Bedroom - SNL

SNLSaturday Night LiveSeason 42Episode 1716Aziz AnsariMelissa Villasenorlivenew yorkcomedysketchfunnyhilariouslate nighthostmusicguestlaughimpersonationepisode 12comedianactorMaster of at madison square gardenparks and recreationrapperdark sky paradisei don’t fuck with youBig SeanBedroombed talksexflirtingdirty talksexualrole playforeplayboyfriendgirlfriendOwen Wilson

A woman (Melissa Villaseñor) has a hard time talking dirty with her boyfriend (Aziz Ansari).

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Josh Ellison
This girl is funny as hell.
Khun Mor Pop
6th Grade Hahaha I died 😂😂😂
The Godfather
Funny as hell the female comic great facial expressions
Yeah, because I have a learning disability.
dank apologist
My name is miss cegenation
Daniel H
This sketch is awesome.
Grendel Sloth
Most awkward thing ever but still amazing
Shanghai Knights anyday.
Rogelio Ortega
My favorite SNL skit since Will Ferrell killed a guy with a Trident while Pierce Brosnan tried not to pee his pants laughing.
What's up, you freakin alcoholic??!!
Benjamin N
Bedroom - SNL
Peace in the middle East
Whats up bitch I make more money then you..Bitch.
Isaac Magaña
Wasn't she fired? :(
EPM 101
Oh WoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOw!
Janet Gemmell
This might be one of the funniest episodes ever!!!! I frickin love Aziz!!!!
Like those nights with the boy I was hanging out and I always used to say: Oye... tranquilo viejo! Like Drake from Drake&Josh. Hahahahaha That relationship didn´t last but at least I had a lot of fun.
Sigmund Hightower
This skit was soooooooo funny!!!
When did the girl from Bob's burgers join the cast of snl?😁
Spencer Allbritton
Goddamn this sketch is genius lol.
“I’m the baddest girl in 6th grade.” 😂😂😂
What's up you frickin alcoholic!
Funky' Furballs
It's like Ray Romano's sister!
Veylenta Desouza
She threw in a celebrity impression!!
Oh yeahh dad ... do me dad LOL !
Neonghostwolf 88
is Melissa Villaseñor part of SNL these days?
Am I the only one who thinks her impression of Owen Wilson sucks???
Blink A.K.A Wize1
This sposed to be comedy but she was actually turning me on lol
Michael Eyob
She's lovely here but not so much on the Twitter
Sam Patel
bus tender jet ednggt inflation corporation truth currency suggest drop document
Rachel Zamstein
What's up you freaking alcoholic
Tyrone Griggs
...but I read at a 6th grade level because of my learning disability" good fucking joke there
Ian Carroll
I lost it when she said 6th grade😂😂😂
Italian girl
Oh yeah Dad, do me Dad LMFAO
Italian girl
What's up you freaking alcoholic LOL
Anouska Sfx
What's up you freaking alcoholic... 😂😂
"But I read at a 6th grade level, because of my learning disability"
Lmao had me in rears
Abradolph Lincler
This was actually kinda hot.
Valerie D
What's up ya frickin alcoholic
I love her so much
Jesse Alexander
Loved it!!
She looks like Joji when she does her Owen Wilson face lol
i saw that t shirt in h&m and i bought it pahaha
Fill me up Then eat my ass
This was the funniest skit I've ever seen.
Fredrick Holman
My old demons... Lol
B Kal
She's fire in this. Yasss
Tookie Jackson
She's just trying to get out of having sex.
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