Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops III Reveal Trailer

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a dark, gritty future where a new breed of Black Ops soldier emerges and the lines are blurred between our own humanity and the cutting-edge military robotics that define the future of combat. 

See you on November 6, the new Black Friday.

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Eunan Murray
One of the best zombies modes created so far . I'll miss you Richtofen, Dempsey, Nicolai, and Takeo😢😢😢
The game was actually really good but it was way too hard and the game shouldn’t be black ops no storyline to it but the rest was brilliant apart from having one zombie map
Shade On A Cool Day
I'm looking for people online to talk to while we play Black Ops 3 on PS4. On the days I play PS4 I usually play around 4/5pm till 9.30pm England time. Add me if interested. My username is Strong Strength.
George G
Who else only came for the song because they think the song and the gunshots blend in together? Because I did!
Alex Neyhart
I wish it had Mason in if
the rolling stones fan
war. war never changes.
Nikita Tuboltsev
This cod has the best AI in series, i think
Silent Killers
Who came for the song
Mustafa E
Still legendary ☝☝☝
Jennifer Huskin
ww2 trash
Dennis Guerrero
Arthur Veltmeyer
BO2, but its better
Jhonatan Limachi Guerrero
FuZz skillfulXkiller
The Rolling Stones sets the pase perfectly
The Frug Life
The theme music is the only reason I watch it hour after hour it’s just so catchy
Just so you know twisted metal black used this song first
Alex Neyhart
Love the song!!
Fast the Gamer
The last time cod made a good game
Jeremiah Davis
Black Ops 4 next year
Rowid Xbox gamer
Whats name of music in 1:34
Nathan vlog gamer D
Exo jumps yay so happy (not)
Aiden Al-Jazani
Love treyarch
XGamer [CRO]
Wow, you ruined a good song with a crap game...
Best game ever
Ayden the frightened bacon
Where have the days gone. My friend next door is my best bud and we always play Xbox one together. But I have 2 Xbox ones so we play online from the same house. And when we heard of this game we were eager to get out hands on it. We would do work around our neighbor hood to earn money. But when I had an Xbox 360 I got the game and we were so hyped but we figured out we could not play locally on the 360 so we spent 60 bucks for nothing. But when I got and Xbox one we play locally on that one and we were so happy not even realizing that my. Mom was recording us having fun with the game. And.. it was in 2015. Wow where have the days gone. Am I right. I bet no ones seeing this because no one watches this video. If your are seeing this though you probably came here to remind yourself of the good old days. I’m not going to say like if you agree. Because I don’t do that. I just can’t believe how fast time flys. Now we got Call of duty ww2 and play form both Xbox’s ones. We did not play unless it was with each other. We wanted to experience it at the same time and see our reactions on how well theses games are getting. I’m probably going to see this comment I’m making in 4 years. And say.. where have the days gone. Me and my friends are still buds and will forever be. Piece out.
Sarp Koçak
Worst campaign ever
I preordered it . Lucky me
Forerunner Zombie
I was excited for this game but the only thing I enjoyed was the Multiplayer I know developers try their very hardest to bring us something good but for me it was meh😓
Stormtrooper 99
Irrelevant now why do people still upload vids on it
Never goBack
How many times I have watched that trailer?
first trailer to great game
luckyplays xd
Bo3 é bo3
"No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue..."
mash up it
I hate this game because its only online I want to play this game in split screen
Who Came Here After Playing WWII?
David Vonderhaar
Who's watching this after WW2 killed my game Black Ops 3
Izzynator 771
Very disappointed on how this game was. It was cool but not fun.
Kilmister [The Dream] _YT
Como se llama la cancion de fondo
The beast cod 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻😃👌🏻Black ops |||
Some random person on the internet
train go boom
Mc j0e
I’m legit so hyped for treyarchs next game hopefully they will make world at war 2 or at least start a non futuristic series (modern or in the past) also good zombies
ok I bought the game and its very good , but the trailer its better!
xXSnowFactorXx On FiRe
All the people who disliked are halo fanboys/girls
Jz Romo
Whos watching this after WW2 came out?
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