This iPhone update is MASSIVE. NEW Features List Below.

1. New Premium Design. Glass and Stainless Steel. (Will be Space Black, not silver like this dummy model)
2. Touch ID is Under Glass in Display.
3. Full front 5.8' OLED Display with rounded corners - minimal bezels all around. (Body size as regular iPhone 7)
4. 3D Front Cameras with Face Scan and Selfie Portrait Mode.
5. Wireless Charging.
6. 10nm A11 Chip. (More Powerful and less energy consumption)
7. iOS 11 and AR Features.
8. IP68 Water Resistance.

So , all you need is here!

New Design. New Display. New OS. New Front and Back Cameras. New Powerful Chip. Wireless Charging.
Minecraft Gamer
That’s the iPhone X
Melony Vance
This is great! Check me out!
pirco pizi
Slogg Znorg
So, OLED. Bout damn time Apple!!!! Question is, have OLED manufacturers solved the screen deterioration problem with it yet?
Jayden Nagel
where's the apple logo
These comments are so cancerous and cringy ._.

75% of the comments criticizing Apple don't even make sense/are untrue...
24% of the comments still criticize Apple for not having a headphone jack (but I guarantee when Samsung removes it everyone won't mind because they're not Apple)
99% of the comments need to watch Tailosive Tech's videos and need to learn the truth about Apple products without the YouTube community's bias against Apple (let's face it most people just hate Apple because everyone else hates it for no reason)
1% of the comments are the people that truly know what Apple is doing for us and are unfortunately the ones that are drowned out by the truly blind "Against Apple Sheep."
Ugly updates
Nhe ry
Airpods are the dumbest idea apple has come up with like i literally have NEVER seen anybody with an airpod ON it looks dumb as hell lmao i hope they bring back the headphones jack. They tryin to be crazy creative not crazy innovative
This is way too thick to be an actual iPhone 8.
Faker than LeBron's hair line
Laurence Camacho
Fuck you Tim Cook!!!!
I Dark Colours I
This will be a great upgrade from my iPhone 6s
I want it
Hart Nurnberg
Every iPhone after the 5 just has seemed different. Not better. Different. They change stuff, they remove stuff, to the point it's not even worth upgrading.
Ohsnap Gaming
first the headphone jack know the iconic rectangles apple has gone crazy
– Vukarricha_
What is this shit?
Why are people disliking this video acting like he made the iPhone and hate him for it?
Android kiddos getting mad cause they can't afford and Iphone.
Steve jobs would never have let anyone ruin the iphone like this
Grant Rustan
watch them isheep thinking Samsung copied apple this time
This isnt original galaxy did it first
Melanie Prado
I want the iphone 7 plese
People are hating iOS like it is a horrible operating system... but you idiots don't even know why they are getting sale... tell me... why are people buying iPhones? If you can't answer than stop hating
No lie I thought that was a Samsung at first
Ethan Ethan
Please No! It's ugly, I take everything back of what I said about the iPhone 7 😰😢😪
Fake and gay
no name
still better than an apple
Elton Gbollie
This shit is fake
Generic geometry dash youtuber
How to get 2 million views
Spin a rectangle
xlazer xfazer
This phone looks amazing
And people are only hating for attention and every apple product gets hated on
Bob the Builder
and they're using android's OLED screens
Fadhil Al
wow nyc design
Hannah Mitten
Wheres the Apple logo though? This generation is going down hard...
Cody Williams
You guys are so gullible.
Dynamite Jason
This iPhone has a chance of beating Android phones. Don't screw this up Apple!
All the nerds hating on the phone is getting roasted on Tailosive Tech XD
Azure Onyxscore
I bet this will be hard for Apple to explain the failures.

except touch id is gonna be embedded into display, that's actually good
who the fuck cares ios sucks
SmashMaster 0676
probably fake as shit
Angelica Mendoza
is is real, it looks amazing
Hey guys today is my birthday!
Can I have a birthday sub?
Comment subbed I'll sub back !:)
get the 4S design back!
Graba Turkey
Lucca Tsiwikis
IT IS A FAKE !!!!!!!!!!! You dumb People
Super Sans
Apple needs to stop. What's next? Are they going to remove the on/off button too?
Umm this ugly as shit. You really thought people would believe this shit
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