Justice League "Teamwork" Trailer (2017) DC Superhero Movie HD

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Justice League "Teamwork" Trailer (2017) DC Superhero Movie HD [Official Trailer]

Ultimate Hedgehog
I drew cyborg! https://youtu.be/xAh-gG7j5e4
Tsiamo Mkhwanazi
when is the movie going to be in ds tv
Sidagam Rohit
A 12 years awaited movie for me!
Thank you DC and Warner Bros.
Just be great!🤞🙏
Moof Koof
Buttman is ALL IN!!
Rafael Fernandes
0:32 when you have an unexpected boner
Kicknowledge Smith
How are people comparing DC movies to Marvel, Marvel is already in phase 3, DC is like 3 or 4 movies in and have been mediocre so far, WW was good, but just highly praised because it was better than the rest of the films, it wasn't great!! It fits the climate of the world right, so overhype was expected!!
Kicknowledge Smith
Superman would destroy the parademons on his own!! so I am sure he will show up to fight the main bad guy!!
This going to be a joke but I hope I'm wrong
Cyborgs human face looks more cgi than the damn metal!
Cool man
Klitchkov Hashaiv
Where is the Superman??
1:35 iron man?
Just release the fucking movie and stop releasing teasers and trailers........cause ones the the movie has been watched, the next dc movie will take over anticipation
Meh it's alrighty 😚
Chema Brinval
Fernando Barbosa
The Best Movie !!!!!
I'm Batman
Don't disappoint me.
saimone sakisi
They need the jl animated theme opening while they stand in tge sunset and im all in
OMG CYBORG JUST BOOM-TUBED IN I'M SO FUCKIN HYPED Crosses Fingers "'Plz Dont Be Another Batman V Superman'"
E.Miguel Lim
DCU make it good plox!
This game's graphics look amazing.
I love that Ezra Miller saids "Flash has the ability to experience time more slowly" instead of the obvi description. Shows he really knows his character.
Johney Robinson Jr
Uhh Where the UNHOLY FUCK is Superman
cant wait for this movie. gal gadot is a piss poor actor though
Paumin Naulak
Gal Gadot is super awesome
1:29 another glimpse at The Green Lantern but no one seems to listen to me or notice it!
Vader...You Seek Vader!
RIP Clark Kent, Jimmy Olson, Zod, Superman, Robin and Doomsday- All gone way too soon.
Where is Green Lantern???
Dutch 22
Perfect! It's the movie about the Justice League that dreams! XD
Jordan Harrington
I wish Cyborg built a bit bigger......... just me?
rgs studio
olhei a thumb pareceu que o ciborque estava surpreso de ter braço
denned HD
How come does Cyborgs face looks more cgi then the rest of the body?
Batman says"I'm putting together a team." Very reminisant of Nick Fury telling Tony Stark he is putting together a team.
Super Heros have to come together to stop a villian who was sent by a Demi God with an Alien army to take over the Earth. Again very reminisant of the first Avengers movie. They're even trying to add witty humor and one liners just like Marvel's movies. What the fuck is going on at DC and WB studios?
Gustavo Cardoso
o Cyborg tá parecendo os teletubbies 0:33
If only more DCEU and MCU fans could put their petty differences aside and enjoy what each studio has to offer.
Lucas Cuenca
Cyborg looks great!
zapzap 32
If Flash experiences time slowly and it's his ability he isn't a speedster right? And isn't that Professor Zoom's power, that differenciates himself from all the other Flashes?
Quintin Duverce
I prefer infinity war
Relevant Sound Music
👀 horrible smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ did D.C. No justice
Not far from there, Superman chillin in a coffin
Super Girl
AA- Gamer
I hope cyborg doesn’t bring this movie down. He seems so damn angry and unnecessarily serious all the time. That says a lot considering Batman is in this movie.
Now THIS is a good teaser trailer!!
Smooth Jazz and Smooth R&B Music and News
No more trailers! Lets just get to the movie!
The Flash 101
I think that they're teasing us with the return of SUPERMAN with that shot at 1:35
“Half man, half machine”

I disagree.
my buddy
Who the fuck is cyborg? Teen titans?
Horrible Movie, They left out Spiderman and Green Arrow
Charleen Swiger
Wheres the wonder twins
Michael Johnson
Warner Brothers sure knows how to get a movie paid for before it ever hits theaters
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