Kung Pao Chicken
because they make money
Celine loves Seokjin
I don't want Japan to die out 😭😭😭 population wise
Jon Campbell
Vox is one of my favorite channels for learning world culture
Bathala Bernardo
Because they walk every day for work and going to places like stations train lines monuments and because of that they dehydrate
Why does your one travel correspondent need to be so angry and serious? :/ Japan is an extraordinarily fun and culturally interesting country, perhaps more than any other country on the planet. This cultural commentary segment is so serious and disengaged that it almost makes me not want to visit Japan. All of Vox's political correspondents are super engaging and with lots of interesting and original content so I'm not exactly sure what's missing here...
thank you :)
Mahir Cecen
looks like paradise to me
great video. I want to go to Japan
Roley Chiu
Nice editing work to counter the bad focal length of the Osmo's X3.
Ignore muslim extremism, talk about Japanese vending machines......
"They haven't gotten on board with credit cards yet". Probably because they are a bad idea to begin with.
I've lived in Japan 10 years and this guy has no idea what he is talking about. He acts like he is some expert on Japan, yet he knows nothing.
The music mix when he wasn't speaking was way too high.
4:18 girl look at him weird after he says it comes out wonderfully warm.
i go to the arcade there to get change XD
drinking ramune right now
Ma/ Prz/
J people are godawful at human interactions (all this mindless bowing and brainless "polite" expressions, yuck) so they automate them as much as possible. With an attitude like that, I am sure a bright future lies ahead of them... Case in point: just look at how "well" they are handling their diplomacy with Korea and China.
darrin hughes
less people is exactly what Japan needs actually.
איתמר וקס
Name of music?
If everyone is around 45 on average per capita...now the business cards make sense from the last video. I'm in my 20s and I would just use my phone or an app to trade information
Marcel Hermawan
he seems lonely
I use credit cards in very similar types of places and in as many of them in Tokyo as I do in NYC. Ten years ago, yes, Japan was behind on credit cards, but now a lot of Japanese people are simply used to the "old way," but stores will readily accept your credit card
Isaac C.
I should go to Japan and start my own vending machine maintenance business
I live, work, and make videos in Japan. I want to make videos as good as you!
Where is that coffee shop? What's the name of it? I NEED to go there!
Panpan Mu
So why not replace the "coin system" with the much more advanced "internet system", I mean mobile pay.
X Arc
if vending machine is everywhere too in my country, people will just broke the hell of it and take all of the stuff lol
If the U.S could take a note from other nations I bet more of us in the U.S would start appreciating things. Corner store vending machines would cut back on a lot of problems in my area.
Donald Trump
Doesn't even show any vending machines, crap video.
Jon Jackson
Japan will be one of the first countries who have robots control corporate labor jobs such as hotel front desk agents, fast food employees, and taxi drivers. It's the only way to keep their working generation jobs from disappearing (or if they just allow more people to immigrate to Japan.. but that isn't too likely).
Charles Rewha-Lobo
Does anyone know what the name of that coffee store is and where it is located??
Truthfully, all the drinks in the vending machines in Japan are friking gross. I bought pretty much eveything and they were all gross. They all have this hint of aluminum taste and kinda tastes expired.
bweteen Lee
Not amused
dude, this is cool
Why do you have to have such loud music playing in between every few sentences? It's really annoying and unnecessarily loud!
Siddharth Shivalkar
i love the soundtrack at the end.... can i know where can i get it?
Abraham Gustavson
The walking selfie shot is making me dizzy.
I have literally never seen a vending machine with gum in it. It's mostly soda.
Jaime Duncan
You forgot something that is more important that the "love of robotics " and that is : super low crime. Nobody is going to hack , force or destroy the machines. It does not happen normally. The fact that each day more old people are living bellow the poverty line, and the many of the old social contract is starting to broke could change that in the future (o hope it does not ). So yes is not that the "love of automation " is not important , it's that low crime make the vending machine phenomenon posssible
Karias - K
Anyone know what's the name of the Coffee Shop he visited? Really intriguing to find a traditional place in modern cities.
Can you please make a video on those washing machines,

Sorry, I mean apartments... :)
Barbara Galbreth
The vending machine is the first computer ever made.
japan the IRL factorio
Kitsune Hono
When I heard him say there was a seven year old coffee shop, the first thing that comes in my mind was Sakura Sojiro's Le Blanc coffee shop from Persona 5
Skylar Campbell
What's the name of that coffee shop?! I want to go!!!
Jay Jay
4:18 though
Madhu Parvataneni
I was wondering about this every single day I spent in Japan!
fab female

i guess the woman to the left didn't like warm green tea
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