Hillary Clinton Bar Talk - SNL

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Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) confides her concerns about the 2016 presidential race to her bartender, Val (Hillary Clinton).

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Daddy Oh
This delusional puss bag cant even succeed at being funny..
D Dingus
nice big tits Hillary
Hillary should be sitting in the Oval office right now NOT cheater trump!
John Smith
Please watch, just released Oct 20, 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFLzOK1sxNI
Still want to keep supporting the Clintons?
reagan congdon
Oscar Gutierrez
This would be so funny If it was done after the election
Jack Alltrades
Evil cunt
Erin Rose
Hilary is my QUEEN <3
Vaajid Rehmani
The best lol
Devon Wakley
Surprised she could get through the whole sketch without passing out..
Barfing Chicken Studios
She'll always be my president
gabriel conlin
That really all she's good for acting on SNL. Being a clown.
Mande Loo
I kinda feel bad for Hillary
This is a funnier video now that she lost...
But they both have a mouth for a set of balls.
Thank God the Bitch who couldn't run or control here own house didn't get a fucking of changing mine.
Michael Wakeham
Hillary’s face when bill said there multiplying was priceless i thought for sure she was gunna loose it and start laughing
Gus Goose
Thank God this lying criminal lost...
She should have been the first female pres haha funny and cool
Robin Alonso
so naive
Mario Ochoa
So glad SNL supports Democrats. but so sad Republican orange guy won
Harry David Kojima
Mister Mups
That must've been kind of awkward for both Hillary and Kate McKinnon
This was back when there was still hope she could be president 😭
Neil Amalfitano
She is like Jesus Christ no wait better than Christ to newyorkers
Cee Cee
So as a woman...not a politician or anything political, Hilary looks great here! 😇
The Misogynist
I am so glad that this crocked bitch is not us president.
Mitchell Schwartz
Satan Sr. and Satan Jr.
Maria Miller
This is bullshit
Trump 2020
Destiny Boykin
I like how trump won and now he's laughing at this
Kayla Is Undead
I wish she would have won damn it she’s so chill.
Nikolaus Ammon
She studdered on gay marriage
John James
I bet Hillary did this because trump hates SNL which makes it even funnier
Nelson G
hahaha i dont think Trump will join ahaha
Hillary Clinton has a wonderful smile
I fucking love these women.
Joanna T
This is soooo weird!!! Hahaha!!!
Саша Пестов
I hate Clinton. Some day you Americans will understand that you are not the navel of the earth and not the personification of democracy. You have corruption in the army. How do I know? I just know it, because it can not be doubted.
Taylor S. is DEAD
I want Hillary Clinton plays as Donald Trump and Donald Trump plays as Hillary Clinton... Now that would be funny
Bright Garinson
Never forget Benghazi folks.
Kamron Grant
So she knew this long ago, that her problem is being too much of a politician, yet she didn't do anything about it. She acknowledged the right paths and that she was always late to get on board, yet didn't take a step back and take stock from those progressing such battles on the front lines, instead wallowed off into the expectation that she was inevitable. And she still hasn't learned... pitiful.
This would have been a great skit if the hag behind the bar wasn't in it.
ABBeauty 505
why does my grandma lowkey look like hillary
Amie davila
0:52 waiting for the clapping to be over
Wow now SHE can take it like a man(better than Trump)
Nuno Soares
Kate Mckinnon. Such a brilliant actress/Hillary impersonator
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