Your Whole Wallet In One Card

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This giant box just showed up...

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Is the Fuze card the future of payments?

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Unbox Therapy
This giant box just showed up...

Desi Adame
Lol 2,000 na I’m good I rather get ar15 worth that much
"One card to rule them all..."
Kausar Barisadriwala
Is in India will work this card n how much price for this card
Sandro Trinity
Sorry, but it doesn't work. I just received mine, went to test it. The barcode couldn't be read because the screen is so small and when I tried to use a Bank of America Credit Card to pay for gas, the gas pump didn't recognize it.
name of the song
Pieter Postma
lew, my good frend i do have to ask you where to get one i love this concept and i realy have to have one!
Máté Tóth
Check out flyecard from worldventure! Same card but with an unbeatable eco system!
Ivy catimbang
can u please do a review on cashew wallet? then if just in case u wont like it, give it to me =) advance christmas gift for your avid follower =)
Nicholas Coffey
One card to rule them all, one card to find them, One card to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!!
Malonza Chege
I am Beta Testing one right now that actually has an eco system aroubd it...solidifying its market position across 34 countries...😀
charles young
Don't put all EGGS in one basket!!!!
Card star in my phone, Apple Pay etc., what do I need a card for when I have it all on my phone?
gobi senthil
imagine it just runs out of battery and u cant pay for shit
Ty Lambert
To bad that RFID chip is a huge safety risk. If you get this card and put your cards on it all it takes for one person to get the info is one skimmer device that read rfid chips.
Utkarsh Satish
Will pay wave work with this or only mag strip
Laurence Dare
Hi unbox therapy how do I get my hands on one of these bepay cards
Dheeraj Nagpal
How does this work with Chip and Pin card. They aren't supposed to be replicatable.
Daan Van Ederen
One card to rule them all
Daniel Clark
Do you have any gadgets that protect from identity theft?
Nick Old
"Bruh I can't pay tonight...i forgot to charge my credit card"
Does this card has batteries?
This could make it kinda easy to get your card swiped at a restaurant
cool idea but my cards get about a year before i have to tape them up to stay together lol. And here in Canuckistan we need 2 pieces of ID for stuff and healthcard wont count so still stuck with 3 other cards atleast
Amador Designs
this is genius! And I like the creative use of the e-ink display. wow.
You credit card is just a magnetic strip on a piece of plastic. this card mimics that. the added risk is any data transmission via Bluetooth or what the app/company does with the card data you enter. I didn't see how he added the credit card but if it anything starts on the phone and transfers to the card via bluetooth is a vulnerability. Bluetooth sniffers can capture that data and it can later be analyzed. Firms probably would not permit their card to be added to this by employees so I am unsure how many people walk around with plastic currency. Whoever those people are, this is their product. since every freakin store want their own app for customer loyalty there is still space for the few that carry a rewards card. if you are on UBT channel then you probably are up on tech and use a softcard app already.
Da Dude
sounds good.
doesn't work.
i live in Germany. where people handle their banking as if it was the year 1852.
darrin hughes
Stay cash bro you like being controlled? They can shut your life off( snapping fingers) just like that.
Semyon S
GTFO ! i won't give my data to any of these smartasses-.- id rather keep taking the good old wallet with me
Charles Thompson III
Also, how do you use this on an iPhone 7 without a headphone dongle around?
Kaleb Shah
One CARD to rule them all.
Jaspe Ferrer
Without support from financial institution this is DOA.

Look up at the Plastc (not a misspelling) story.
John Tierney
A Hackers Dream ???
Luke Li
Now you need to charge your credit card
Jhonn Sescar
What if you loose it? 😐😐😐
It is amazing that a credit card has a better quality screen than a gameboy
im going to copy all my friends cards lol
Tony Nicklow
Samsung Pay already does everything. It works everywhere. You don't need this card all you need is your Samsung phone.
Qiao Yu
If the card lost that will be a big trouble....
greg wynne
wow easy way to steal someones card and use it all in one easy step
Jim bopy
that's such a stupid idea meaning someone just needs to steal one thing.
dev awa
Did you use this card outside store ? is it work there ?
Gordon Anacott
I hate that rapping teacher ad
David Barrios
Be careful with this company, they won´t ship the product in time and they won´t reply when you email them to their support site. Stay away from the fuze card!!!
Cool but kinda pointless. Like we already have Apple Pay so this thing's worth like $40 at most
Pawan Patil
How much cards information can be stored.....??
Isnt this scamming??
"Don't put all your eggs in one basket"
It's not a well known phrase for a stupid reason,it's a well know phrase because it's common sense
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