Your Whole Wallet In One Card

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This giant box just showed up...

Fuze Card -

Is the Fuze card the future of payments?

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Unbox Therapy
This giant box just showed up...

Michael Turner
I have nothing still waiting and waiting and waiting Aug 22, 2017
Tristyn Russelo
NFC and EMV chip are not available until 2018.
They sent him a product not available yet.
I just backed this project to get what he showed us and it turns out the one that exists does not have chip or nfc tap.
Wacky Ninja
Is the Fuze card able to pay via tap?
Apple Pay
Damian Salvatto
It's a nice concept. Not the future. There's one that's years ahead of this one and I'm currently testing it to perfect it! It's a game changer!
Rock'ca Holic
Im better off paying with my car
Charles Hughes
does it have the ability to show the 3 digit security code?
i can see the future "phone" is credit card thickness
tseng jessica
In Asia we have wechat pay on our phone, using ur phone for metro n subway even in restaurant
good for stilling stuff
Miz Efendy
hi my company will release there smart card end of year let's connect 😊 fb Mirza Miz Efendy
1:08 when a iPhone 7 user buys it and didn't know
Abbir Hussain Ali Chowdhury
Over a £100
Abbir Hussain Ali Chowdhury
I card and 10 club cards or so
Dylan Patel
Handsome aircraft particular Latin attempt editor.
Medicare? Library? Kaiser? Self storage security card also needs a code?
aero luxe
does it work at my bank atm like the original card???
Maximus Clean
I just got mine yesterday and it took me like 2 hours to set it up, it was so stubborn, but now that it’s done, it works like a charm! Not sure why Unbox Therapy got the chip version, when the version I got was the swipe version because they say the chip version is not available yet. But it works great so far!
Christian McLeod
Can't verify my Cryptocurrency payments now....
Camilo Ferreira
This is a crazy and useful gadget.... Incredible dude
Rronnie On YT
Me: *looks at bottom of phone*
Me:just great were do I plug it in if I have the IPhone 7?
visakh dutt
Is any chance for card duplication
SEBT Skillz
Does anyone else think how easy it would be to steal someone's card and swipe it through , not saying I would
Austin J
the future of paymets is your phone replacing all cards..... which has happened years ago. this company goes bk.
nan nan
It's obsolete when the Chinese use 2D bar code to pay for anything. Whenever you have a phone with a camera, you can have transactions
Lily Williamson
Hold song holy front close criticize picture abandon.
Curtis Trimnell
Can you use it for bus cards
Manny Ramirez
Android pay
Card what? In China, you have to scan beggar's QR code to drop a buck.
Nate Brinker
Apple Pay and android pay? Forgot about that?
Fernando Bedoya
i prefer Card Mate lite
It seems quite frequent that the cashier ask to see the last four of the card I swipe. Well they accepted it when its on a display and not embossed on the card? I'll wait for some real world use before dropping money.
Suki Nagra
One card to rule them all
Memer xddd
You still have to have the card in the wallet.
Steve Nguyen
The screen on the card . what happen you have it in wallet and the wallet bend in your back pocket?
is the screen on the card will crack?
Why not just a Samsung phone? Samsung pay/phones can mimic the all credit/debit cards.
china already eliminated Cash and Credit cards, they are called wechat pay or Alipay with your phone scaning each others QR codes.
Breno Menezes
so... where does the condom goes?
MNY - Patentcatalog
Vlad Petre
this technology already is on the market, and you can earn dollars for your trips! it's called Fly Card, from WorldVentures! Search it on youtube! If you want one, contact me!
Christian Galesias
we don't use card in Asia. lol weird...
D'Reil McClain
Your Glasses are pretty cool.
I fucking skimmers dream
Danny The food guru
But you are still using the central banks for this, when you could just convert to cryptocurrency, hold real assets, and get something like a TenX card, and basically have the same thing, except you would not be continuing to support the immoral crime cartel we call the central banking system.
what about drivers licence
lose your everything in sec!
Do we remember Coin ...!!!!???? or Facebook's failed attempt to do the same thing. I'll stick to my Samsung Pay.
Is this universal everywhere?
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