Miley Cyrus Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

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Jimmy and Miley Cyrus put on disguises and give a surprise performance of "Jolene" and "Party in the U.S.A." in the 47th St. subway station.

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Miley Cyrus Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

Phd Credible
No one fucking cares. Fuckheads
William Gray
serving hour attempt tribe plenty conservative vision animal candy realize.
sounded good much better than u2,they sucked
Hannah Oran
I love Miley's "Jolene". I first heard her sing it in a Dolly Parton Documentary. I am a native Tennessean and recognized the song before any words came out of her mouth.
joselin duarte
Y yo esperando que en Venezuela sucedan estas cosas 😢
she is something, wow
taylor rouse
who else thought it was Billy Ray in the thumbnail lol
If I was there Id have known it was her in under 5 seconds xD And they didnt even hide her tattoos Id have known it was her from a mile xD lolol xxx
michael noonan
Very Cool 😎
sanjida aditia
it had you suck if you really needed to catch the train for something important (work, job interview), but really wanted to stay.
ram park
Esda Catoriush
wow!! i love this!
Little Yokee
I guess they missed the train
Julie Rosser
They knew it was her
Madison Cohen
I wish I was there... love you Miley
Nessa Sayago
This is perfeeeect!! Love Miley xx
Raskhy Ramadhan
do more like this man.. its awesome
Mariana Seabra
OH MY GOD!!! PARTY IN THE USA was the first music I had in my first phone!!!
Lisa Sophie
happy people are beautiful
Summer Hedge
Wtf was Jimmy doing at 2:27 till 2:29
Rynna Abner
This is so cute, I'm crying oml
Patty Chiu
I love her remarkable voice!!!!!!!
"this is my first time on a subway station, this is some exciting sh*t for me"
-Miley Cyrus 2017
Emile Chang
I thought there was the text "BDSM" instead of 'BDFM'.
Neiji San
no security no nothing...
and people just know they line...
subway people your're awesome...👏👏
creativeProjects720 - 420
tell trump, he should know allready. guess what. they used up their fakes. now no one believes the stuff anymore ( BEWARD THE MIL$ITAR$$Y INDU$$STR$IAL CO$MPLEXXXXX$$$$ )
thanks for listening. we love you miley '
Jehan Kateli
Ok, did anyone NOT know that it was Miley?
Lil D
Lil D
Lil D
I fucking hate seeing so many cellphones up. Just put them in your pocket and dance!! They already hired a guy to film this shit for the show!!
phones, phones, phones...
Steve Rogers
Hannah Montana RIP
nghi bao
Themis Lopez
the body guards and cameras make it totally casual
Mohamed Farouk
In disguise my a$$. I could instantly recognize them.
So all these random people just happen to know all the lyrics to her cheesy ass song? lol
so fake !
George Hastings
fake and setup
Pink Shady
Apparently everyone loves Miley lol
Listening Point Audio Improv
People liked to hate on Miley when she went on her wild streak, but anyone that's actually heard the girl sing real music knows she's talented as hell.
Tamar van Adrichem
This makes me so happy haha
Death Dealer
she actully have nice voice . what do u know
Rise Rebel
Astro Orion
What are those microphones connected to?
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