This Is Every White Girl In A Nutshell
Kam Separi
I KNOW lol
Hunter Plays Minecraft
When she says the lyric please actually talk in somewhat of the tune
MissLilyStar :D
*I K N O W*
One word: cringe
Spary _192
hey google, skip this ad
The Encyclopedia of Pop Culture
Kentavious Caldwell-GOAT
I hate this ad. A 30 second unskippable ad that pops up every video I watch at least twice and makes me cringe ever time
Cringe level: 101
Fish ball
the narrator didn't even get the lyrics correct to "that's what I like"
Skinny Fat Boy
Absolute worst ad ever made by google
P.S. GOOGLE: we don't want your stuff. go to asia or something
Nate Kingsbury
Who else was cringing so bad and looked this up just to see fellow frontera in the comments?

No just me? ok....
Saartjie Xabs
Monica Sung
brandon caruso
Anyone here what to know Jesus because he wants to know you:) Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead to save you from your sins. So whoever believes in him may not perish but have eternal life in heaven with love, peace and joy that's beyond human understanding. I have a video called God loves all:message, if your instertsead. God would never give up on you no matter what, he would comfort you in times of need and help you in any area of your life. God bless your hearts!
Random Name
Does it play ads too?
Tabitha Kading
San Diego VsMil
Zac Hawkins
Hey $100 wiretap, when's my front door gonna get kicked in?
leonard ramos
Cool Ranch
ive never had to pay to get spyware before
R.J from da hedge
personal government bug
I'd buy this, but I have a hard time getting Google Assistant to respond to "Okay, Google", so my confidence and expectations for this product are... low.
R.J from da hedge
this is just like that light beer commercial with 90 calories
Lucas barbosa araújo
Ola galera quer ganhar creditos gratis pta celular baixe o app abaixo e ganhe muitos creditos https://mcent.com/r/J30H2M e Boa sorte!
Diana Laura Pedraza Galindo
wx. ñññxi
Dragonfish 37
And I'll be all like, STFU!
5280 Street Dogs
No thank you! Nothing more than a recording device waiting to be subpoenaed
Sky Lami
I don't think it says strawberry champagne on ice
Did anybody look for skip button while watched this?
Jelly Reyes
comida para rionoa
Dark Rose Quartz
If I was at a friends house and they used this to turn their favorite tv shows on, I'd roast them for being so lazy that they can't look for it themselves. Also, that's just another way to get spied on. No thanks, I'd rather not. Maybe some people think it's cool, but it's also just another way to help make people lazy. Plain and simple. Argue with me if you want, I'm just saying the truth. (and I never return to my comments anyway)
Iron Weasel
Better get your ethical issues sorted out before you start this Google.
Plunder Sonics
for only $109 Big Brother can listen to all your conversations.
Jim Jim
Joyce Feather
Happyvvvvbbbbbb h
when you're not talking to this device will send everything that's being said in my home just some other source like NSA? you know just like our cell phones and Samsung TVs will do. I hope so I say some funny jokes sometimes.
I'm A UTTP User What Do You Think
Google Gnome
Javi Diaz
Tyler Cruz
New World Order right here folks.
Rosbeli Albarran
Squiggy 576
Chris billing
lol 129$ for a siri box. leave it to apple and google to reinvent the wheel literally every day.
Tireill Hugle
that cool
Can u say Alexis
generic bleach
ya. no thanks.
Crawford Holmes
Did teenagers make this? k.n.o.w realizes Ohhhhhh well they said like a lot so yea
Angel Mesa
merry wells
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