Francisco hb
he looks like a kid on drugs hahaha
OfekR 乡
I have a video like this too!
Check out my instagram : reuvenofek.
Larissa Reyes
🙄 bruh he's been around
Sebas1315 Pizarro
like she ever had it
xiRobbo7ix _
he looks like a make a wish kid
hipnotyzing moves
Davie Moss
So he moves his skinny arms side to side like crazy, Groundbreaking!! pfff
Andy Martinez
He look like one of those miis from wii
Slippschitts Hey
He looks retarded.
Isn't this literally the vine kid who always did that dance ?
Lena Rauø
he is so bad at dancing
The Nox
I think he is crackkid just older.
cunt seven
so dancing like stupid people make u famous ..ok noted
Cole Chervanka
Ok now Katie parry is messed .......And Now Milliely Cierus is normal again?????
Bozo Anything
Boo russel but good he beets men
Haylee puckett
How is he unknown
Miguel jimenez
That is a gay dance!!!!
Unknown kid? Bruh, thats RusselGotBarzz
Alex M
I wana punch this kid in the face for no reason
David Martinez
This is cringy but funny 😂
xxatlyn AJ
Omg he had absolutely NO emotion through out his whole dance. If I was that kid I would be in tears from laughing
Max Placidi
haha u gei lel
Khaled Hussain
Yo this kid looks like a young Casey neistat.
Brianna Naranjo
Why does Katy perry look like Gordon Ramsay from the side
B.Q. M.B.S
he looks so cool i just love his moves he looks amazing. Most of all his supérieur. stare. I predict his future to be more behind the acts, talk shows maybe part of a movie most of all a back to school commerciales
backpack kid give me autograph blyat
Guys I found Mesut Ozil's younger brother
iam Lee
his mf arms hella long and thin... he has an advantage
Roberto Pitalua
am I the only one that thinks he looks like crack kid xD
he looks like a blobfish.
Travel size version of thereportoftheweek.
jean tsai
unknown kid??? he had internet fame before the live show
Cheong jun keat
epic backpack kid.
Shujaat Khan
Dead inside
Jose Moanińho
He's Neistat's kid.
"Katy perry discovered him" ...riiiiight...
angela Bb
Wasn't this dance love popular in 2016? I swear
Grzegorz Tryba
he looks like a little Casey Neistat
Lauren Cooper
omg its the kid with the super long limbs
Frank gayero
How the hell did he keep a straight face?
Gamerbro37 Second Channel
15!!!! He sounds like a toddler
I do this dance every time after work to dust of my pants before getting back on my car.
New meta at dancing
Quikky !
Its the kid from musically everybody laughed at
Maria Włodarczyk
this dance name is flos
I wish I was that fit and handsome and popular and had friends.. :(
Am I the only confused?? I could've sworn he was already a viral hit? Otherwise I don't think Katy perry or SNL would've invited him. Sometimes the news is so slow 😂
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