Conan Works Out With Wonder Woman Gal Gadot - CONAN on TBS

Gal Gadot trained for six months to play Wonder Woman. Conan thinks he can do it in about 35 minutes.

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To asi neni Ruda z Ostravy #kappa
I would smash
FS Shockwave
Who here watched Wonder Woman?
Jaycee Allen
I loved the film
David Sucgang
How do u think of this R-R-R-R-RUDAH?
Onyx Galaxy
"I gotta say, this is exciting." In a completely deadpan face and monotone voice.
citoyen du monde
linda roussey is a wonder woman,gal gabot is just a woman with family in hollywood !!
Gal has a body exactly like my aunt!
Aragorn Elessar
Do people actually enjoy watching this?
Jose Zapien
Who the eff disliked this video, this is amazing
Damn.... those are some tight pants. Ice Cube said it best.
Superion Gaming
3 words: most sexiest women
Ich denke jeder würde sich so eine Frau wünschen. Sie ist extrem Hübsch und hat einen schönen Charakter. Und ihr Lachen😍
Yaniv Proselkov
So, have you noticed that she's Israeli yet?
Katherine Mikaelson281
Czech Republic 🙌🙋
Ngawang Wangchuk
The sweetest person ever 😍 I'd die to kiss her on her cheek
Choleen Samson
Scientist Albert Einstein
She looks boring, shallow, forced smile, etc...
Kathy Sarden
Can't. Stop. Laughing!!
I want the muscled up, fitness model Wonder Woman from the comics!
I laughed so hard at the bullet part especially when Conan gets hit in the eye
wiliam stryker
join the 6 6 6
Jub Jubbed
Zionist bitch !
Jeff Cristobal
gal look so delicious .
Guy look like guy from Bevis and Butthead
Aryanna Ly
I love this Movie
Alexandrovich9 TV
Wonder bitch!
Dylan Rose
I would love to be her husband😂
Iridescent Noise
love her facial structure shes freaking hot.
god she's so ugly! gross!
Luke Kellos
"Weak legs" Conan really has it
Sultan Mehmet II
(((Fed reserve intensifies)))
...Israli Army!? baby killer!
Conan is either a giant or Wonder Woman is a midget.
Big Smoke
Ruda looks like Brucie from gta 4
"This is what they teach you in the Israel army, this is the first day" Loool.... no...
Saúl Sánchez Jr.
por ti me ando volviendo sionista pinche putita xd :'v
Bjmw Kids
Damn she pretty!!!!! Who's the lucky man in her life??
guillermo valladares
hahaha she bite her lips watching Conan's ass while riding the bull hahahahaha
I just wanna tell you, that atleast 80% of all those comments are just fapboys in love with Gal, 10% are funny, but are burried under the 10% of total crap.
Alexis Hayashi
That kick line was everything 😂
shes hot af
Grape Vine
I would eat gals ass,.... hard!
Jess Allison
Girl crush!!
ğámíñğ wíțh şófì
Little BITCH
Lore Mertens
Moment walking bus gender jacket.
Conan is the Barbarian here. :) Getting whooped by the Amazon. I love the editors and the shot to the eye. It was great. Humor abounds
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