Girls are using fake weights now too?

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Gracyanne Barbosa, a Brazilian instagram "model"/ dancer recently posted a video of herself squatting 500lbs for almost 10 reps. I don't believe she's really squatting that much, and I think the plates are fake/less than 45lbs each. I believe she is a fan of Brad Castleberry, what do you guys think?
Interesting Article on the subject-
**Alright guys so Gracyanne has responded on instagram and claims the plates are 33lbs each instead of 45lbs. 33lbs x 10 plates is 330lbs + 45lb bar would be 375lbs x 10 reps Honestly this doesn't change my opinion at all. Do you guys think she can squat 375lbs for 10 reps with NO EFFORT,  NO STRUGGLE, NO BARBEND, NO FACIAL EXPRESSION, NO BELT, and NO CLAMPS?
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Update Alright guys so Gracyanne has responded on instagram and claims the plates are 33lbs each instead of 45lbs. 33lbs x 10 plates is 330lbs + 45lb bar would be 375lbs x 10 reps Honestly this doesn't change my opinion at all. Do you guys think she can squat 375lbs for 10 reps with NO EFFORT, NO STRUGGLE, NO BARBEND, NO FACIAL EXPRESSION, NO BELT, and NO CLAMPS? But still I need to be fair to her and add this update to the video. 33lb plates is her official claim.
Jose Garza
First steroids and now fake weights. People today are going to far. I guess anything for the spotlight.
Mike E
Fucking liberal ran youtube!!!!
Harold one
You can see the plates are fake cus they are no markings on outside the plate or the inside the plate.
Joe Mamma
I've been lifting for close to 30 years and have seen some strong gals. I've seen 275 squatted by women, and they were way bigger and more muscular than this gal - and that 275 was not for reps. This is soo fake it's not even funny... lmfao... I used to rep 275 12-15x, but I'm a dude, and was 190lbs at the time... lol...
Ania M
I follow her on Insta.... I couldn't wrap my head around her squats with NO signs of effort what so ever :). I see "real" power lifter women at my gym and not only they don't squat with that much shit loaded on the bar but they also struggle when squat.... I didn't know about fake plates though :))))... somebody also pointed on Insta that her "glutes" are filled with implants and silicone too.... I don't judge her .... I feel sorry for her.
Tonio Rosales
Too many girls in Brazil get implants of everything sort... all fucking fake... and most look shit anyhow at 3 am with no makeup on.
Todd Burleson
I say all is fair in videos. It's all about getting clicks. If she can get away with it, too freaking bad. It's not like she's claiming powerlifting titles or trophies. I think it's hilarious. It's called the free enterprise system. It's no worse than people stealing ideas for a better mouse trap or whatever. I wish I could put something up there that'd make me a fortune.
Rambo Clarke
ya it's fake
Julissa S
Face looks normal. I know when I do squat I’ll be like pushing and my face will show. You can’t fake anything cuz I can tell. 110%fake for sure!!!
Fred Witt
everything seems turning out to be fake, lies and corruption in brazil....please get me out of here. fuck!
Salvaje Cujo
Fake or real she can still get it
Revive 2Pac
I am 13, i have bigger leg muscles and bigger arm muscles but would it be possible for me to do 500 pounds?
Following Excitement
That Jawn is chunky tho, just sayin. What's this video about?
Garrett Roland
she may be all fake but she is still hot af
Brendan DeFoe
Unless she's magical, this is fuckin bullshit yo.
M.M. Schill
I squat 300, and my butt pretty much ended up like hers from squatting heavy weight, and my Portuguese ass is real. So, not nessisarily a fake butt. But...when I squat I don't look sexy...I look like I'm dying with 300. Sweaty, red. Not all stoic like her.
This bitch is on massive roids and has a fake ass.
The plates she uses are different from those already in the gym (fake weights)
Munawwar Muhd
Gracyanne CastleBerry
sulphur aeon
How she can lift that weight so effortlessly can be explained very easily. That butt must be real.
Lunaticious Official
Of course these plates are styrofoam plates. Why even discuss about it? Look at her legs. I doubt she cant even press 100lbs
Western Dreaming
Wheres the clips? wraps? belt? motion? quads? wth lol
Bigmac Tiger
Weights, Ass, Boobs are 100% fake
Sir Pumpernickel
Not to mention those were the only set of "greyish green dirty colored just so happened dusty out of the basement" only pair of heavy hitters we had for miss big booty nameless here? At least put on some wieght equipment. Neither are Waring so much as a pair of gloves for support. This is cheating 😦
Sir Pumpernickel
BULLSHIT!!! EVERY THING YOU SAID IS A NO SHOW! NO PAIN, NO VEIN, NO GAIN. NOT A WIEGHT BELT IN SIGHT. You see greats like from Dorian Yates to Ronnie Colman put a face on lifting at least that kinda of wieght. Female Mrs. Olympia would of took a crap afterwards. So I'm supposed to believe Kim Kardashian can squat a refrigerator all of a sudden within 5 years or less?! Sorry FAKE!!!!!😪
Cy Kemtrale
they is real. yall jus jealous
Bamba Ndaw
simon lloyd
her arse is fucking horrible...i don't get why people are into these massive arses...fake plates, fake tits, fake lashes, fake hair, fake teeth, fake nails, fake personality....i suspect her horrible, ugly, lumpy arse is fake too..yuck
simon lloyd
i'm a musician and have too many videos of 'amazing' women playing drums etc and they are either miming, or the video is sped up or usually..both...oh, and they tend to be scantily clad....but don't judge them on that, you shouldn't see them as sex objects....okay..?
Daniel Hatchman
Can't even keep her knees out. They only weigh like 5kg.
Is it my perspective or is the barbell moving down a line behind her heels?!! If she were really squatting that much weight, wouldn´t we see her struggling for balance?
Rob 56
she is going way below 90 degrees squatting, 500 x10. Sorry that is like Khabib would say... NUMBER 1 BULLSHIT. Even if it was 375, look how low she is going with that weight with no explosive up moment. She lifting like model who is bored.
Michael Macias
Fake ass bitch 😂😂😂
Her ass looks like a cartoon
Lmao, 5 plates without a belt and ATG. Maybe if she's got another 75lbs of muscle.
Nick is jealous of her spotter.
Traveler Volkriin
Her ass looks nasty. Seriously.
Joel Oilar
Her and brad castleberry would make a good couple.
LOL she's not even putting an effort when she squats those "500 lbs"
Max Sy
What I hate about people using fake weights is not only they are a disgrace to powerlifters (real deal powerlifters) but also they make other people(especially newbies) assume that real bodybuilders that use real weights are lifting fake weights. You know what I mean? Like people will think that "uhhh this guy is using fake weights... blablabla" or people will think twice or doubt real powerlifters even they used the real deal weights. Just because knowing that there are fake weights and are easy to get nowadays. I hope you get my point. hahaha
Max Sy
Fake weights fake boobs fake ass, not a surprise if we are talking about girls nowadays. hahaha
Thomas The Train
Only russian girls can do all that. :^)
Julien Schöpfer
she's just a whore. Don't delete this post it's the truth... :(
Julien Schöpfer
facking fake butt for sure.
Wicky Jarmohamed
That girl is a akus
Stop hating, I do not care about the fake weights that ass is on hit.
Xandra Xandra
The fake butt is embarrassing
gramme parsons
why do all these idiots go so OTT with the fakeness, surely there are ways they could be fake as fuck but without being quite so obvious.
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