Destiny 2 – Official “Our Darkest Hour” E3 Trailer


Welcome to a world without Light. Led by the invading Dominus Ghaul, the Red Legion’s brutal attack on humanity’s Last City has left Guardians powerless and scattered. Now, in our darkest hour, new legends must rise to challenge Ghaul and take back our Light.

New Legends Will Rise on September 6. Pre-order Destiny 2 to get early Beta access:



Luis Torres
This fooled me into thinking ghaul would be an intelligent or complex villian.
Jayden Hussey
Seeing my character getting beaten to near death made me so made
new trailer of destiny 2 HD watch here -
Dominus Ghaul
Destiny 2
David Woodham
What a wast of money some sort game
Ben Yassien Boutahar
R.I.P. Speaker
A Night's Watch
Checkout my channel for Destiny 2 videos!
For the Traveler!
Cameron Troscianiec
Warlock master race
MR Deadpool
The Ghual Boss Fight hard af
Lonewolf 89
What is the music being played in this trailer
Gerald Spears

Ghaul lost to us and the Traveler itself...
I guess you could say, he's really Ghaulable
J_rhyan 15
ghaul really messed up
José Valero
The FAT Strogg is not scary at all, how is he not going to forget the fear of death?
Felix Nilsson
"You Are Weak! Undisciplined!"

If I'm Weak And Undisciplined Why Do I Have More Than 300 Discipline And Slain The Heart Of The Black Garden, The Templar, Every Single Gorgon, The God Of Time, Crota, The Son Of Oryx, Skolas, Kell Of Kells, The Warpriest, Golgoroth, The Daughters Of Oryx, Oryx, The Taken King, Vosik And The Archpriest. I Also Destroyed The Siege Engine And Almost Killed Aksis, The Archon Prime And Then Killed Him About 30 Minutes Later So Don't Call Me Weak Or I Kill You, Garry
Destiny Kid
It's on Ghaul u going do jerk and here's the roast kid u say u duh leader of red legion u white stupid wear white clothes u say u leader we bout to rek u with no light and sound like the taken king that got rekt and y u say it's our Darkest hour Ghaul it's gonna be your last and u killed my boi sweeper bot it's on b*tch ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fffffiiiiiiirrrrrreeeeeeeee
Pickle Rick
Oh lah lah, someone is gonna get laid in college.
Welcome to an industry... without passion.

You are FEEBLE!... Uneducated!... pre-odering from shady devs!

I command AAA devs... Plotted DLC scams... Made millions with half-assed games to prove my net worth.

I alone am worthy of your mom's credit card.

You're not financially disciplined, you've merely forgotten the fear of debt... Allow me to reacquaint you.
Sergeant Detergent
Set course for the tower.
*That will be an impossible raid. are you sure?
Ghaul: Set course for earth.
Easy raid. Confirm?
So the first game ripped off Halo, now it's ripping off Warhammer 40k? Fantastic.
We need a live action trailer
DarthJueffJueff _
"But one day... an Autobot shall rise from our ranks... and use the power of the Matrix... to light... our darkest hour. "-Optimus Prime
You know what I'm thinking? Transformers and destiny crossover. Come on bungie make it happen.
Jacobe Burns
I thought ghual was Kevin Micheal Richardson
ruth bahamon
We destroyed Oryx and his entire space fleet, you will be no problem
Looking back this was pretty much just a look into the beta
Science exparments
I have a problem with destiny I just reached lvl 34 a week ago and I do allot of bountys and missions and I get the XP but it doesn't show up up the rank bar
Francis H.
Is that the new galio????
U-A-E_ii mohamed
Edit Lyfe
This is for the new movie right?
Dogeinator 123
Bruh, look at ur face, he tore u up.
We Are Ra
This Ghaul dude took something that EVERYONE is after lol. Soon he's going to have the Fallen and the Hive knocking on his door
Steven McGrath
Ghaul, You are not all powerful. You've merely forgotten defeat, Let US reacquaint you ! ! !
Luke R
Oh look, at 1:38 they finally show us that exotic. It only took them two years, eh?
Tomoki Sakurai
This is what I wished Oryx sounded like. Add more dialogue and it would have been a legendary expansion.
Jaegar Barlas
Steadfast guardians when they forgot who was chosen by the travelers light, when we kick the red Legion ass, liberate the city, reclaim our light, when we WILL reacquaint them to the to the badass and kickass guardians and finally when we march toward dominos Ghal cowering before his minions remember one thing the thing what makes you legend remember what gives you strength.
Mauricio Merida
He looks like a Primarch
Echo Tricks
Like why can't pc launch date be the same as concols
This game is terrible lol
David Gray
I don't know is anybody else having problem logging in cuz I can't log in the game I started out I was logging and it was taking me to character selection and then it wouldn't go now it's time I start the login and goes to Destiny servers are not available so what the hell man
eswari R
eswari R
Half expected Ghaul to say 'you merely adopted the dark, I was born in it, moulded by it, I didn't see the light until I was a man' they should of went the full mile and got Tom Hardy to voice him.
Gun Slinger
I didn't forget the fear of death in the games I'm scared as hell im gonna die
Auryx Saturnius
Honestly, as awesome as this is, i think this wouldve been cooler if they had propped up Oryx and the Taken King like this.
ICED gaming
Notice how what happened to the fallen happened to us in a way, god damn traveler
Freezyh 704
A day in Ghauls life: kicks guardian, NEXT! Kicks guardian, NEXT! Kicks guardian, NEXT! kicks guardian, NEXT! Kicks guardian.... Ghaul: WHAT! These are only the pre-orderers?!....
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