂😂😂😂
world star
is this undercover lyft? 👎
Aj Able
Nobody noticed nizhoni lmao
the asian chick in the black sweater is hot
Wallid Omari
earn exrta 700 $ cash by using this code when sining up with lyft .
Ellie Trout
Love JoeJoans
Jhalani Aweau
Twinkle twinkle
Madison Hettinga
city people are always gay and annoying
Madison Hettinga
these are so fake
Lysel Diaz
Your volome is really very poor. I miss too many pick up
Merlin Arthur
the muscular guy is hot as fck. he made me wet
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