Merrissa George
Aliff Iskandar
wht is rudy's tho?
We will never know what Rudy is 😂
Evie Alex
Im black
I have seen this so many times.
Leon Kovalskiy
That's racist
Black Radio
I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
the awesomeyoutuber 908
That remix at the end was pretty dope and fire😎😎😎😎💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
I wanna know Rudy's station
Aidan Berro
This song is lit
Thumbnail looked like a porno
Davinci 67
I want one
Mark Jones
Mark Jones
The arabic beat made the final piece
mahads pokemon channel XD
Savage youtube family dudes
Savage youtube family dudes
Is the black guy from the baby sister
lena loreta
Nirvana Ashraf
im from yaman يالا حبيبي XD
Patrick Marshall
Clean music was not bad but when you at all of them up is amazing how much you can have fun by being racist
Abd Alrhman
The arabic translate is not so good
Victoire Goldstein
Hello je suis trop une fan de tes vidéos et je trouve génial que tu mettes les commentaires en français... Continue comme ça, c’est vraiment top !
Reinardus Maher
I need a full version of this remix!!!
Kaikai Wolf322
this probably weird for Lele pons because she the only girl in the car also she is the youngest i think. I know all of the ages apart from Alex. Because i know that Lele was 19. It would've been definitely weird for Lele when all the men had their shirts off.
Sebastian Betancourt
all your frainds
Sebastian Betancourt
o king bach
Linus Sjöström Edrud
Dafuq is the name of the remix???? I literally cannot find it anywhere
U.f.o' s are Chariots
That White Radio had me dying, it's like all flavor went straight to hell, Lol.
This guy is way better than the dumbass jake paul logan paul who produce only rubbish content
yasmine Bl
i love the black music please can anyone tell me what's its name ?
Grace Allen
I love how it's skits and associated with music
muqtada emad
شنو الترجمة الخطأ
Elsi Eteläaho
Lele is So funny aswell as you❤️
Margaret Castillo
Lele pons look like alissa violet
Marcos Th3 junk7
Wheres the chinese race
TeAp Gaming
2:00 boi 🤣😂😂😂
Lele Pons is Latina?
Daher Besties
Now playing Arab Radio:

Marlene Ruesga
Your brother is jupito i never knew that
King Of Atlantis
the arab music and black music are my favorite I like how it sounds the music lol
shirley nufor
That was so cool.
The real question is... what did it play for Rudy?
Abby x
I find it funny that Alex is the only one that didn't get pissed off
Joshua Miller
#1 on trnding
Joshua Miller
Harl Potter
You are. Shit
Judy Romero
1:44 lele's enterence😂😂
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