DIY Gallium Fidget Spinner - 3 Million Special

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Make a Gallium Fidget Spinner from Liquid metal. To celebrate reaching 3,000,000 subscribers I used a plasticine mold to cast a home made fidget spinner toy. See more Gallium here:

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Gallium melts at about 30°C which is approx 86°F. It leaves a grey residue on your hands which washes off with warm soapy water.

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3,000,000 Subscribers! Thank you so much! We passed the 3M mile stone early on Sun morning after suddenly gaining lots more subscribers from my Gallium Fidget Spinner video. Thanks for your support. More videos coming soon. If you want to see more Gallium videos, see here:
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Well, get ready for your 2.5 special next! Everyone is unsubscribing because of the fidget spinners you make.
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