Girls are using fake weights now too?

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Gracyanne Barbosa, a Brazilian instagram "model"/ dancer recently posted a video of herself squatting 500lbs for almost 10 reps. I don't believe she's really squatting that much, and I think the plates are fake/less than 45lbs each. I believe she is a fan of Brad Castleberry, what do you guys think?
Interesting Article on the subject-
**Alright guys so Gracyanne has responded on instagram and claims the plates are 33lbs each instead of 45lbs. 33lbs x 10 plates is 330lbs + 45lb bar would be 375lbs x 10 reps Honestly this doesn't change my opinion at all. Do you guys think she can squat 375lbs for 10 reps with NO EFFORT,  NO STRUGGLE, NO BARBEND, NO FACIAL EXPRESSION, NO BELT, and NO CLAMPS?
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