Girls are using fake weights now too?

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Gracyanne Barbosa, a Brazilian instagram "model"/ dancer recently posted a video of herself squatting 500lbs for almost 10 reps. I don't believe she's really squatting that much, and I think the plates are fake/less than 45lbs each. I believe she is a fan of Brad Castleberry, what do you guys think?
Interesting Article on the subject-
**Alright guys so Gracyanne has responded on instagram and claims the plates are 33lbs each instead of 45lbs. 33lbs x 10 plates is 330lbs + 45lb bar would be 375lbs x 10 reps Honestly this doesn't change my opinion at all. Do you guys think she can squat 375lbs for 10 reps with NO EFFORT,  NO STRUGGLE, NO BARBEND, NO FACIAL EXPRESSION, NO BELT, and NO CLAMPS?
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Nick's Strength and Power
Update Alright guys so Gracyanne has responded on instagram and claims the plates are 33lbs each instead of 45lbs. 33lbs x 10 plates is 330lbs + 45lb bar would be 375lbs x 10 reps Honestly this doesn't change my opinion at all. Do you guys think she can squat 375lbs for 10 reps with NO EFFORT, NO STRUGGLE, NO BARBEND, NO FACIAL EXPRESSION, NO BELT, and NO CLAMPS? But still I need to be fair to her and add this update to the video. 33lb plates is her official claim.
Total Trifecta
At the top of her squat her pelvis rotates frontwards; on each rep that would more than likely result in a lower back injury. Totally fake
Considering she's from Brazil I wouldn't be surprised if she's a shemale/transexual..either way she/he is a fraud
Fat Boy
I used to squat 5 plates for 5-6 reps but...... bloody difficult at 6 foot 230. I now have chronic arthritis, this chick full of shit
Oliver Wan
Might be plastic, might be fake, but damn who gives, lemme see that boulder shake
TOM Augusto Ishida
Fake ass girl
Derick Panuelo
Her face looks normal
J De Leon
Watched her page closely for roughly 2 months. She didn't post too many workout vids, then magically posted these kinds of "workouts". That's when my bullshit meter broke and I unfollowed. My max on 375 was 7 reps @ 172lbs and I was red in the face, veins popping out my entire face, and roaring like a damn maniac. As soon as I racked the bar, I was on all fours trying not to pass out.
But this chick did 375 for 10 reps, with ease, no clips, breathing through her nose. GTFOH 🤣
Them plates were as fake as her body parts.
King Tutt
LMAO there is no way on earth that chicks squatting all those plates, and moving THAT smooth. Even Ronnie Coleman would be struggling way more than how she is.
Eddie Byrnes
Fake weights+fake ass +fake tits=fake person
Donnie A
Yup shes faking it, even about it being 33 lbs each. I saw a recent video of her squatting 4 plates all together and she struggled during that lift. Ahh what people will do for a little attention.
I wanna bite that ass!
Will someone explain to me this fake weight thing? Like...why do people want to use fake weights? Isn't the object of lifting weights to build strength? How do they accomplish this with fake weights. What in the actual fuck is going on?
August31st Minecraft
You don't really have any proof thats its fake the main thing you said is she's a girl so theirfore she clearly can't do it which is kind of sexiest
Ghost Man
Spotting fake plates is fucking awesome
john owens
