Conan Works Out With Wonder Woman Gal Gadot - CONAN on TBS

Gal Gadot trained for six months to play Wonder Woman. Conan thinks he can do it in about 35 minutes.

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Ruby Gold
Gal Is such a badass in real life and in movies I love her!!!
Give it up for RUDA Z ČESKA! :D
Clean Clear
Joel Nunez
Wonder woman is so hot. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😳
fajar ilham
Her smile is a jewish conspiration
True Hypper
Oh Ana!!
She was in the Israeli army. So cool.
Rad Snaget
She probably has more combat training than her bodyguards lol.
Jonathan Vogl
Im so jealous... her smile goes perfect with her laugh I have the ugliest smile of all time
Pizzalover 890
raul castillo
Wow she is beautiful
2 Cents
Another Israeli teaching an American how to be violent.
faheem hussain
Like a female captain America :D lol
It is so rare to feel like someone is actually genuine, she is amazing, keep smiling Gal!
Wonder-smile :D
ebandru nesku
no wonder JL is a total trash
Mehdi Saad
Zionism is cancer
wow...Super Conan....that suit...
shes so smart it kills me :D hahaha and so funny
Alex Li
Loved the scene when they were stage fighting and the crown flew off of him and he fell on the groundXD
Thalissa Franca
I'm in love with her❤️
Sukrith Krishnakumar
Poor Conan is old!
K kud
I loved the way she said "Oh, no"
Wong Saw Ling
Conan" "seems about right,hahahahahahahaha"
Aysos si conan tigas burat na naman. Lols
Stainless F
She‘s really sweet
Reino Subliminal
HAHAHA its really funny this one XD
Your hair is hideous
4:38 lol they predicted Thor's eyes in thor ragnarok
Luna Rasta
Love this hi Conan 👏😂
Gal Gadot... 💗😍👑👑👑💃🏿✊🏾
Conan, I love you man!!!
Sakuria Hedo Michael Nathaina Michael Mekel
Owwww Cocoan That Hurt OMG I Cant Handle It
Tiia Mannix
4:36 Don't mess with the post-production team lol
Rod Sterling
5:13 is the best part. I love yoga pants
That bullet in the eye ROFL!!!
Lavar Ball
She’s from fast and furious
krazy bzs
She has a natural beauty that’s so freakin intoxicating .. seems like a cool person too.
Imagine being kicked in the face by a dude named rudo wearing jean shorts
Dragon Cypher
That way Conan says Ruda is so funny😂😂
Garnet Fusion
He kinda got her last name wrong
Her laugh is cute and funny 😄
VERY funny! Conan's costume is PERFECT (is that TWEED??? heheh).
This is one of those times we can totally say SHE looks way better on her normal clothing then on her movie with all the make up and photo filters.
Camp Boss
hahahah LMAO
Gosh she is so cute her Smile makes me so Happy
Amir Shamsubarov
3:15 - Conan - "Ruda, you call that a sword?"

3:44 - Ruda later comes back with a longer sword
Lee Zhe You
6:18 "" we coundt get a house but we got me
Im CalifornIan
"That's how we do it In Boston"
Ben La
Pro editing
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