Gamingersh stanimj HereSince8ksubs
Noodle used to be so smol ;) she grew up
Jesus Marin
Virus T
Lisina jajasaludos
karin teresa dreisziger ortiz
2D have a big boot here?! This really weird
Misled Student
Y do drugs when u can just watch a gorrilaz video and get the same experience
RIP. Russell...
Noodle is fine yo...👌
[R.A] KittenGamer
This seems to be not as animated as the other ones D:
Oh Na
I hope in phase 5 they go back to normal animation like Saturnz Barz
Claut Zero
Who is this new Girl?
Greeny Zay
Sarah Forrest
Hats off to Jamie Hewlett and his team, the animation merges seamlessly.
Cayanan 51
2D's new legs freak me the fuck out
The Un Und Unly
it's great to see more of the new animation!!!!! not bad
"are we obsidian?" if yes then you could be used in a nether portal B)
Mrozia :*
Noodle and 2-D rules
эх где же вы старые горилаз из двухтысячных? Это же не клип это дерьмо, просто кривые 3д модельки танцуют под вокал темнокожего, ТУТ ДАЖЕ БЛЯТЬ 2D НЕ ПОЁТ! imagine dragons, linkin park, а теперь ещё и горилаз, сколько ещё охуенных групп скатится до попсы?
Finley McDonell
I love how peven everett literally sings the whole song and his name isnt even in the title lol
Red's Doodles
Less 3D more 2D
The Thinking Cap Horror Theories
I'm a little disappointed in this song, usually 2D has some verses, even in Hallelujah Money when the gorillaz first came back
Callum McCartney
One of the better songs out of Humans but still not as good as their old music. I think I even like The Fall more to be fair...
kotekow 636
бля, брюки 2д это что-то, мб хватит?
Ivan Espiritu Santo
I love song, (good song)
Jmax sport mascot
dos not sound retro at all fuking brith song wjat teh fack is hapning in the uk fuckers come on ...we ned real songs not 3d shit !!
Mike Stills
Kaepernick in a Gorillaz video 😱 1:00
2:37 Vince Staples 👍
Just Another Genji Main
There goes our 2008 3D 2D art mix...
Jay Connor
Is it just me or have the recent humanz videos had no story whatsoever (like plastic beach we had so much) and now all we really had was spirit house - is that because of the tv series coming out soon?
v v s o f t
Yall wild shipping 2D and noodles
So, Murdoc's going to fuck his own VA wearing a fez?
Mirα ςατ
2D and Noodle looks so cute! X3
Kind Kindred
Eugene Yanyuk
Animation looks like shit
T-T :D
I see 2d as a big brother to noodle not a bf that is weird
Alyssa Rasmussen
Omg this is giving me goose-bumps. <3
Chelsea D
He legs too big for he gotdam body
FaZe Revolver
You got me guys but I always liked Y'all.
kuroakikitsune kuro
this song has grown on me
Richie Holsinger
Russ seriously needs some more love.
y'all that are complaining in the comments, why can't you just appreciate the fact that damon made humanz, even though he technically didn't have to. if you don't like the new style of animation, or the music itself, just leave ?? it's not that hard ??
edvardscaca cielava
I realy fucking dig this
This song is gay. bring back the old Gorillaz
dat noodle... love her style
Luis Vélaz Núñez
Gorrilaz has officially gone soft
JC Byrd
I love the song😍
Whats more fucked up? 2-DS eyes or his big ass legs?
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