Lana demands to be added to Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: SmackDown LIVE, June 6, 2017

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Shane McMahon reveals the Women's Money in the Bank briefcase, only for Lana to finally arrive on SmackDown LIVE and demand to enter the match.

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Tropic D-Lo
Lana is a hoe she needs to mind her business
I feel bad for Lana because she doesn’t get much opportunity as the other girls
Naomi needs to hush. She's scared. Like why does she got such a problem with it? Naomi and her bad mic skills need to go on. She couldn't compete in the match so why she mad?
Nick the savage-TrC Nick
They need to make a women's tag team title
John michael Austria
love you naomi😍😍
BubbleGum m
Poor lana💔
jennifer Pryor
I want Aj Lee be on WWE SmackDown
Aj Lee Wear blue Brand t shirt
Ivs Coltheart
I don't care what anyone say, I Love Lana. She should be WWE Woman Champion.
Malcolm Plays
Lana sort of stole Naomi's glow lol
mike taylor
Why do i still watch this garbage lol
Elizabeth Lawas
Just sleep in your house lana.!
Md Rana
Naomi rocks! Lana sucks 😂😂😂😂😂😂
it looks like an expensive harlot
Shaba Laba Ding Dong
Naomi using a mic makes me cringe
Pastor Maldonado
So that means that they can only cash in on the SD women champ, right?
Look at all the girls when the money in the bank suitcases of the girls faces looks like they want it while tamina face she is just like I don't care I just want to win.
Hari shankarVlogs
I have never seen someone dance as ugly as LANA Ewwwww
Chris Stevens
naomis voice is annoying as hell
Wait I don't get it when Lana is speaking in the audience she has a really bad English accent sorry but it's true and backstage when she's talking she has perfect English so I don't get
Gaming Doll
IDK who Lana is cause I don't watch Smackdown anymore but her dresses are stunning!! Naomi my fave though. Love the mermaid braids girl!! Brilliant 😍
Emanuel D.
I love Becky I love Lana I love Charlotte l love Camella l love I love Naomi I love Natalya I love Tamina I love you Smackdown live 😍😘💏💑💗💙💙💙💙💙💙
savage _woes
Don't ever say u can beat a black person
Zav Ziv

Alexis Douglas
Naomi so funny
American Gangster
Becky face when lana was coming out LMAO!
Lisette Garcia
Pretty dress not pretty face
Keilani Arispe
Lana looks like a man👱🏻👱🏻👱🏻
Enyaw thomas
Did you see how Naomi turned he hear when Lana came out
Andy Skellington
Lana is so beautiful I swear
The Ottoman Emperor
Like, if you hate lana like me hahaha
puppy world
When Lana came out like naomi's clothes and shoes were kinda glowing
xXAcidJack xX
<Just reply dont need to like> who thinks Lana is hot and whos likes her Theme song
cai chen
Naomi, never get on the mic EVER again
Nessa Moua
Lana acts like Vikkie in 2012
Erasto Coutinho
Eu ano a noami
Chloe Porter
Lana like I can beat u to Naomi and Naomi like in your dreams sister
Megan Feketics
all James and carmella are : a stupid little girl and Carmella
worlds finest
I would automatically let lana in the ladder match because of reasons
Juliana Sevilla
Miki Novakov
When Lana came in i thought that Elias is Coming
Connor Sharpe
Abridged Vegeta
Samuel Griffin
naomi said that lana was trident
Naomi Smith
Is he coming back
Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith
Shaz Rayat
Lana's dress is so pretty💖💖💖💖💖
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