Your Whole Wallet In One Card

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This giant box just showed up...

Fuze Card -

Is the Fuze card the future of payments?

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Unbox Therapy
This giant box just showed up...

Josiah Mitchell
Unbox therapy takes forever to get to the point sometimes...
obie sario
it won't work in Asia because of dumb cashiers they would smile and say in broken English sorry sir you not the owner of card. May call cops
Riot Efron
I'd rather implant a microchip inside my ✋
Sheldon Young
1990s tech,
now u need no cash no card, just a phone.
Lew you should check out the Stratos Card
Gaming and Vlogging master
pls subscribe to my channel
Roger Ting
They just added 3 more weeks to the campaign!? What is going on?
Casey Howells
i know one that is going to top this card hands down. same thing as this but an added bonus.
Caleb Lunt
here you go black hatters do ye work
Holy shit, if it works as advertised this thing is pure genius. Mag stripe, chip & PIN, variable bar code display... I hope the guys who came up with this become so ridiculously rich that they can use their own Fuze card 1,000 times a day without ever running out of money.
Steve S
why I use wallet?
or....... there is an app called Samsung pay 😲😲😲😲😲
Soviet SiberianSniper1991
This card has one flaw, if someone has the card reader thing, they could just swipe it and walk away and put the information their own card anonymously
Loc Nguyen
I never carried my wallet since apple watch came out. Till this day I still get the stares that i'm paying from my watch. My wallet is always in my car. Places where they don't accept cards, I can always do cardless cash on an ATM. Australia. ANZ. Incase anyone wondering
Shawn Fifield
I can see this tied to the Mark of the beast. Exciting times we're living in when Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in front of me.
Lloyd Mendez Jr
Quick question. How's the bending on this thing lol. Every card in a wallet does bend from time to time depending on how your sitting for a male who uses back pocket wallets.
Robert R. Woolridge
love the idea of this. getting closer to cashless society.
Nikos M
what happened to your hand dude?
Cameron Richards
statue before railroad leave nothing tend rare strong.
Richard Merino
Ariel Vo
Noor Goossens
student It looks for me like really crazy whsult hour 8D
Dingming Zou
This damn thing is cost more then all the cash back I got, so..
No! thank you!
Dalton Ivy
This is why inbox therapy sucks he's not funny he doesn't do real tech most of the time he does bullshit tech and his title are really intriguing which is why you click on it but then it's like completely misleading and bullshit Fuck you Lou and jack!!! (if jack even exists)
Dalton Ivy
Your a dumbass if it holds all your cards in one card that doesn't mean it far replace you wallet what about cash, where will that card go
Jake's Tutorials
few magnets and your fucked
Mike James
Hackers will have a field day
Techno Kid's
i love you sir, ummmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
and I thought my customers had enough trouble with regular cards lol O.o
im too lazy to watch the whole video.
whats the difference between this and a normal credit card?
can anyone tell me :D please
For me to vent
That card is blowing my fucking mind
Now this, this is pretty clever.
The HasX
MP Gill Tv
best thing to invest in
I would probably use this for memberships cards only
Samsung pay is where it's at...
elmer cuaton
this is useless gadget we are moving now in cashless society
One Card To Rule Them All!
Sharded Gem
I just got done watching C - Control and I can't stop thinking how this card reminds me of a Midas Card.

I. Want. This. Despite not having a credit/debit/gift/ or even membership card. Sadface.
Don't know why we bother to comment......
Abby Lynn
but samsung pay?
Jason Lei
Seems okay; hopefully it will be successful this time.. Was a Plastc backer but that didn't go well like we all know...
Death Fear
What about driver's license and passport?
Silver Noob
Will it work for my ventra card?
You can steal someones's card with that
Youssef El Asri
5:08 to 5:14 it sounds like he 's rapping to that dope soundtrack
Jared Kestner
Zungle sunglasses
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