First of all, thank you Nick for your very informative videos. In the late seventies, early eighties I used to train with a bunch of guys at the Bondi Gym Sydney. We were all in our twenties, in our prime, serious bodybuilders, ate well, trained hard, no steroids. We used to squat for 8 to 10 reps with an Olympic bar loaded with six 50 lb. plates ( after warming up obviously ) with collars, a thick rubber pad on the bar for the neck, wearing a belt and a training partner spotting at each end. It was damn hard and not too many guys could squat over 300 lbs. Then I saw Nick's video of this bimbo with the fake boobs and bum " training ". She goes from doing curls and lat raises with 5 lb. dumbbells to squatting 500 lbs. for reps ! No collars on the bar, no belt, no pad on the bar, no effort . Why is it fashionable at the moment for people to post videos showing them " training " with fake weights ? They just look stupid and the only people they are fooling is themselves.
Erik Griffith
Thanks for speaking on this. So true. This woman's entire body is fake along with her workouts. If your life goal is posting pictures on Instagram all day, what a sad existence. Feel sorry for all these women. You see it everyday!!
fake weights , fake butt, everything is fake, synthol brain
Lewis Defeo
There's a video on here with 9.5M views that shows her struggling with what looks to be 2 plates on each side.
George Torres
You can obviously tell the weights are obviously fake and how light they look lol that's sad.... Yes lifting that much really drains you and if you don't make a face expression then obviously they're fake lol
George Torres
This girl Gracie will never be a Brittany Pryor! I have much respect for Britney and for her to use real weights because that's the way to go the fake waves just another excuse to give yourself either famous or just confuse your muscles thinking that you're lifting that much..... I should know I left a lot of real weights and I keep it that way..... Lmao..... People only like this woman Gracie because she has a great body and physique and she's a pretty girl that's why.... I'm not hating I'm just establishing a fact.... Lol
Danny Irish Greene
SHES REALLY SQUATTING 250 LBS Because Usually the Fake Weights are Half the amount..
Danny Irish Greene
FAKE WEIGHTS..Instead of 45'S They are 25'S Or 35'S
J Mahal was a VERY STRONG DUDE NATURALLY. .BUT Once u meet and sign on to WWE..Steroids Usually Come into the Picture..NAME One dude who Never took Steroids that Worked in WWE OR WWF OR TNT????U can't!
Stephen Ezell
Who looking at the weights. That body isn't the product of fake wts . Her butt and tits are fake the wt ? I'll watch her squat fake wt any day. Thank s nick for the update.
Michael Zhang
I would eat her ass in a heart beat regardless
death pandemic
yeah, 500 lb's ass to grass for 10 reps. seems legit.....
Tee C
The vilrtumite are among us
Lone Wolf
dat ass tho
Dustee Dawg
Did u also hear????? Sometimes girls wear whats called makeup for like videos and pictures......i guess its not really how they look once they put on the make up.
Cell m8
fake weights, butt models and bubble guts, synthol muscle for politics and people sniffing preworkout..
Please fakoff!
lance garrison
I'd still fuck her
Dafne Lopez
Fake tits, fake butt, face weights, are we sure this girl was not made in China?
Brian A
FAKE FAKE FAKE...her chest and butt are fake, so are her weights.
Edmond Taverdyan
well its instagram so who really goes to instagram to learn bodybuilding surprise she can slide thru on instagram with that fake but and 450 lb squat for 8-10 reps..........which is AMAZING!!!!!! i used to do that on the machine and NOT go all the way down........but i would have NEVER tried that on the squat rack.
Danni Hansen
Just my opinion, don't expect people to agree.

