How it works: when you open the toothpaste cap the air comes through the drinking straw and pushes on the water inside the jar. So the water flows through the hole in the jar's cap. When the toothpaste cap is closed water does not flow because the air does not push on it. Note! If you will not close the toothpaste cap tight – water will drip. And one more – I DO NOT upload fake DIY projects on my channel. Hugs, Idunn
Nice video....Please checkout my DIY project,it's realy cool!
Naya Schubel
Thanks for trying but it didn't work
Legend Ali
its rubbish
Legend Ali
i tried this and it fails because as she left the second hole open the whole water in nuttela jar spil on my bed and it was a really bad experience for me
Алиса Борисова
rajini Jose
Gonna try this today please pray everyone
The glue is toxic for the human ! sorry ( in contact to the water )
Kitty MillyXD
I always sleep during physics class but I can say that my physics teacher can't do diys

well don't mind me k. I'm just a random person trying to make people laugh but I failed miserably smh
Cee Coins
Like this comment if ur watching this just to see and not do it
Elisa Stanzani
I made it and it works!
Dharmaraj C M
Omg o love this
Araktrebuh1 1
Yes talk call cool
Richard Filka
That’s Easy that’s physic
Ediht Saucedo
es jenial
ngoc ngo
i like your video
maxcenter2520 kalasin
doni seno
It didnt work when i tried it
Suwa Fulton
kima kima
The 1 time I think I actually have all the stuff for a day project... I can't find my empty Pringles container... 😭😭😭
Rukxi Nisar
what,s your real name please tell us please please please
tasfia opsora
Neley Zeng
I am 9 yrs old but you can call me your "little"fan. And I live in Singapore. I wish I am as creative as you!
Do I look like a doll ??
I love you and your DIYs they are the best , NEW SUBSCRIBERRR!!! I have just gone through some videos n m obsessed
Sattar Ahmed
Pogi Grino
Hahhaha you got a nice brain
Pei Chen Tu
Fathimath Sadhuna
i subscribed
Fathimath Sadhuna
your the use the things that we all have in our houses
Little Katy
I tried it and it works!! But a few weeks later, it leaked.😯😢
Celeste Maione
Guardate che questo video è straordinario e anche magnifico ; ho sempre detto che DIY fa delle cose fantastiche ma come fate a farvi venire queste idee così belle come queste , a DIY ho messo sempre un like anche in questo tranne quello chiamato "How to make a Mini Refrigerator (Low cost DIY ) " solo in quello non ho messo un like però tutto il resto sono bellissimi . Porgo Cordiali Saluti . Grazie e buona serata DIY
Gennaro Formisano
Ma quanta roba serve che io non ho....
Vedang Amberkar
Jazmin Tinoco
I wonder if it works ? Has someone try it
supernätural ëdits
Does this work with plastic Nutella jars because they aren't glass in America
Alison Lu
So nice
astronaut author
gowtham s
Georgiana Roman Cretu
Kawaii_crafter _06
I made it, it worked perfect 💯
Mr. AppleTH 555
Thank you
Emie Szurczec
JED Maputi
ok Lasbifir on youtud
wild wolf
OMG it worked... yay
Luka Kuqo
Sparkle City
can I make it for my science exhibition??? someone tell
jelly Lau
what is this music?
Betty Wong
Thank you
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