Gorillaz - Strobelite (Official Video)

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Strobelite (feat. Peven Everett) Download and Stream here:  http://gorill.az/strobelite

THE ALBUM - 'HUMANZ' OUT NOW - http://gorill.az/humanz

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Director: Raoul Skinbeck
Producer: Cara Speller
Production Company: Passion Pictures
Edited by: Matt Cronin

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Mgmt

mason naytowhow
imagine being one of the extras staring at green screens and empty spaces
Does this make the 2DxNoodle ship canon now? Awesome!!!
Ricky Pantoja
Grows on you like everysong
It goes like this

1st time:meh
2nd time:hmm ok
3rd time:great song!
4th time: T H I S I S A R T
I don't care imma say it

Gloria Kelly
Noodle is a....Cat
This is by far the most disappointing Gorillaz music video IMO. Strobelite is a bop, the models look great, and the costumes/scenery/composition is nice, but it's just so... bland? This band's MVs are usually really great at telling a story and keeping you engaged, but from a narrative perspective, this video might as well just be a bowl of mashed potatoes. To prove my point: Think of any Gorillaz MV, and describe it in (at least) four sentences. Now try doing that with this one. "The band is in a club. 2D and Noodle dance. Murdoc gets someone's number. The end??????"
Jack Green
1:19 The Cyborg Noodle Dance It's Original
geraLđ N M
WoW a like you song is perfect this partye :v😂👍👍👍epic dance noodle👍:v xD
Azzu Snazzu
2d's pants are higher than my grades.
Diamond Riot
Why does 2-D look like a girl
Maximo de Jesus Zarazua Amador
the animation of noodle increible

the animation of 2-D wtf?
angeliyo50 torres del rio
When they come to Peru, they are my favorite band
Ryan Carrell
Seeing noodles eyes make me uncomfortable
Jason Hernandez
I think my favorite thing about this video, aside from everything, is that Noodle and 2D are having fun; just happy and having fun. :)
Daniel Navarrete Ruiz
I feel like this is a fusion with Mr. Sruff's style in This Way
Freaked out when i heard my girlfriend playing this song
Does Murdoc is gay?
Zach Zarantonello
Marouane Fellaini at 1.00
cutecubes plays
To all the 2DxNoodle people, just stop. Noodle grew up since the age of ten with 2D, Murdoc, and Russel. They are more like adopted father and daughter dancing together than bf and gf.
Shane Kennedy
Mario Espino
Is this a shipp or just a father dancing with his daughter?
Jay The artist
Noodle ... were are your pants ???
Erynes The Left-Hand
Are Noodle and 2D a thing?
if your on a computer/laptop, watch this whole thing in speed mode 2 XD
Joel Atwater
That skirt is REALLLLLL low
Calvin Zwilling
At some point 2D is just gonna be a walking pair of pants.
Jose Angel Bermudez Choperena
Satan's music
Dimm Nogal
Maybe its because I've been following the band for years, since Noodle was a little kid, but I can't see the point of view from 2DxNoodle shippers. I can only see these two as siblings.
Vale Cousillas
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7CLZanYvhU :(
WutThe Unicorn
Some kid at school told me to watch this...
I think I'm having a stroke 0
The mustache guy is a pornstar
mango mouse
2-D has more leg than the onceler x5
no more sleeping poder :v
1:43 what is happening here may i ask myself?
the phase of 2d I do not like
Mihai Riglea
I'm si happy they came back they was my favourige band when i was younger
Crypher Gaming
Gotta love noodle and 2-D not only are they adorable together they're even adorable seperated
Jake Styles
2ds shirt is so cool. I need one.
Antonio Jacobo
This is a damn good song
Stella Hoff
I miss the old Gorillaz tbh
Ethan Rodriguez
My two favorite characters combined #bestvidever+song
2D and them damn Mom jeans
so this is the big party before the apocalypse?
SomeRandomGuy :P
is that a 3d 2d
Brandon Smithyman
I O / / 0 .. ) . d -
All I wish for is a new music video with Russel actually being a main part of it. He needs more love, man! :(
Mohamed Tesznim
Noodles is all grown up :') im so proud of her.
Otako Friki
Buen vidio
DuhFuc Is That?!
Noodles is my new waifu
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