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Trick shots should be an everyday thing! 
Thanks to Kingsford for sponsoring this video! 

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We’re pumped it’s officially BBQ season! Try these trick shots while you’re hanging out & grilling this weekend. Thanks Kingsford!

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Music by Tyrone Briggs
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Fancy Pants McGee
the cart was sick
dante amore
Dude you guys are grazy
ObsessedWithGaming !
Polar the panda is my fav.😉😂
judah aghbashoff
favorite one
Fun Bristers
This is the best so dar
atuka giorgadze
นวพล โพธิ์สุวัฒนากุล
You not hurt in 3.00 !
Daniel Brown
Hf some of these are insane how long did this video take to make
Aiden Lemire
Was their someone behind the trash can to close it?
Min Asa
xx The_Ultimate_Astronaut xx
I am wathing your show
whats'app STATUS
When you have nothing to do
Hina Mustafa
They were barely hyped in this video
neriman sengul
Dad is osam man
The Cure
How are they human?
Zouldyeck1 Illumi
This is the most awesome of all vid u got guys..
Paper towel on the holdr
Darrell Wilson
It really comes in handy
Даша Малинина
where can I get a cheat code like this?
harkesh kumar
Matthew Fitzgerald
When Ty did the shot with three spoons into three cups, the other spoon landed on his u-know-what.
Matthew Fitzgerald
Who more appealing. Coby or Cory.
The song only lasts for 1 minute and 8 seconds originally. WTF
Александр Гончар
Ryan McNamee
These guys are stupid rich
Kinda annoying how much they show it off
teogenes jamilo
The key me
Sameen A
David Kissner
Wizards. All of them. Magical wizards.
man yo
How r u doing that guys teach me
Mango Sushi
Team garret all the way
Erick Chavez
how do you guys do a lot of trick shots
Mich Mallanta
i like all trick shots love it like if you agree
Abu Bakar Siddique Babul
So cool
jan Kushwah
Brandon Thach
’don forget to use the coaster` ‘my bad` Next: ‘Coast e r’ ‘It just bad habit
Aaron Strickland
All the shots were lit🔥
Kind of ripped off the a normal day videos
Dawson 11 Horany
Where are there rolex's
Natan TFM
Whats song name ?
Marisela Salgado
Fuck you guys
my favourite was the last one ( good night ) lmao
Ivette Lugo
Jackson the gamer
how many times did type miss the grill with the match backwards 0 pumks because the grass no burnt (jk he probbely burn down his house lol)
Christopher Thillemann
what if he missed the match on the grill
Jack Chasse
that closet is huge
scammer finder
do another real life trick shot again plz
Jason Holliday
does anyone else see the giant basket ball in the back ground when gar kick the ball into the bin
Anmol choudhary
You all are awesome $$$$$$$
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