This dude got a cut that deep & nasty and didn't even use it for click bait

What a man, you deserve more subs.
Colin Mark
You know in some countries
Getting the blood of the blacksmith onto a blade of a weapon is a sign of good luck...

I'm sure they do that somewhere, I think Game of Thrones did something like that...
Zack Burke
the jordans tho....
Dritki _
good job nice
Kris Topher
Legend says that he hasn't made a video in 5 months because he died casting a bronze gun and Ammo
EddieMuff 03
That axe was destined to draw blood
Alfredo Rodriguez
Would this be better than a normal axe
Pascoski Video
The worst job i've ever seen
Laura&Gabby blackma
Do a figget spiner
allan fulton
It turned out great and looks wonderful with the bronze handle but I'd prefer a wood handle if I was going to make a bronze axe.
allan fulton
Why did ou make a bronze handle and not just the head of the axe in bronze with a nice oak handle wouldn't it be easier to use as an axe with a wooden handle.
พรพิมล สุพงษ์พันธุ์
Are you ok
[카츄사] 러시아 자막?
No.. ㅠㅠ
Are you okay?
KillerThief629 Memes
It's a hachet not a axe a axe is bigger
TEMMIE at da tem shop
u good bro
Zatch John Amida
ouch the fit so heart owowowow
Jeremy Bell
Dude just messed up his leg. He doesnt wear gloves for polishing. He cuts down a living tree to show this axes ability. Idk man you need to think about what your doing. That polish has some bad stuff in it. And dont cut down live trees
Otago Harbour Fishermen
what did u do with the tree?
Otago Harbour Fishermen
how did u get your smeltry???
Otago Harbour Fishermen
its so shiny its hard to see how it looks beutifull stuff
the copper that you salvage from you (copper vs blank) do you remelt\reuse that?
I felt like I was watching a Minecraft gameplay at the end 😂. Hope your leg healed with no problems
jpKendall Davis
I would put the guard on that grinder. If a disc comes apart it can hurt or kill you
Nicholas Mcfarland
My ass thought that was cheddar at the end
Goldengamer 581
10:57 Jesus christ
joseph wandell
Lightning PRO
It looks like a diamond Axe
Tito Gordo
Yeah make a sword
Tito Gordo
Make a sword
Wow nice bro
bill Bachtis
omg i wish you to be ok soon dude and i am sorry to that
Eelis Passi
Imagine your hand in that furnace
CodMadMan101 Vlogs
Yo don't put it in water
Miguel Angel Bobadilla
This video is legit and that dude is hard core !!
Skinny Pennis
Hope your leg is good
Images Studio
That axe is strong as fuck
lmao Ayyy
10:55 damn that shit deep af
but the j's tho
Ignacio Ganduglia
Good job dude , sorry for your leg :(((
Badass axe. Just don't want to loose a leg making it.
seyhan VIDEO
are you good
the juggernaut
Will this work with gold.
Junefer Mambuyo
You nid that wen your city is attack by zombie i wish i hav that two
Young Gaming GT
I Watch Your Video.. Aw Your Legs
Vannak Mala
Are you ok
That axe did show you some karma because didnt want to be touched
Виктор Кулешов
Why not clay!?
A Jones
Fuckin hell dude! that is hard to look at must of been painful as all hell!
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