Чарльз Дарвин
AIRGlint so
well don't fuck with streamers
XxRecked GamerxX
Can someone put together pewds saying, "My biggest fear is doing something wrong on stream (or whatever he said)", and then him saying the "n" word on stream?
finnaly he admit saying watching porn :D
Leccion del Video: Nunca te metas con los streamers.
Elise Quah
The moment pewds said, best youtuber ever, my internet died. LOL
you are the best powdoipai
That 'Knocking'-Thing .... Really got me!
I knew the knocking was coming yet I thought someone was knocking on my window...
Eila O’Connor
Every time it knocked I thought it was at my door
Does anyone know what the second video is called
Davis Spencer
Oasis- don’t go away. That was the song
Mr React
My family modz
Вааат, почему название Русское?
Ethan Lansing
CLARA WHY?!?!?!?
ken kaneki
O m g bạn có phụ đề tiếng việt :O bạn hiểu mình nói gì no ???
EJ Maghirang
Didn't pewds accidentally post a video showing his porn search history?
Jacob Wenzel
The rice gum of csgo
Did you just admit to the porn history thing? Good job... or did you already do it earlier? I don't know. I can't watch 500 PewDiePie videos a day.
Taylor Joyce
I actully looked at my door
Testa Me
does every streamer hv a gun next to em while they streaming?
Jace Ridenhour
How ironic
7:24 This is one of the savage comments I watch Pewdiepie for
Colleen Pennell
i love u PewDiePie MUST DO PART 2 AND 3 AND 4 AND 5 ect.
Keanu Reeves
On this great day. The N word was dropped on stream lel
The more i look at the situation the more i feel it was set up for luls. Pewds is the best troll.
Also if i was caught cheating on stream id be like "i have legit skills, this program is to increase my legit skills *clicks on god mode"
Im a Fluffy Person
1:20 as a whamen. I am offended
Samantha Miller
The knocking tripped me tf out
Kim R.
Mhm, until he had a livestream fail 😂😂
Teo ruckbelt
I laughed so hard when pewds kept saying the song is nice while the guy in the stream passed in front of the camera with a pistol (I think it was a pistol)
Once Upon a Nugget
Scared the shit out of me
Chef Pee Pee
Accidentally showing porn history and saying Ni🅱️🅱️er
Lacer Lemon
Watching this after pewdiepies livestream fail
The KebabRemover27
"It's time for me to go and play some pubg" holy shit
Trublin Neo
the knock got me
Abstract Alibi
0:30 he remebers
Mr Guy Games
Hey Boi
Nicster tv Max team
Shave ur beard
A Ghost
Make a part two with #1 being you saying the N word
N * G G E R
Dido caster.
Volodja Fillipov
Yo guys have an idea! Lets do most liked comment in alllllllllll YT :3?
Samuel Bracken99
“Id never do something that stupid”
Silvana Soares
donts speak portuguese?
Emo Freak
I was wearing headphones while watching this, and when the sound of someone knocking on a door played, I turned to look out the window I was right next to because it sounded like someone was knocking on the window
evil troll
Why this is in my recomended I'm from Ukraine
Shawn Burkett
Even though you talked about it... I legit thought someone just knocked on my back door...
Emmanuel Akalusi
If there’s just gun shots outside I’m pretty sure it’s not the SWAT killing civilians. Think he was smart in grabbing his gun
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