How To Make Working Water Dispenser – DIY Desk Water Cooler

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In this video I show how to make a water dispenser or water cooler. It works and made of regular stuff anyone can find at home! Super easy! Pour it with lemonade, ice tea or any other drink and enjoy!

For my DIY super-duper cool-cooler and beverage dispenser :) you will need:
Empty Pringles can
Empty Nutella jar
Empty toothpaste tube
drinking straw 

Just few tips:
1. Make holes diameter equal to the drinking straw diameter (2 holes – 5 mm each, drinking straw – 5 mm)
2. Close the toothpaste cap tight! 

How it works...
Well, hahaha, I'm not sure how exactly. I was just following my intuition when I was inventing it. But the main rule – the air, which comes through the drinking straw, pushes on water and it runs through the hole. If you will not close the toothpaste cap tight – water will drip. This means that air still can come through the drinking straw. Close it well – and the water will not drip! Amazing, isn't it? 

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