STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Trailer - Things Missed & Easter Eggs

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi official trailer 2 is finally here. So as always he's a way to in depth analysis and analysis of the Easter Eggs, References and Things Missed including cameos, theories on Rey, Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker and Snoke, new locations like Crait links to the other films and more. Plus a look at solving some popular Star Wars plot holes.

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Introvertception Izm
Any comment below
Perhaps Obi-Wan had the baby keep the name Luke Skywalker because everyone was starting to name their kids after Empire dignitaries. Ingratiating yourself to the current political powers was so common that naming him Luke Cheesecake would have been a seditious act.
Either that, or surnames weren't as important in the Star Wars universe and every time his aunt enrolled him in school, sports, or church camp she simply wrote "Luke, age seven, emergency contact: Uncle Owen or his cantina-hopping buddy 'Old Ben'."
Mon calamari!!!
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since everyone is throwing out all these theories of kylo falling closer and closer to the light, might as well contribute. Now so when kylo extends his hand to someone maybe that could be kylo asking for luke or luke asking for him I thought about it for a while and it is possible.
Dave Farnes-Barnes
i watch this channel for the daily humour boost i need.
J Manza
I just think kylo wants to do barrel roll.
אוריה כנעני
?Someone can add Hebrew subtitles to this video
I know rose isn't in this trailer, but I think maybe do another video with more theories about her. Especially with the promo pic that just came out. There is some good evidence behind a theory saying she is a refuge or daughter of refuges of jedha and a ton of other theories
Icey MiztikCat
What if rey isn't a Kenobi or Skywalker but she could be a cactus
Does anyone here want his holes filled?


just asking
George Hornby
The ‘Admiral Ackbars’ are call Mon Calamari. (Not being salty, you just said no one will comment this)
No One
I don't know if you would call this a plot hole, but it's something that's always bothered me:

What the heck is the point of the storm trooper uniform? They don't protect them from blasters, Fin states in The Force Awakens that the helmets don't filter out gas, so why wear them? Plus they make infiltration from the Rebels sooooo easy. The uniforms just seem cumbersome and useless.
Mike McBrine
Not enough ads
Samuel Edebrink
they are mn calamari
Zechariah Landers
That "Handheld weapon thing" unfolding differently is already a sign that the movie will not be as good as the Force Awakens, idiot. My Proof: I rest my case.
Ashton Forbes
A Brit complaining about poor dental hygiene? Now, ive heard it all. lol
mark stabler
40 min stick swinging class! Sounds like my weekend.
Random Studios
The part where you said obi wan was trained by qui gon was right, but I’m pretty sure yoda just finished up his training after qui gon died
Obscure Entertainment
Mon Mothma is a cross breed hybrid between a Mon Calamari and a giant Moth.
I don't think I've ever watched a Youtube vid with so many ads before. He even shilled personally for a clothing company right in the middle of the vid.
Hunter Logan
Wrong after obi wan master was killed by maul ( auto correct wony t let me type it ) yoga taught him after that
M.K Tuck
Yeah, you missed the opportunity to make a good video.


Naw, It was good.
Stationary Hearts
Why was the destroyed Jedi temple made with 2x4's?
Brandon Tidwell
Mom calamari
Snokes freezing skill that he uses on Ray. He taught it to Kylo. Kylo uses it in tfa against a blaster bolt.
the scene with Snoke and Rey is the last scene in the movie :)
N3rf_ Herder1138
The obi-wan high ground was funny as hell
Baron Thomas
not worth bringing up....but you brought it up lol
Grand Moff Olaf
"To him droids are a dime a dozen"
Obi-Wan used those exact words in the Clone Wars series.
Wooh, Wooh, WOOOH, (PAUSED IT)
Hold up buddy, that first image of Crait is Earth!
you can see Greenland and Canada!
The red stain is highlighting the East coast of Greenland!
Damon Santori
Dude seriously enough with the light saber stance being a Palpatine manuever only.. Luke does the same stance and lunge in return of the jedi when hes hiding from vader, he raises into that same stance, and attacks vader... ITS NOT SOME SHERLOCK HOLMES CLUE, lol morons.. its just a limited amount of swings you can do or approaches to a sword fight..
Julius Maloney
See I’ve always thought that Lando went on his own first as a guilt mission for getting Han imprisoned in the first place, when he wasn’t able to get Han out Leia and Chewie had a go which at least got him out of the carbonite. Luke was trying his own thing with the droids and the. They were finally all reunited at Jabba’s palace. The rest of the plan to escape was then managed on a wing and a prayer, and a well placed lightsabre in R2-D2. Never thought that Luke masterminded the lot, and yeah if he did...weird plan.
Garrett Seals
Huh I thought that opening scene was supposed to be another Luke flashback
Fox N
Their called the Mon Calamary!!! P.S the theory everyone looks past is that Rey might be Boba Fett's daughter as mentioned in novels and comics that his daughter was taken and hidden away from him and that Rey's mom was like Leah in which she was aware of the force and sensitive to it but couldn't control it.Hence the flash of Boba's flag at Maz Kanata's as Rey's looking for answers of who her parents are. And the flash back of events that Boba saw growing up. Like fighting Anakin as a kid hunting Mace Windu for revenge on his father, he was also in the Cloud city during Luke and Vaders fight and had a nack for constantly bumping into Han Solo.... Just saying!
Mark Samenfink
Dude, Obi-wan didn't forget, he intentionally lied because the droids memory were wiped and he didn't want to explain the whole shit
hunter ferris
Mon calamarily lol also maul being a Sith apprentice is far different from a jedi apprentice
A Jedi can read the future, they don't actually plan anything, that's what Luke is doing at Jabba palace, he know what will happen and let it happen
Richard Scott
Admiral Ackbar is a Mon Calamari, you scruffy looking nerf herder.
LOVE the classic AT-AT's in what looks like that old Imperial hangar
Evolved Turtle Productions
In the first shot you can see an AT-ST... weird...
Allie Bunn
Ryan Frost
Rey is an akbar
Scott Shields
remember join the light and dark side of the force by giving this video a like a share a comment or more or reply and hit the bell next to the subscribed (if you hit subscribe option)button and subscribe and rember maz kanada got mark hamils (actor who played lukes blue(1st) lightsaber from falling out from under cloudcity trapduel with darth maul and vader and harrison for and jhon boyege and luke green(his 2nd light saber)from return of the jedi with darthvader and emperor palplatiner in death star 2
the Emerald slicers
Mon cala not admeral ackbars
Pat D
I thought Dagobah was in some sort of time warp, where Luke trained for months, but when he left it had only been days.
chewie isn't piloting the falcon. he's in the copilot seat. they conveniently cut the frame just before it pans to the pilot seat
Mr. Apollo
"dental hygiene, no joke" I thought this was star wars speculation not the dentist!
William Doran
in the flash jenna
Timothy Love
Pay to watch starwars and you pay for someone to rape a child, kill a child and spread communism world wide. You also fund them to disarm you
Msfan 98
Thanks for the irony at 12:10 THANK YOU. It's ridiculous how everybody first liked Episode VII and then hated on it without a reason!
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