Katy Perry Carpool Karaoke

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James and Katy Perry set off in the carpool lane, singing some of Katy's classics and new music, and James asks Katy about taking the beef with Taylor Swift off the grill.

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Solaf Zaanoun
Slayy Queen 👑 ❤❤
This is weird to say but she’s like a completely different person now and I like her a lot better now
Alejandro Gutiérrez
I love u Katy 💜💜
All the celebrities are trying be good looking, but then Katy being herself.
She looks like just a funny and energetic girl.
Xoxo, Kurt Wang
Do a episode with Beyoncé
yano rain
when you have amazing big boobs and the seat belt is tight 😂😂
Jan Budil
Did he wipe his hand after the handshake?
DontneedAnythInG I
Who know the 8'30 songs name?
Elizabeth rodriguez
Katy it's so funny, I love herrrrr
Mohamed Qasim
a dressed Celebrity lol She is cool
DEAd DreaM
Katy perry is ILLUMINATI
Simple slimes XOXO
Wait Yano how Katy said that Taylor wrote a song about her...which song was it??? Look what. You made me. Do??
Daylight X
katy perry is so hot
Zeynep Ekin Barut
She is perfect
I miss her black hair :(
ariel reyz
James corden''i kissed a girl" ....liar
petritYt G
9:09 hahahahahaha
Ruby Abel-Wray
Who else thinks there's a lil bit of tension between Katy and James when gets the lyrics a bit jumbled lol 😂 luv u both xx
That's gonna be in her next video: eating the seat belt
Bilal Rehman
We want it with Taylor Swift as well!!! Please please please
Atn CZ
I love Katy Perry so much!😍😍😘
My favorite singer 😍.
She is best😚😍😍😍😘
Joey Agostino
I love ❤️ that’s 😊😊😊😊 I love you. Katy Perry I love it 😍 dark horse is my jam love that’s Channel love Hit pop Arts James katy or funny 😄
alex Lopez
Do one with jon bon jovi
el maestro
Bón appetít
ronnil salgados
Oh its not Katy's fault but its not Taylor's fault also its THE BACK dancers fault!
Giannah Fox
There won't be a fight if one of them aren't around at all. I really hate the both of them fighting. It's both of their faults. Gosh's sake. But I still support Swift! <3
Holly Brien CookieKitten445
Please do one with Tay Tay please it would be great
Aditya Saputra
Where is last friday night
Call RIHANNA for a carpool
Miguel Ferreira
Imagine just walking on the street, looking to the side and seeing James Corden and Katy Perry just body rolling to dark horse
she can`t sing in real! ... she gets on my nervs...all the guys love her wtf
Courtney_Love 23
Katy Perry is my favourite singer since 2011 ❤ When Amy Winehouse died😢
Ricardo Curley
like. you
Takeru Takaishi
OMG i died when she started to sing Bon Appétit. I love this song so much.
Alba María Gómez Domínguez
My favourite singer and nicky too!!
Jur3 Kn3z
Is math related to science?
Talhah Jamal
What song did Taylor Swift write about Katy Perry
Jacinta Cartwright
So basically Taylor is being difficult
Erika Cabrera
My experience meeting Katy Perry like two years ago was awesome.That woman is such beautiful and friendly person.I would never forget her.
Why is Miley Cyrus on this video ?
Kailey Whitley
I want him to do one with Fifth Harmony
Hi everyone! It would mean the world if you would check out this horror movie inspired slime restock video<3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWO3_1wwG3c
Kawaii kuniicorn
I'm waiting for swish swish
rosimarys burricaudy
do one with halsey🙏🏿🙏🏿
I really liked this carpool, Katy Perry is great! I enjoyed every second. Thanks for sharing :)
Ronald Ruiz
Do one with twenty one pilots
William Waite
So it's official, Katy has a daddy kink
You should do one w8th Taylor swift
Chantell Oliver
I love ur hair Katy
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