kyle valliere
You should do Linkin Park
Kris LaWho
Wow Miley looks good in that top
sophie sillem
it'd be good to learn the words of the persons songs you're about to do karaoke with. just sayin.
Ritsert Maes
What a difference compared to the Britney drive
Chellali Khalil
Man , i realy would love to see London grammar With you !!! thank you ! :)
Tony Wirth Films
this is funny cause she doesn't write any of her own songs
Tony Wirth Films
the first line in this could easily be the stat of a porn
I like how the subtitles just stopped showing up for like 5 minutes. They must have seen Katy Perry's face when shit went wrong, x-)
Moreno Polo
Ela ta ridicula! kkk
Augusto R.
Okay... there are two different Range Rovers back filmed on this video !
Mepho Gaming
com on this was cute trany :D now is a boy :D
Tbh I'm Katy when she starts biting the seatbelt for no reason.
I love her hair!
Whitney Follen
Hair is so bad
John Smith
She looks like a receptionist at a day spa.
Lana Al Shareef
katy so cute πŸ˜’πŸ’“
Chris92 X Raiden
RIHANNA NEXT Pleaseee πŸ˜€βœŒπŸΌβšœοΈ Love Katy , She's Cool ! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Vince Draijer
When is little mix gonna be one carpool karaoke
Thomas Paine
Which one is James, all I see is two fuckin dudes.
Sophie Coskun
Who does the subtitles please πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ it's n'importe quoi
Marta Speggiorin
We want a fucking a carpool karoke with Rihanna.
sushil agrawal
do one with enrique iglesias
My Grandmother bought the same dress as KP XD
lujain Abushehab
Do one with ZAYN MALIK
Jack davies
Her heir is fucking shit and bad
vilmut3 3
i gonna see her
vilmut3 3
i love her so freaking much
Kit Cat Tiger
Carpool Karaoke with Taylor Swift
This woman is gold
Stephanie Hanlin
Miley cyrus should be the next guest
Stacey Burns
Loving the hair katy
x xtina
James Gordon is an amazing person!! America is blessed to have him/her/it/queen/king. Love you JAMES!
M1ster Mov1eBuff
Miley's voice sounds different.
Ivy Wagner
she looks like a mix of . Ellen,pink,and wrecking ball Miley Cyrus
Oscar David Valencia Berrio
nicki minaj plis
Katie Harris
Her dabbing is cringy😬😬😬
You Watch
Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and now Katy Perry ... Guess who won't be promoting her next album on the late late show ? Her initials are T.S. :D
Vibha kv
what is the song Taylor wrote about Katy?
Avery Engelmann
Do Ariana grande and Miley Cyrus
Mike Arnold
women together will make the world a psychological hell
Mois Furuya
Nicki Minaj please. πŸ’“
steven guo
I beg if she was long hair in this,the views will be doubled.
Chloe OP
We need beyonce, ariana, nicki and taylor
Lucas Barghetti
I love u queen
Katherine Claire San Gabriel
scarlett johansson tho
Sandcastles Inthesand
Oh, Honey... ^^
little do cars behind know whats really going on in front of them.
Awesome Face
Heard nothing the past years of tailor xD.
Jacob Michael
Love how real you areπŸ’œ
mindy burton
use to be my favoret now i realize she mental
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