Mikal P.
Brian Wallace
Awesome channel man.
2020Harrison L194
Stop shooting trees man
Maxim Gagne
You should really consider getting a high speed camera for some nice shots
MysteryMan _1
It also depends on how hard the wood is
the hurgle channel
who tf is cooter?
great vids
Our motto in the army was if you run you will only die tired LOL
Artorias of the Abyss
Man, why don't cops just make vests out of a foot and a half of dry ice instead of Kevlar?
matt ellis
the dry ice!!!! more!!!
Brxskh Moore
why 1k dislikes?
Never fired live ammunition in my life, but from what I know of incendiary rounds, don't they require the friction of the air it passes through to ignite the incendiary? meaning it might not have the same incendiary effect on such a short distance?
Daniƫl Venter
Gg Thursdaymydoods
You could've filmed the dry ice first then edit it to be the last one
CJ Hudson
That was probably coolest thing I've seen in a while
"Don't lick bullets on my channel."
Rip n' Dip
I think there was a typo in the creation of the gun's name- See, instead of "BMG", for "Big Money Guzzler", it should be "BAMFG", for "Big Ass Mother Fucking Gun".
Bought one of your shirts. Is "Fitted" code for doll clothes because it's super small?
Jake Lewis
Bro-et @ 3:40
Wyatt Mitchell
Amazing bday is July 4 but I live in canada
Ricky Sellers
he bullet didn't go all the way through the sandbags because they were spaced apart
Suzanne Riggle
Yes! Do that collab idea
n00b h4x3r
wt f why shooting this tree? he didn't do anything wrong
you got to shoot the hay end-to-end, it's more dense that way. probably would still go through.
Potato Tech
Who needs smoke grenades when u got dry ice?
Andrew Kelley
Just bought one of your shirts, love the channel. DEMOLITION RANCH!!
James Henrikson
you killed a tree how could you!?
turn the bullet into a key chain
Wirya Sumirat
You should make video with dry ice moree!!
Will Ulmer
the whining sound you hear slomo is the round spinning down. try shooting a 45 into a frozen lake it with hit and spin.
this channel is the manifestation of america
you now guys shot some tree is illegal
Kong Lor
3:50 sorry guys
Flux Nebzie
try shooting a small refrigerator
Tanner Peterson
it is a 50 bmg it wont get stopped by kevlar XDD
James Wells
That was beautiful!
just saying but what if he was standing on the other side of that fridge and he didn't hear and you and youbshot anyway????
angry salesman8
do I look cool, you look TTTAAAATTTTHHHHTTTTYYYYYYY, 1:15
Arty Seibert
This one is definitely among your best videos - awesomeness
Dana Douglass
you should see if duct tape can stop a bullet
Who or what is this Cooter guy they are talking about? I mean, he's taking a shit there, and he's gonna be coming for them once he finds out they were there. So, in my opinion, is some guy that lives in the wild and is somewhat crazy.
tyler bonser
You were far from center on the tiles. Looks like the bullet angled to the outside and didnt have a chance to actually get stopped by the tiles.
Bucky McHackington
Just the sound of you guys cocking the 50 sounds badass
alluring power825
I was not expecting the dry ice to explode like that!
Taz Th
And this is why you Matt should invest in a high speed camera(~$300 would do it). I think it would really help. Perhaps in the future when you get a high speed camera, you can come back and re-do this with the 50 and see why the bullet comes out with no damage. I would loooove to see it.
Deven Ruibal
Hey I was watching how's it's made and found out hockey masks are made with Kevlar. You should totally see if it's billet proof
z Galantis
Not smart to shoot a tree metal fragments could be lodged and start a fire after some time because the fragments are hot
That.... was freaking epic. I am at a loss for words at how that worked out.
brandy sigmon
Put a crap load of dry ice around a crap load of tannerite and see what happens
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