Conan Works Out With Wonder Woman Gal Gadot - CONAN on TBS

Gal Gadot trained for six months to play Wonder Woman. Conan thinks he can do it in about 35 minutes.

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A.K. SmiL3Y
She did a very good job at playing wonder woman i only went because of mu kids but the movie is actually hella good
Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson
Totally lovely thank you 🎩
Luke Smith
i miss conan o'brien
Pilly Hilly
wonder woman is a great rider😏😉
soultracer gp
She is a boring person
Mr. Fish
Her smile cured my constipation
Post production team is so fired after that bullet to the eye 😂😂😂
Dj Rolln
For Conan to be like 6'7" she's actually kinda tall herself.
She Israeli hot
Eileen Rosewater
Conan riding the bull was a representation of me in Chem class last year 😂
My secrets beauty
oh my god this guy his so funny !!!!!!
Goog Nut
God dam she is so fucken beautiful I'd kill to have 1 Night with her lol
Mike Boland
surprised the audience didnt boo over her time in IDF. #regressives
Craig Holmberg
So funny
Manda Hartmann
Was she trained in the army in that Israeli program where everyone trains there when they come of age? I read that somewhere... just wondering
ariel golani
Gal gadoe. Goddamit
eddie the head
God she is fit x
Joanne Tan
What shoes is she wearing?
Bedo Calaway
I laughed so hard 😂
Bedo Calaway
I laughed so hard 😂
Elmore Eleazar
prettiest girl alive
Vaishakh Kallattil
Alex Odinson
I love her
Danny Dann
its a shame she's an exact opposite to the wonder women character , wonder women "fights for those who can't fight for themselves" and defends the innocent. when in reality she's a friggin Zionist who kills the innocent and kills those who can't fight for themselves!!!!
Patrick Li
She only got $300,000 for Wonder Woman...
Whatever else happened in this clip, so glad he pronounced her name correctly! Too many reviewers and commentators saying it wrong really irritated me for some reason. It's as though they didn't even respect her enough to inquire. :/
That feel when you know now that Conan will actually be with her... in a comic.

The beautiful ones always have the weirdest names
Charlotte Dickson
love this video so much. Conan- Wonder Woman.. Hilarious
Riley Wilson
"That's how we do it in Boston" lmao
peppermint butler
Gal Gadot and Candice Swanepoel kinda resemble each other's smile in my opinion
A real life goddess
fight win
Her laugh is so cute
Bent Water
He she and she he. You need only 5 minutes to look into Human Anatomy to realize something is very wrong with these people (Things) in the entertainment world. Like the song Lola says, Boys will be girls and girls will be boys it's a mixed up mucked up screwed up world. Why are these things referred to as Idols? Their skulls alone expose them as Transsexuals.
Down Range Film
She radiates awesome.....Gal Gadot too
Just saw this in the cinema
King Pappa
where do we get those blue dresses..? :-p
You pronounced her name wrong. It's Gal Gad-ot, not Gal Gad-oh.
Vanja Đukić
4:38 lol
Mark Reza
It looks like... I think it's dying 🤣
"This is... Is this thing... I think is dying!" hahahhaha xd
Ana Rodriguez
she's so cute
Darth Gumby
Conan is my spirit animal
Noor Michiels
comfort match acid tribe extraordinary but conference.
Victor Pauwels
omfg sophisticated actually looks like deepoy weirdsuper
MoRo 15
4:42 that wonder woman look! 😍😍😍
Ann Dsouza
the best wonder woman ever
Bos Man
everyone says that she's super hot, i think she looks like a crossbreed of a goblin and a chimp. could be just me tho.
Noah Knutsen
Far highly respectively resource coach stand extensive
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