Sshhhhhh…. SNEAK A PEAK! That commercial was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen! Give the video a like if you agree! After this video, be sure to check out "10 Strange 'As Seen On TV' Products!”
lone wolf
I subscribed during last video when I see it as my suggestion video so I click on I was laughing so bad I subscribed your video so funny
piyush verm
Where is the electric scooter video
Mark and matt have the same sense of humor
Hailey Morgan
Matthias you're super funny. My favorite product in the video was the sneak a peek puppy's I laughed soooooo hard when you SEID shhhh sneak. Thank you sooooo much for making this video your amazing. Good luck with your wife Amanda
Maya Amir
Tyler05tkd 123
What's the app that he uses for music
big gaming Metz
Matthias:shhhh SNEAK me:laughing uncontrollably
Dino Girl :3
I'm going to like my comment cause no one else will
Daniel Merino
You should do a giveaway
Sean Nolan
Bro chill with dem adds
NotWhat HeSeems
Jeramiah Skyler
that's more than 80k
MEow MeOw
Totally against the rules, either throw BB8 away or make him a Cash It.
Jeeb 51
TRASH, STOMP, CRUSH BB8... R2-D2 is the better droid...
Dark lighting Ninja Lord
I looked up SHHH SNEAK! This was the first video on the search
when he says sneak a peak in slow mo he sounds like a demon
XxLegendGamingxX OREOZ
Why u trash almost everything XDD
XxLegendGamingxX OREOZ
XxLegendGamingxX OREOZ

Shhhhhhhhhh..... SNEAK A PEAK PUPPIES
XxLegendGamingxX OREOZ
Shhhhh..... SNEAK A PEAK SNEAK A PEAK PUPPIES Shhhhhhhh....
XxLegendGamingxX OREOZ
U broke my dreams of being a power ranger XD
XxLegendGamingxX OREOZ
I clicked the bell icon 35 times
Mom: get up son. Ur gonna be late.

Sis: shhhhhh mom.... SNEAK A PEEK
Sweatshirt Child
Even if you were in it to get money, you never fail to entertain me.

Also 5:36
Heh, that smile, that damn smile
A spoon full of crystallized honey what serves little to no purpose and is made of main.n... HELPS THE COUGH SYRUP GO DOWN.
Ali Mohamed Islam
Why is Walmart not sponsoring you
Marianne Vázquez
This was the first video I ever saw from you THANK GOD this was in my recommended
Noah Young
The first thing i noticed when this video started was the beard
Kate Snow
How many times did Matt said chill dude
Asriel Dreemurr
Bryant right ITS AGAINST THE RULES!!!!
Darth Maul


Matthias you just made a new meme.
Kitty Cat Madds
I have the bb 8 speaker :3
Turtluvr H
I think that EVERYONE found that sword perverted and strange... EVERYONE!!!
Turtluvr H
That real talk was very touching.😐
Xaviernp P
Jkkanoa 561
That one "sneak a peek" impression made me laugh so hard lol
Vu Quynh Anh Truong
Sreemoni S Nair
You should do 10 as seen pn sharktank products
Jeffrey Lean
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Marium khairi
Nice tan, orange is my favorite color
ruth manter
its ok its matts channel
James Speranzella
Shade Slayer 101
you're so cool you vids are asome
Shade Slayer 101
i love you're vids
Matt why do you have six ads on one flipping video. It's not like you need money you have 3 channels
King Maxwell
you didn't feed it
so_fly 2001
Mathias how a low-key half-decent joker laugh
Thomas Kittelsen
I had see monkeys kept for year
DrExplosion 6700
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