Not sure why we should qustion or criticize others use of weights and the amount, as long as people don't claim to use 200KG, when only using 150KG.

Also, we all have our thing, I like MTB, and got some quite nice times and speeds on it, and I don't really have any face expressions for a long, hardcore highspeed race, but that's the way I'm builted.

BUT, when doing Legpress, my face changes a lot.

Let's encourage to write the right number on our exercises and doing it the right way, and be a role model to something good, and if we are to criticize something, ill would like it to be the use of drugs for exercises (In generelt, not anyone specific)
El Gladiador
She's a fake as her personality
The Brosoro
Fuck the feminist managing youtube, she is fucking ruining this social media with all her bullshit rules.
Kev Dog
Jesus Christ how stupid do these people think we are... are you kidding me 500x10 without even breaking a sweat? You would be crushing world records lmao gtfoh fake ass mfer. Pathetix
Its her life what ever she is doing let her do mind your own business
Story end
meaty cabbage
Nick is triggered
Robert Renfrew
Knees are all over the place.
a kazzuo
I think is a good video im glad you bring this to people to know. But don't hate on the butt, theres a lot people that have that for real 😂😂😂😂☺
Logan Maximus
Ok. Let's get REAL. See my avatar? That's 525 lbs on the bar of REAL weight. That happens to be my 1 rep max (ALL THE WAY DOWN) that I have built up to for a long time. At the time that I did that, around April/May 2017, I was on 100mg/week of Cypionate Testosterone prescribed by my doctor. Actually, he prescribes 200mg/week but I dropped it to 100mg/week since Christmas 2016 to allow my body to have some rest. I hit this max after busting my butt for 2 years, most of which was on 200mg of test per week and after about 30 years of on and off working out. Even including my 20's, when I did steroids on and off for 2 years, this 525 squat is the best I have ever done. I am 6'1" tall and weighed at the time around 250 lbs. A very muscular 250 lbs. Note that 525 is 10 45 lb plates, 5 on each side, plus another 30 lbs. This is exactly 30 lbs more than what this video shows this girl squatting. I MIGHT be able to do 495 for 2 reps. I probably can but it would be a maximum effort. For any rep that I do that is over 400 lbs, I let out an extremely loud, deer in a faraway land are startled as is every single person in the gym, involuntary scream that makes people afraid. That is because that is how much effort it takes to lift extremely heavy weight. I know Nikki Gunz (by know, I mean have met and talked to at one of the gyms that I belong to, Big Tex Gym in Austin, TX), who is currently #2 in the world and #1 in America (ever) on squat and she squatted 410 lbs for ONE rep at 132 lbs. Wanna see what a girl, one of the strongest on the frikkin planet, looks like squatting 410 lbs? A full 85 lbs less than this girl pretends to squat? watch the first minute and 10 seconds. That is REAL. The girl in this fake weights video is a fraud. When you have 495 on the bar, it BENDS!!! It BOUNCES when you walk it out and back!!! Her bar does NOTHING!!! You simply cannot squat 5 plates with no bar bend at all. No way in hell this girl can squat anywhere near this amount. Nikki's face has veins and grimaces with 385 lbs on it and it looks harder for her than this fraud makes 495 look for 10 reps. Not only can she not do it for 10 reps, she can't do 225 lbs for 1 rep. I would even question being able to squat 135 lbs for 1 rep. THAT is REALITY! If she can squat 135 at all, then that is a decent accomplishment for a girl but also relatively common and attainable. On top of this, it looks like she has shot a shit load of synthol into her ass or something. Allow me to help you out more here: Arnold himself says that the most that he ever squatted was 575 lbs. This means that Arnold also couldn't squat 495 for 10 reps (when weight gets this heavy, the amount of weight that you can do for 10 really decreases).

I am now reading your pinned comment about the plates being 33 lbs and 375 lbs. Again, look at Nikki Gunz squatting 385 for 1 and see the difference. Additionally, I can squat 375 for 10 (which is mega hard). My best rep-wise so far has been 405x7. I thought I could do 10 but those reps accumulate on you real fast. If I had done more cardio I probably could have made 10. I ran out of air. Gracyanne is not credible at all and is a complete fraud when it comes to the fake weight thing. 1,000,000 percent! Nobody should take her seriously. Additionally, since when do they make 33lb, 45lb looking plates? That's a lie too. What is really going on here is she has a real 45 on the end of each side and the rest are styrofoam. She isn't even worth sending Nikki down to call her out. All the people that are Gracyanne fans should drop her and become fans of the REAL DEAL: Nikki Gunz. She is the strong one FOR REAL. I don't know about you, but I had to watch Nikki's video like 10 times just because it is so inspirational and it is awesome to witness true greatness.
Rick Uyeda
Interesting, I thumbs up and the count didn't change.
I´d like to fuck that goddamned fake ass with my real dick.
Sonny Hasib
Well shit I'm a 210 pound man and I can only squat 445 for a 1 rep max. And this woman who is a third of my size is reppin out 495 like it's nothing and the bar isn't even bending. Interesting. Hell I would be happiest person ever if I even maxed out 1 rep with the weight she's doing and actually using REAL weights. It's pathetic and humiliating how someone would use fake weights just to gain publicity like that. Such an embarrassment to the fitness world and it makes me sick!
Percy Weiss - Vive!
1:00 deve dar maior tesão ficar ali atras kkk
Haha....that forgot to mention her horrible squat stance...Or whatever the technical terms are. Last time I checked your knees shouldn't go over your toes like that. know I'm just a bystander that's into fitness...not plastic
Angela Friesen
She obviously thought that this would make her fans think her as was real. She does not have the legs to support the size of her ass. Period.
Ess Ji
This Fucking FAKE AZ Bitch has the audacity to claim beast mode status??? FUCK OFF U POSER!!! You must EARN your gains bitch! Even if your squating 180kg you'll see the load on ya shoulders and the strain in the eyes. This bitch be lifting 220kg and be bobbing up and down like there's no load at all which is the dead giveaway! The weights are inflated much like her fake boobs and fake ass! You have every right to be fake with your body, daz your biznizz boo...but when u try n fake your strength amongst gym buffs who take this shit seriously? daz when u cross the line asshole! #KEEP IT REAL
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