After taking the longest break we have ever taken from YouTube we have returned today! Bigger and better than ever! Please spread the word for us. If you watch this entire video please give it some love. It is such a fun one :) Thank you so much for absolutely everything. We love you.
Vailoces princess gaberielle
This can be your intro forever
Tere-Jackson Nanai
Rescue the kid 🔺
Friends of America
He does get a bigger bike winkwink
Roblox Gamming
Use a giant magnet
jay jay
Dude Twizzlers are awesome but your boys right circus peanuts is where it's at LOL
susana amaro
That would be me
Chloe Bell
Omg Country lol
Chloe Bell
Awsome video Roman love it as always ❤️️
Karlee Gamer Jones
Unicorn Squad
Kathy Glaser
I feel sooooooo bad for Country
Rebecca Hall
I fill bad for Country
computer Man
Give me a shot out please 👍👍
computer Man
I am in the UK and I watch you ✌
Brian Nanamkin
Love the intro love it
George Grandes
Kids in Africa could have eaten those bike
XXSWAGBEASTXX96 Overwatch Console Player
The bessssst ever country scene, never ever i laughed so hard watching romans vlog. lmfao!
More of those intros
Gregory Heck
Why didn't you just hide it in the barn then ride the bike out
Countries a beast
Koko Hajenian
Country should make a channel on youtube!!
Annastasia scherer
Ansloyed Mascarenhas
East or vest roman is the best
Daria K •-•
You have to buy Country a new bike! I mean it was kinda your fault to make him do those tests and he was so happy. I feel really bad for him.
Boxer Beasto
Antony Austin
U have good energy for your family and do that stuff for them do a family on bikes n quads day . Hello roman family 😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆
Devin McLean
What is the song when Country launches the bike into the pond?
the static master
Love u Roman ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The New Way
Favourite vlog of 2017😀
Brian Murphy
i love watching ur youtube videos
Kalesha Hall
Roman buy back country a back same like that
Ehtesham Ijaz
Wow man that's a amazing intro dude
john cunningham
yes it is to cheesy Roman
john cunningham
yes it is to cheesy Roman
Shaun Williams
I am waching this vlog again after your recent decision to do more episodic vlogs. This is my favourite vlog of yours from this year probably (minus the Hawaii videos) and I really like its style. This vlog is how I imagine your new vlogs will be. If so, awesome! Also, please ignore those whiners who want you to stay daily! Smile more! :)
the maximum gamer
New intro for every video pls
Kimberly Griffin
best intro
Farmer Master
get a onder woter flax lit
Gerardo Muniz
hi roman
Scratching my butt scratching my butt
Da nah nah nah
Josh Mullen
Love this? Did you get the bike back?
allan kahui
Rome get fit
kakhuis 69
Can I just get one sub pls
Gage Zito
Roman you should've acted like it was yours but then gave it to him
Joe Chandler
Kieran Wood
Why why why i am unsubing
Jake Coleman
Just hide and then pop up saying welcome back to the vlogs
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