Why Japan has so many vending machines

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What vending machines can teach you about this country

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While in Japan I noticed vending machines everywhere. Looking into it a little deeper a discovered that there's a very interesting answer to why Japan has so many vending machines. It's an economic story but it's also a story about how Japanese society values robotics and automation. 

I even found a business card vending machine: https://youtu.be/Ogb7FyzQhbk

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jjxx xxjj
That coffee though
Harith Hatta
which city is this?
Saffana Siddiqui
no credit cards or debit cards, cash or bank-less cards, robots, wending machines, a love for old and new, anime, stationary and politeness , great i think country is made for me!!!
Andrew Dytewski
Hmmmmmmm so they want to automate everything..... sounds like they've been playing Factorio :)
Naoki Osada
If you're interested in Japan or Japanese, come to my channel! I'm making videos which are for learning Japanese and the culture of Japan!!
Seems strange that Japan loves automation. Automation means less jobs
Ok then
Half of my money went into thouse damn machines.... Explains why I'm broke
Japan is either really stupid and blindly set in out dated ways,....or its government's goal is to downsizing the population as a calculated need to reset....and a short term pain to produce long term positive results.??????
Jason Nguyen
God Japan looks so nice
Kevin Chow
Sorry I just hate carrying coins around. In Hong Kong, I used my Octopus card and credit card for purchasing anything and also for getting around. It's much easier this way.
GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya
So for Shizou to throw it at Izaya.
Julian Aguilar
i wanna visit :(((
Bell Chu
And people are shy, so they don't need to talk to anyone for buying thing.
I always wondered about those vending machines found in the dustiest places miles away where there's hardly anyone around and wonder who the hell is managing, restocking and claiming the money on them? Sure I've seen them before but only in busy populated locations. Now who's doing it in Japan?
Shingi Sa
Wow wow wow, what is the name of that coffee shop, would you mind telling me please? Thank you.
i like your video, i dont like the video colors,
Neil Huang
Great cinematography!
They don't like gaijin, only if you are very pretty tall and sexy but then you'll only be objectified and used they still won't care about you the person. I hope they stay that way, pure.
Fatima Yousaf
You can LITERALLY live off of buying stuff from vending machine. Why go to your local grocery store, there's a vending machine closer to you! BAKAAAAA
Japan has all the vending machines and Korea has all the convenience stores.
Bryson Ruud
Hes so happy about Japan he's running
Watching these dispatch videos makes me even more sad that I live in America which is basically a third would country in comparison to Japan and Norway.
Rachida Aggoun
i'm no expert but from what i know about japanese people i think their fascination for automation may also come from the fact that they're generally usually very anti-social. idk why but they don't really like interacting with strangers unless it's absolutely necessary
Eric Englebretson
Speaking as someone who lives in Japan: you missed one other point - they added intermittent rewards to vending machines! Some machines are occasionally loaded with plastic, dummy "prize" cans. Some other machines have a system of spinning/beeping/random numbers that will refund some/all/extra money after a purchase.
Brandon Lee
Japan is 30 years ahead of us, salute!
Alex Avila
this makes me want to visit japan!!
Eric McDonough
Gaijin Survival Guide
While yes, Japan has a shrinking population and a higher than average age, I think attributing that as a huge reason for Japan's many vending machines might be giving it a little more credit that it is due. Same with automation. I think he was spot on when he said you can put one just about anywhere and make a good profit.
Music pls
That Guy
Ok why is it a problem with a shrinking population? Everyone complains that the population is over crowded, too much pollution and so on. But then the second that the population starts to shrink everyone goes OMG we need to have people immigrate and so on... why though. Look Japan can lose the population of CANADA and still have close to 100 million people living on an island no bigger than NOVA SCOTIA.
Jeysson H
I'm poor ... but my dream is to go to japan before i die.
Bless them for not using plastic money on every opportunity
and the
Vending machines were ubiquitous even before the Bubble economy popped in the late 80s which spurred on the negative birth rate... they aren't there because of the explanation at (0:50)... The vending machines are pure ingenuity, convenience, and automation of brainless work.
Dalton Deverell
When I went to Japan I couldn't put all my coins in my wallet
Alex Gonzalez
What's the name of the style of music playing in the background?
aprox 5 million machines... not one with anything that a westerner would eat lol
Joe Williston
How about a vending machine for used panties?
Javier Bustamante
the editing on this video, wooow, top notch, kudos to whoever did it!
Too many shut ins living in japan. They are focused on the 2d rather than the 3d. Thats why the birth rate is so low.
juancarlos argueta
very interesting
another important point: no (tolerance for) vandalism. In other countries these machines would just be vandalized after a week.
i didnt know george clooney can host too?
saiteja kondepudi
0:00 to 1:23 answer for the question
Chino Vash
LoL Hot Green Tea out of a Plastic Bottle... Mmmmm Yummy Cancer i need to buy me a ticket to Capan... i mean Japan...
Obed Perez
I'm not a very extroverted person myself and i have never been in Japan but seen all these dark sides of the country in several videos and documentaries makes me thing that all these suicides, aging and shrinking population, workaholic shaming culture, herbibore men (mgtows of the east), "evaporated people" (shaming culture again), and vending machines is part of a big problem of the Japanese needing and not handling very well social interaction and trying to disconnect from a toxic society that enslaves you to work and to an artificial life in general (obession with robots and androids anyone?)...
Adrian Chavez
What'll happen if Tokyo gets a blackout?!
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