UnderDog Jab
In the comics ww is bisexual so........
Natalie CM
If Kate McKinnon isn't the luckiest lesbian alive I don't know what she is
Omg. I wish i was kate at that moment haha
steel moon
"And I felt 0" 😂
gericka rojas
Me is gay
.as a straight women, i almost threw up watching that homo thing, yuck. and i like gal very much
ka pi
Esto es confuso.... Deseo ser kate... Deseo ser Gal... Que tal!!??No pude dormir está noche 😀😀😀😀
Gabriel L
Still jerking off to this
Thant Nwe
An entire island full of women and none of them is gay? I call bullshit
How real lesbo mckinnon is??
Ahmed Shareef
والله ما تطبونها يالطواقي
Can we move the fuckin niger bitches from the show??
Mills J
Kate McKinnon won the lottery that day.
Jo Sh
God damn that kiss tho A++👌
Manuel Fernando Huaman Vargas
Ali Altizo
3:57 kate realizes she's supposed to be acting like she feels nothing
Patrick Kealy
Is Gal Gadot capable of even remembering a few simple lines without the aide of the teleprompter?? I think not, IMO her continual looking off to the teleprompter takes away from how really funny this skit is. I hope it's not a case of her being simply a light weight actress who happens to the flavor of the year and is more fluff than substance.
elson ferraren
Boom Bee
But Wonder Woman is a bisexual character😂
Владислав Гончаров
Woman in glasses looks like female Matt Damon! =D
how tall is gal??
Tori Brideau
I totally nerded out so hard that I cried....
Not funny..........!
Umust Bkidding
Kate wasn’t kissing in return, of course Gadot felt nothing!
Karan Trivedi
Oh shit
Cloud 9
"There's nothing about this that's wrong...it's just...unfortunate" LOL
Mahir Ekinci
She is fucking married
Jim Jones
Not sure who the tall euro trash chick is, but she has the timing of a fucking broken clock.
is this just Kate mckinnon excuse to kiss Gal Gadot?
Pandu Arya Acita
I got a heart attack
M Noir
Tonya Testicles
Unfunny SNL
Atong Redillas
I hope no one gets ‘offended’ 😂
Grae Hall
"It's like we're in a porn, but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes", holy shit, I haven't laughed out loud from a kickass joke like that in weeks. God damn this is hilarious, sure, but that joke is fuckin' stellar.
Ace Delizo
I need a cold shower
Silvermoon Fairy
I swear I’m straight but I’ll take a kiss from Gal anytime!!!! And if she wants I can flip over to the other side permanently.
Christian Reiss
Me next Gal Gadot.
Philip Mitchell
i felt something. and i'm a dude.
jomar guilas
seriously Leslie needs to be in the next wonder woman she is rocking that amazon costume
Ivan Leong
damn i want to be her for that moment
Bad Kat
water water everywhere...
It is sad that SNL cannot writers suck so much that the show is worse than kindergarten level with adult topics
The girl who lived
Kristian Brandt
That's it, I'm moving to Israel!!!
lyra Amethyst
Wow gal is such a good kisser :0
Eww what the heck also she (gal) can't act lol
buno shuno
I was born to witness this glorious moment 3:52
Silva V
It's like porn. But the plumber is genuinely there to fix the pipes
Lesbian dreams come true haha. Of course Kate got to kiss WW!
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