Life Noggin
Hey everyone! Thanks for watching! What should we talk about next? There's a new video coming at you on Thursday! In the meantime, check out the last video "What Are The Chances Our Universe Is A Hologram?":
Us er
I'm more of a Homebody cause I don't wanna get mosquito bites
Shpresa Oshlani
I'm both
otakubtsmess Ships&BTS
Me: *reads the title* you'd be pale as minyoongi
Turtle 09
Johnny Ni
I like green beans and I like milk like me if you agree.....
Cherish Sabotta
I've once stayed inside for an entire week lol
neptunia nesca
but noggin, what about that girl who can't stand sunlight? the girl with the rare sickness or somethin
Jotaro Kujo
Teresa Campos
Never seen the sun

I live on video games
nothing. i never see it anyway... i think im healthy
Im a Homebody
klek ln
the video should've just ended at 2:56
Hmmm...Sun Ain't The Only One Who Can Give Dat Vitamin D
MrSike 4134
David Marais Johnson
I mostly stay inside and play games
Mr. hacker
Love to going outside
=you are dead if you do not get vitamin d samples
Show that to dracula
Renzo Regino
im more of a homebody
Tri Tran
Tri Tran
Dominick Hair
Wait photosynthetic? WE ARE PLANTS? Omg what's the meaning of life
TheIronEX // The Diamond Destroyer
Dude it's 2017 everybody is a homebody
mafia sans
Vloggen en gamen met luka
I am a homebody as it rains And a going outside as the sun arives.
Nuke4theboysss Roblox
One time I never went anywhere but know I go out becuse ur vid made me s creeps out
ph.pokemongo 2016
I dont want to greet the sun because im rather busy for building a roblox place called RedstoneCore Builders Nuclear Reactor Plant 3 for short (RCBNRP 3) Thats why i hate sun because it has a Deadly laser like the Deadly MF Cell laser.
karlis Kaimins
Jung Kooking Bacon
Slip, slop slap, seek and slide....
IPlaySuperNes u?
Good but those little jokes thrown in spoil the video
Simple answer; me. It's not that bad actually. You get night vision but on the downside Florida sucks even more.
Rem Bunquin
Speedsonic75 OddTristan12123
But back then the sun was a deadly laser. The there was a blanket which helped but then the sun became less powerful.

This comment is a 10/10 comment.
Darth Vader
You become a Morlock......
Ieuan Fahy
Not too be morbid but YOU WILL die without sun
Jeff Kaplan
Well im a gamer soo u know
Anonymous person
2:42 that looked wrong
I'm guessing he avoided race since it would make the video controversial.
Swaroop Devadiga
1:33 He sparkles because he is Edward from Twilight
Mik Miker
Mitch Staunton Moore
both :3
Vitamin D Will kill us soon
Alexis Batty
I need to go outside more
Brian Batiste
I'm a homebody
Dash Grabs
Jessica Craig
What if you never washed your hands?
Victoria Stants (Student)
Victoria Stants (Student)
I think life noggin should do a video about what happens if you get bitten by of a poisons by a spider
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