Why Japan has so many vending machines

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What vending machines can teach you about this country

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While in Japan I noticed vending machines everywhere. Looking into it a little deeper a discovered that there's a very interesting answer to why Japan has so many vending machines. It's an economic story but it's also a story about how Japanese society values robotics and automation. 

I even found a business card vending machine: https://youtu.be/Ogb7FyzQhbk

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龍鬱 炎籠
sarah li
I love the border series
Salah Boudj
vending machines are one of the best things in japan
Salah Boudj
vending machines are one of the best things in japan
Marisellis Randle
Dude i love the sense of journalism in Vox. 😁
Everlet t
Low crime rate likely makes this more viable as well
Why is the music so loud but the speech so quiet?
Radu Vlase
I think you should add in the description the songs you're using for this videos. At least the ending track of this one!
Marija Uzkuraityte
Hey Vox team, great video, thank you. Yet, I think one important aspect is not mentioned - the obsession with convenience. Enough to look at the number of conbini (Family mart, 7/11 stores) and the functions that they fullfill in Japan and it becomes clear that Japan had to have everything reachable 24/7. Including hot green tea.
Guy brandon
does anyone know what the song at the beginning of the video was ?
Darkholme 27
Hey anyone knows the names of the songs that was playing during the video? I'd appreciate it
Johnny Moran
Stop walking and talking, its annoying.
Mario Avgherino
The opposite of Japan in my opinion is the Philippines...excessively large population with a vast low skill labor pool that is paid about 10% of the U.S. average. Honestly, I would chose a vending machine or robot, over a low skilled employe.
Jeff Heaton
When everything is automated, the hand made becomes a fetish
Zanta Claws
Let dem Asians be. They want to have drinks, let em have drinks
Fikret Abdinov
vending machines without credit card is a nightmare
Theo Mathieu
Seem big confident we alien hit trouble Supreme ask close vote.
SumIT Krips
everything about japan fascinates me.
Vending machines in the video probably make more money than a McDonald's worker lmao
Shane Delahunty
Japan's widespread fascination with automation is both disturbing and anti-human.
"The fertility rate is 1.4 which means the population is actually shrinking"
"Japan is one of the densest countries in the world"
sounds to me like the problem is fixing itself.
Barak Shahbaz
Anyone knows what the songs are in this video? List them all below please! I beed to know what they are
L. TrAy tv
Japan is a must go!!
Blake Belladonna
Mass automation with a naturally decreasing population is the ideal situation in the modern world IMHO.
Ae Norist
Credit cards are a silly idea.
Using a Girocard, sure, but a credit card?
Completely unnecessary interest and payment delay to lure you into more spending, at no benefit to yourself.
What's the opening and ending song called?
43rd Blue
Why do you sound so irritated about vending machines? Lol Every sentence you make sounds like you having something against them.
Oh how I love Pepper~

What a cute little robot!
stop fan wars
Bruh, where are u walking too in such a hurry
matt gmail
How all those old people are dealing with all that technology?
Coin fatigue? So many machines take Suica cards though! I bought water for all my dehydrated friends one day with leftover credit on my Suica card, and they all loved me for it. It's not entirely about the coins.
hana day
A haven for anti social people
Mark Jones
@4:17 She mirin'
So my question is, why not open it's borders to let average workers in? Why is America housing so many low skilled people?
Just a Burnette
I want to go the Japan now.
Nicole Ng
Music used?
YN Lee
Anyone knows which coffee place he went to??
Joy Yu
i expected this to be generic yet this was so informative and entertaining. why, why have you deceived me.
they have automated ordering machines in mcdonalds
John Philip Salcedo
1:28 whats this song please tell me
"People live in apartments smaller than your SUV." Seriously? Yes, the apartments there can be really small in size but stop making an exaggeration sound like fact.
Laura Harris
This is one of the only channels that have super interesting titles with videos that ACTUALLY ANSWER THE QUESTION IN THE TITLE
Franklyn Ovakporaye
i'm gunna need the names and artists of all the songs used in this video
Marc Goebel
What's with that grading?! :D Great video.
syed firdaus
Lol its happening in my country Singapore
Jacob Galea
“Indeed what we’re looking at here is a Japanese institution” 🙄
Shomari Bratchett
Theyre in the future and they have bitcoins
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