NEW SPECIES FOUND?! Rare Blue Crayfish!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote finds an extremely blue and quite possibly new species of Crayfish!

While adventuring in the back hills of West Virginia with herpetologist Tim Brust the team set their sites on encountering this rare mountain gem by sifting through rocky outcrops where water seeps pour out of the mountainsides creating muddy water pockets. 

Unlike most crayfish species these sapphire blue beauties live underground and not in the mountain streams and rivers like many of their cousins. However finding them is much easier said than done, since they can burrow down more than 6 feet!

So will the team be able to help researchers in their discovery of this new creature?

Get ready to find out! 

HUGE THANKS to Tim Brust of ESI for all of his help in making this episode possible. And an extra special THANKS to Dr. Zac Loughman of West Liberty University for his help in describing this new species. 

The blue crayfish in this video is currently in the process of being officially described and named by a team of scientists from the West Liberty University Crayfish Conservation Laboratory, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Midwest Biodiversity institute and The Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity. Check back soon for updates. For more information on crayfish, please visit

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