yo mama
I wonder if they ate eachothers pussy after the show ......
Juanes Melas
so beautiful
2:17 nice moves Miley!
Naïs Lacomme
Ariana I admire your courage and your strength after everything you've been through
Keine Ahnung
0:53 - 1:03 OMG Miley's low register sounds SO GOOD!
Greg Chua
even miley loves my chemical romance.
Jesica Jimenez
Feeling true Friendship Love. <3
Maddy Williams
Love ❤️ you ariana
Parédé Stéphane
Genial trop top. Thanks Miley and Ariana.
De la Rey
Miley Cyrus's become a fucking ugly nigga whore!
Bronwyn Close
Their voices are both so nice! The best thing about this is that their voices go together!
irfan nurjati
im forget, tanks miley hehe
irfan nurjati
hbd , ariana
irfan nurjati
i lov u , grande, miss uuuu
Emilia Gąsiorowska
This song is beautiful!
Dyan Mahanama
who is better????????????
Luiza Costa
simplesmente maravilhosas ❤
Dolores Denny
I always love you Miley..... 💜😘
Carlos Belford
Hakan Deger
Ariana grande cant sing at this song
january may
is it my bad that i ship them so hard?
I was bad tripping under psilocybes and this video brought me back to life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Little Grey
Reegan Kay
If anyone is wondering, Miley got her pants from Topshop.
Alejandra SCG
Cómo arruinar una canción se llama esto. Horrible
This is so moving. It's like... ok, you hurt us, but we'll bounce back stronger than EVER.
Ariana needs her liver enzymes checked. Or a better self-tanner.
Helen seppel
its so so cuteee 💞❤😘 fav song 💕💕💞😘😘😘
Yasmin Taylor
Agora essa é a Miley Cyrus que conheço e ano
Oz Space
Nick and disney together. Ahhhh
Genalyn Enate
Savatar God Of Speed
pray for manchester follow me on instagram http//instagram.com/pray_for_manchester_pls and hope for the people whos suffered
Sendo Gatchimpo
0:00 to 0:05 Whats with Ariana's pants? Is it a style?
Maira Khan
i love them ... the way miley supports her 💙💙 justin and miley both are now change and they are now trying to be a better person... and now we should not keep judging them by their falls ...
Шелест Звезд
Всё это очень мило, но почему девушки НЕ ПОЮТ???
Nickelodeon and Disney together!
Craig Darby
that hug was SO tight! 💗💗
vandela GAMER HD03
becky loves cibo
awww besties ❤
Dennister Martinez
I love you Justin Bieber😘😘😘😘🌺🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹
Miley is so talented
Hugo Takayama
la entrada no lo hizo bien ariana como nerviosa 0:07 , después corrigió, no le salio como en los ensayos al comienzo. después todo bien
love them but they forgot the lyrics lololol. love them though
Linda Parker
Mylie Cyrus - never been a fan but boy this song so suits her voice and she supported her friend so beautifully. I am converted xx
is that niall in the back ?
maroon j
Miley sweetest heart
C Rees
I am quite old. Never really seen these two before. But they are astoundingly talented.
Kaitlin Morris
love this song don't dream it's over
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