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Today we are getting personal. I wanted to sit down and talk about my relationship... About all the rumors, questions and being in love. Being vulnerable is never easy, but necessary. Thank you for listening.



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Yasmin Medina
preach 👏.
Eric Meyers
So happy for you both❤❤❤❤ can't wait to try ur lipscrubs.
EmoJi Kitten
I didn’t even know about your makeup for like two years 😂😂 then I was like oh shit I NEED
Eve Gamble
Absolutely gorgeous hun
Maslanov Sergey
Eliana Verdades
I love to watch your makeup videos. Your great and you deserve greatness, the way Nathan looks at you shows real and true connection.
Lauren Willis
You are perfect don’t forget that
michelle motsinger
I love your story time
Alanna Farmer
slaying highlight btw
Alanna Farmer
it's good to be you jeffree don't let anyone put you down your relationship is GOALS your a great couple fuck the haters you da best
Jaime Heidner
I'm so happy for u jeffree just wanted to let you know u are awesome I like how open minded you are and how u don't care what anybody thinks of u I think that's a great quality keep being jeffree
John Ward
I gotta thank Luxx for mentioning you because your pretty cool. Enjoyed this vlog! Subrcribed
Lexi :P
I am so happy for you, Jeffrey!! I remember when you made music, and I am honestly so happy that you are in the beauty business. Your music was great, but I feel like being in the beauty business is so awesome for you! I love seeing you happy and making money and not having to worry about budget. And of course the love!! Good for you that you didn't give up! You really deserve to have someone that treats you like a queen 👑
Fancy One
If a male is into you-then they are not straight
RF shell
this is my 2nd video of you I ever watched, and I LOVE you! After watching the 1st video I needed to see if you and your bf were still together and I am do happy to see that you are! Also, the reason you are successful, is because when you see other successful people it doesn't make you jealous, it makes you motivated!!! So awesome!! congrats on all your success, love, and happiness!
Nat Titus
Your relationship is goals you guys are so cute
Colour Kat
My heart. Jeffree you are so sincere, you warm my heart. 💓
Taryn Huston
watching this video made me extremely happy. Jeffree i love you and you do you baby ❤️ Your relationship with Nate is so cute and it’s a real, true relationship. live your life queen 😘💖
le le
The guys you hooked uo were not straight, they were bi 💋
Audrey Ryals
Your a boy You don't need to be with a different man or boy You are boy Right
Katelynn Stockton
I love that he's from Michigan I was born and raised in Michigan
syd viciousone
love you!!
Alice Boodangy
I love this look omg yas! You and your boo are lit,keep slaying <3
Daniel Forquer
Blondes always have more fun 😄
Junno Junno
Did that moron referred to a straight guy as a "normal dude" ??.......what are gay dudes then ?? that internalized homophobia ?? got issues
sam monroe
Also I have been following you from the beginning when you just made music , and to see you come this far with makeup and everything is just amazing.
sam monroe
I just watched this & omg . Jeffree has the biggest heart I swear. you’re just so pure and real. most people aren’t real & this shit just was genuinely pure & real I love it . 💖
Angella Bourg
Omg I live for Jeffree saying he's in love because he deserves it!!
Alexandria Elizabeth
Love your channel!!! More stories!!!
Beth Williams
I love you Jeffree. I cried when you shared your feelings. I'm so happy for you and Nathan and I hope someday I can find that kind of love that you have for each other. Hugs and kisses to you both.
Savanah Lynch
I love you! You are amaaaaazing!!
Candy Feyrer
I think you are just a very great lady and I love your YouTube videos and get your experience in make-up and other things thank you for bring you ,I am a 53 yr old lady and a street smart girl that has a champion spit with a beer in come 😎🤣
Tumoare Interna
This video made me...

Be myself.

I don't want to give away too much, because you guys probably already know what that meant.

So, thank you.
Diana Lobo
I’ve been waiting for the ring for such a long time
Jackson Haven
I absolutely love your relationship with Nathan. The respect and love is so beautiful. P.s. Shout out to Grand Rapids!!! I'm am low trying not to be a super fan right now lol but so excited that you'll be in Michigan from time to time.
IM FROM AND CURRENTLY AM LIVING IN MICHIGAN TOO.. also so much love to Jeffrey and your boyfriend <3
alice SMITH
God bless you both i wish you all the happiness in the world i feel the love be happy live long BE THERE NOW
Sunny Love
Your hair is healthy because it’s short and you cut it so regularly compared to a long haired queen
My husband & I love you Jeffree & we know how you feel
Catya D
you guys are literally goals, i know this gets thrown about a lot, but literally GOALS
Yvi Winchester
Love you Jeffrey darlin!!
I'm so glad that you found happyness in you'r life!!
Megan Fielder
You're happiness makes me happy. You deserve all of the love youre getting. I wish you and Nathan a long healthy happy relationship. Im from Michigan. I love Michigan. You guys need to visit Traverse soooo beautiful! I visit every summer. I would legit die if I got to meet you guys ❤❤❤❤
You both are so cool and so cute together <3
Pam Janlekha
I am truly happy for you. ^___^
AnKariah Calsonia LaRay
good cry more., you deserve it
Nikita Dragon is a man?
Emily Hernandez
My friend is born in Grand rapids Michigan
Tiffie Golden
I've only been watching your makeup tutorials for a couple days now and you slay. I've learned so much, I've recently just come into liking makeup after suffering post partum depression. You made me almost cry cuz I met my husband back in 2014 and I never knew love until him. I was adopted as a baby, even though my parents are great, their family never accepted me. So I know what it's like to not be accepted and to then find love. I'm so happy for you. I wish you much much more success and happiness.
Xoxo Tiffie
Keto Camino
I love this Jeffree! You and your relationship redefined so much for me. I appreciate who you are and am happy to let my kids know that love doesn't have a definition. xx
Sherry Hoggan
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