Miley Cyrus Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

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Jimmy and Miley Cyrus put on disguises and give a surprise performance of "Jolene" and "Party in the U.S.A." in the 47th St. subway station.

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Miley Cyrus Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

into the mystic
I would know that was her as soon as she started singing.
Flory_ 100
Music really brings people together ❤️
Joe Mamma
That was a great cover.
Wicaksono Nurrahman
do you know what's the title of that Miley's songs?
melvin joshua
No fucking auto tune like JB
Alexia B.
I would've recognized directly to be honest
Kristina Dwyer
Love miley
That was the worst disguise lol, Miley has a very distinct voice and facial structure.
2:38 Is that Ed sheeran lol
Emelly Lusiana
Love it
Michael G
Only if miley cyrus did country :(
Kavinth Amirthanathar
3:07 someone make this man a meme
Hidden ASMR
Everyone went insane for her and almost noone knew who Adam Levine was
It still looks likes her..
- Stiegosaurus -
New Yorkers are so lame sometimes.
Ksenia V
There are bodyguards standing all around the perimeter. "In disguise" haha sure
Benjamin Wang
Miley doesn’t even really look disguised
Naomi Elledge
Miley is very distinctive so you know her voice and her features in a matter of seconds
Precious B
Only in nyc
these aren't surprise performances, they're set up. crowds don't gather like that for guitar/tub songs!
Chaos Miner
She's incredible
You can tell that's Miley. She looks the same and sounds the same. No attempt to change her voice to fool the crowd.
Red Ripple
3:09 yehhashhhhahh

Me: AHhhhhhh
Dexter Grey
I didn't like Miley at first but now I just love her. What a voice! She will go far!!!
Jake Todd
the fact that there were like 4 big security guys in suits behind her to her right 1:21 sort of gave it away abit.
Chris Larson
There literally no way the people don't know that is Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon. The costumes are terrible.
That chick in the white at 1:04 looks so confused 😂
Mary Grace Panganiban
People singing along with miley is just sooo😍😍😍
Kevin Cercie
It's a party in the new york subway.........
Christine Pheasant
everybody recognises Mileys voice its unique
Once I was at Nells 14th and I was out for a Club night, Prince was there. That is New York.
Bob Marley
2:38 Ed Sheeran?
Rebecca Suter
I'd know that voice anywhere
but her voice is so recognisable
Charlene Vong
If u see someone people with glasses,hats, and a good voice, stick around at the very front and watch them reveal there true selves.
Wow I forgot she's actually a great singer
Josiah Liang
Does miley really think she can disguise herself with dark hair, we lived with her in blonde for years.
Izza Renee Pinpin
There is no way to disguise her amazing talented voice!
How did you not notice that Miley voice lmao
Captain C Music
And watch, nobody comes...
I made My life
What a talented lady !! Next time jimmy should try with Adele ...I’m sure people will catch her the moment she opens her mouth 😹
Rico Man
Who gives a shit
Ash Desai
The Jolene at 0:44 and 1:07 is damn beautiful😍😍😍
Saige Sinclair
She sang Party in the USA 😍 that got me😂😂
Emma Richards
she's used to takin a wig off
prying eyes
It's still pretty obviously Miley Cyrus. The face, the surprisingly good singing voice combined with the 2 packs a day speaking voice.
Thi Dang
I’m happy for Miley. She finally got out
Melati Ayu
i’m sure they already know it’s miley. you can recognize her from her voice.
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