NEW SPECIES FOUND?! Rare Blue Crayfish!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote finds an extremely blue and quite possibly new species of Crayfish!

While adventuring in the back hills of West Virginia with herpetologist Tim Brust the team set their sites on encountering this rare mountain gem by sifting through rocky outcrops where water seeps pour out of the mountainsides creating muddy water pockets. 

Unlike most crayfish species these sapphire blue beauties live underground and not in the mountain streams and rivers like many of their cousins. However finding them is much easier said than done, since they can burrow down more than 6 feet!

So will the team be able to help researchers in their discovery of this new creature?

Get ready to find out! 

HUGE THANKS to Tim Brust of ESI for all of his help in making this episode possible. And an extra special THANKS to Dr. Zac Loughman of West Liberty University for his help in describing this new species. 

The blue crayfish in this video is currently in the process of being officially described and named by a team of scientists from the West Liberty University Crayfish Conservation Laboratory, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Midwest Biodiversity institute and The Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity. Check back soon for updates. For more information on crayfish, please visit

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Hayley Jones
Safiyer sounds good to me and yes I will all ways be wild because I love animals
Mitchell Barras
There’s plenty blue crawfish in Louisiana...
How can he put his hand like everywhere in that dirty water or underrocks wht if something dangerous bite him 😟😟
ImNotBatman X
Anybody else from WV watching? Lived here a long time and never seen one of those beauties.
Jake Williams
I used to fish giant Blue cray fish out near dams in New Mexico
i thought if you discover a new species u automatically
get to name it
Lauren Pinkie Pie
R they like blue carbs if so they must be delish or some
Lauren Pinkie Pie
Breed em
Ryan Farquhar
Coyote: gets assaulted by a crayfish

I appreciate that
Sebastian Carpenter
Sebastian Carpenter
LewisPlays YT
'You won't believe how blue that crayfish is going to be!'
Looks at thumbnail
Yep very blue...
Sarah Young
he said it was as blue as the sky, but did you know the sky is actually black proven by science.
Gabriel Filkosky
im getting one as a pet for my birthday
James MacKenzie
He looked for hours to find one and I just went to PetSmart😂😂😂
Amila Ahmetovic
Is it blue because of its food
Isabella da Silva
Wow did you know my sister’s favourite colour is BLUE!
Reicela Berzina
Crayfish starts to wave its claws around
Me: .................*song stars fading in*................EVERYBODY ITS KUNG FU FIGHTIING AS FAST AS LIGHTNING :3
Crayfish smiles and waves its claws around faster
I start to dance with it
AND THAT'S HOW THE DANCE GROUP WAS CREATED but went apart seven minuets later :>
Reicela Berzina
Coyte:its a sapphire crayfish
Jovita Ramirez
That is bad🦀
Decoding The Codes
Almost heaven...
at my home i found a slimmy salamander that long like 1 feet
The Hot Kielbasa
Noah Mitchell
5:00 racism.
Terry Sarver
ok i have a question. do crayfish release a toxin when threatened? i once went fishing and gather a pocket full of these (normal crayfish) and rode my bike to where i was going to use them for fishing bait. well it was a MISTAKE. my leg turned red and broke out and itched and burned similar to the reaction of stinging nettles. just curious if you have any info on this.
nyheem johnson
Crate Sapphire crayfish let's go
nyheem johnson
Bryan Mitchum
Its a awesome blue cryfish
It's a Beautiful CRAYFISH
Grace Egan
I live in Australia and you can by these at a petshop. I have actually caught them at my place. Not so rare.
kpop pictures
this is the first time is that blue thing
I have lived in West Virginia my whole life and I’ve never seen a blue crawdad lol but caught a few of the cave salamanders
Samson Sasquatch
Must be a shiny
west virginia momma mountains, take me home
Drake Shiraishi
Should of named it BlueyMcBlueFace
John Hennen
Ps it’s a crawfish if you love be in the south lol🤬😡
arnulfo arcenal
Brayden Palazola
After seeing this episode I have adored this animal and I even have one as a pet now best pet ever. Check your Instagram I sent u a picture for proof. Sadly he doesn’t know any of the latest memes because he lives under a rock. Mine is so blue I named it sapphire
Friday Ved
ok with this name☺
Sophia Salo
I found a salamander like the slimy salamander you found under that rock, except it was fatter and I was in New Hampshire at the time
Classy Simmer
This is clickbait this is already a species genius
Ian Kim
3:30 it's not a giant salamander it's a slimy salamander! ( I had to make that joke)
Ace Moth
Crawfish not crayfish!
Tony Huynh
Those crayfish are delisous
Pamufî. 1 Renuka
Go Safire
Duriel Nguyen
How in the world do you find these animals
__king Chris03__
I️ have on of those and it is 4 inches
Matox Jormungandr
the coyote saphire crayfish?
Jessica R
The salimander was so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!😄
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