Google Home: Show Off

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This is Google Home. Your friends will have questions. It will have answers… and movies, and music, and news, and well… you get the idea. Learn more at

Erik The Shitposter
Intense Moaning
Debbie Rockower
why isn't there a freaking User Guide for this nor an app in Apple Store. Google = SHAME ON YOU
Raj Kumari
iN famous
you know google had to do it to em
icanfitness Hexam
Hey google are you actually capable of doing anything "sorry i dont know how to help with that".
Okay google, what can you do? "Sorry I dont know how to help with that".

Okay google, can you make phone calls? Sure just ask call mum mobile. Okay google call mum mobile "sorry I dont know how to help with that"

F off google you pile of absolute jink
Aydan Rusev
House of Cards 👌
Just Snowy
This Is Cringy
Great product but TERRIBLE ad.
Mohammedbin Haroun
مرحبا يااصدقاء انا محمد هارون البشاري من السودان ام درمان وبصراحه احب تلقي اتصال مباشر بشان استلام البيت من الذي اشتريتموه منه ليتصل بي مباشرة في 0963006845&0117233902 محليا او ارسلولي ايميل يووضح تفاصيل البيت وشكرا علي الهديه انتظر تفاصيلكم فانا لن اذهب بدون مستندات او تفاصيل مباشرة كما ان موقع البيت قرب مدارس دار المنهل وبشارع السلام ربما لذلك احتاج لتوضيح اكثر طالما هو بيتي
Mohammedbin Haroun
مرحبا انا محمد هارون البشاري وبصراحه احتاج للتاكد ان منتجاتكم بالمجال المالي جيدة كبطاقة ائتمان او شيك او كاش لاني بدات اصاب بالصداع فعلا وماالمشكله بايميلي لماذا لااتلقي به حسابات او تحويلات ماليه فان عرفتم الامر ارجوان تراسلوني بايميل لاعرف اين اصرف نقودي او اي بنك او صرافه بها حساباتي لان لدي قواتير ادفعها والوضع اصبح مقذذ فعلا شكرا يااصدقاء ربما لدينا بنك الخليج وبنك قطر الوطني وبنك السلام دبي وبنك السودان المركزي وصرافات وسترن يونيون وبصراحه قصة نقود ضائعه هذه ممله فعلا ولكن قصة حجب معلومات بشانها ليتم تفعيل حاسه الشم او التزوق لمعرفة مكانها ربما فكرة ليست يالجيده ولنختصر كل هذه الطرق لنعرف مكان هذه النقود انتظر ردكم
Terry Fisher
just a random guy asking... Does google pay itself for views
Louel Lagasca
Is google marketing to basics?
John Caprice
It would be nice if they didn't use the "like" word 3 times in 35 seconds. The writers may have watched too many Scooby Doo episodes as kids.
lovish choudhary
when will samsung introduce such speakers with bixby
Michael Morales
Raj Music
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Timothy Gadberry
Timothy Gadberry
Timothy Gadberry
Sankofa Legend
This is Google Home. Your friends will come over and say "hey what's that?"
Then you'll say "it's an Amazon Echo, but made by Google"
Then they'll say "oh ok, yeah we got an Echo at Christmas"
Student Danny Ho
This is Google Home, and when your friends come over, they'll be like, what does this thing do? and I'll be like, do you live under a rock?
G33K Universe
Celebrate Internet's Birthday by Knowing Some Amazing Facts & Figures about it...🎂
Michel Rivera
Check this out and give Google Home its Freedom
This Is Every White Girl In A Nutshell
Kam Separi
I KNOW lol
Hunter Plays Minecraft
When she says the lyric please actually talk in somewhat of the tune
MissLilyStar :D
*I K N O W*
One word: cringe
Spary _192
hey google, skip this ad
The Encyclopedia of Pop Culture
Kentavious Caldwell-GOAT
I hate this ad. A 30 second unskippable ad that pops up every video I watch at least twice and makes me cringe ever time
Cringe level: 101
Fish ball
the narrator didn't even get the lyrics correct to "that's what I like"
Absolute worst ad ever made by google
P.S. GOOGLE: we don't want your stuff. go to asia or something
Nate Kingsbury
Who else was cringing so bad and looked this up just to see fellow frontera in the comments?

No just me? ok....
Saartjie Xabs
Monica Sung
brandon caruso
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Random Name
Does it play ads too?
Tabitha Kading
San Diego VsMil
Zac Hawkins
Hey $100 wiretap, when's my front door gonna get kicked in?
leonard ramos
Cool Ranch
ive never had to pay to get spyware before
kys plz
personal government bug
I'd buy this, but I have a hard time getting Google Assistant to respond to "Okay, Google", so my confidence and expectations for this product are... low.
kys plz
this is just like that light beer commercial with 90 calories
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