Casting a Bronze Axe Start to Finish

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in this video i'm going to be casting a axe out of bronze (88% copper 12% tin) using 6.2 pounds of copper and 14oz of tin. the weight of this axe is 5 pounds & 15oz. this is a fully working axe it can split logs in half and even cut trees with out bending. if you prefer this video with out music here is the link

First song used :Sappheiros - Aurora [chillstep]

Second song :Fred - Breathe ft. Farisha Chillstep Remix

Third song :Sappheiros - Fragments

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This dude got a cut that deep & nasty and didn't even use it for click bait

What a man, you deserve more subs.
V1P3R'S lab
i was just thinking u need a wise :D
Техника безопастности? Не неслышал
Тапорик норм вышел
moss cow
Что за музыка
Wakas Tufail
Can I have this x I loved it
One one Guy
Where can i get ur burner?
Mehmet Kendirci
Nice baba
He tasted it too! That works!!!!
Forgotten Heroes
Where can i find this kind of video 11;11
August Games
Well hey now go brag to your friends.

Friend: What happened to your leg?!
Him: I cut myself with a shiny ass axe
Dang Trieu
Good job walk off the pain
Dumbass 😂😂😂😂

You could have just put 3 iron with some sticks to make an iron pickaxe have you never played minecraft.?
Juan Manuel Gigena Gacic
This is the best axe’s review i had seen ever, you cutted yourself a little
Callum Mccaffery
Dude you can't put stickers on that
Squidward Tentacles
This dude got a nasty cut and didn't even make a sound 1+ respect
Holy crap are you okay!?
Can Karabela
Can Karabela
random person 1216
You and the ax are blood brothers
Enes Ceylan
I am sade :/
Forgotten Heroes
11:11 Where can i find those kind of video
Narantuul Badrakh
wow very sharp
Mlg Springtrap
I also got hit in the leg with an axe too my dude
Samuel .S Luna
Damn. Bro was that shit Sharpe enough lol cool video man
Alamgeer 786
nice kolhade
This dude no this MAN get his leg cut open when making it and just patched him self up I look up to you #God
Jacks Science
That was a deep cut,you could almost see the inside*Gross*
That looks like chrome
Team 12
why the fuck did you cut a tree
Steve Gaming
Who came here from that Japanese guy that polished a knife?
Stephen Fairbanks
600 thousand subscribers and 155 billion views......hmmmm
Ken lei
I hate u for killing that tree >:(
That tree was young, why I cut it? He did not do anything to her
Daily with Haley
Ouch ,that is why you make an axe with safety jeez that is painful
Young Dagger
I like his shoes
He shows us how to build an axe and after an accident he shows us how to fix the wound, like nothing can stop him from teaching us whatever- love him !!!! hahaha
Petter Ahlskog
Ouch that Hurt
TanzaFC Yew YN ch FC1412
Tyler Farrand
Yo you just cut cut tf out of your leg, maybe a trip to the hospital? Nah man just butterfly that shit lol
Trappedinice19 Mc
Minecraft gold axe in real life! GONE WRONG, GONE SEXUAL, IN THE HOOD
Adam gibi Adam
Abi türkmüsün
Pacific NW Native
Are you back Tito? or not? Wish you would make more vids
Bradley Knapp
the first aid was the only good part of this video
sombra darkness
thats hurts
Guillermo Martinez Escobedo
Jajaja que fáil mamon al ultimo xd
isolated POOPHUT
Pretty snazzy.
Jeremy Kelly
Dude were you bleeding at all because a cut that deep you could've been bleeding were you????
I dont understand why so many dislikes smh
Celestine Steve
Can u make me one and and it to me
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