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Official "Justice League" Movie Trailer 4 2017 | Subscribe ➤ http://abo.yt/kc | Henry Cavill Movie #Trailer | Release: 17 Nov 2017 | More https://KinoCheck.de/film/2o2/justice-league-2017
Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assemble a team of metahumans consisting of Barry Allen, Arthur Curry, and Victor Stone to face the catastrophic threat of Steppenwolf and the Parademons who are on the hunt for three Mother Boxes on Earth.

#JusticeLeague is the new adventure movie by Zack Snyder, starring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Amy Adams.

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Spock vs Khan
Superman does not kneel. He stands with the American people and our flag!!!!
Roman Reigns is getting the biggest push ever. He's in the Justice League now!
Jc Parker
Fuck for what box office and other people say about this movie is shit! I love justice league Ben Affleck is badass as Batman! And it sucks that he’s quitting! At least finish part 2 don’t listen or read about what people say! They don’t know nothing about movies!
FELLOW JUSTICE LEAGUE FANS, It's in our power to change the film's direction and path. Please everyone who has time Sign the petition at change-org to get Warner Bros to release Zack Snyders original Director's cut and the original film score by Junkie XL. Search for the petition online... I absolutely loved the film and because of the film I just spent 3 hours watching Dawn of Justice all over again <3 sign the petition guys :)
Yodit Tsehaye
i an so whaching this
Eduardo M
Amazing movie
Lil Jay
I’m going to see it tm
Brandon Wigfall
what's the song in the superman dream?
Lukáš Krajíček
When I am looking at the first scene with Lois and Clark I just want to scream at WB executives to bring the original cut by Snyder.
Burke Minns
Movie sucks don't waste your time
Jafet Ressy
1:34 batmobile, flash, and the music 😍👌
Batman fans are gonna be angry after watching this movie.
Bee Phan
even though DC movies had been through alot of shits. Their casting is so on point though
Love how they made the beginning of the trailer like a dream, great way to not spoil anything lol
This movie sucked!
Susan Mahabir
Just saw Justice League. Loved it. Critics will never dictate which movies I see. I do. Thor: Ragnarok was not as great as the rave reviews said. Good. Not great.
Alyssa Grace
.0. i want to see it!
Erika CMel
This movie was great haters gonna hate
Great film. Has heart and not every other line is a sarcastic joke. (looking at you Thor).
Sirius Black Official
Superman was Revice by JL team with Mother Box ----SPOILER
Dominic Labriola
Joss didn't have enough time to fix the Snyder/WB
The first scene in this trailer is not even in the movie... wtf?
random videos_HD
Check out the post credit scene of this movie in my channel
best movie... made my day👍
Sturthen Fullcrum
Eventually DC and Marvel will do a crossover movie, I suggest they do the X-men/Teen Titans crossover where Darkseid resurrected Dark Phoenix, that was a pretty good comic
Gavra Zefanda
Its really coll that they can hide superman from all thre trailer 😂😂
Duong Hoang
wtf superman not dead WOW how
Jesse Fuir
Anyone else watching this trailer after seeing the movie?
Benoît Dude
What is the song called?
Brian Yerby
It was good but it wasnt a classic
Wone Freeman
Justice FAIL. It was a puddle of hang-over splatter, mixed with stomach flu bile. "BooYA!"
it makes you wonder if WONDER WOMAN ever had affection skills she could embedded with superman and RULE THE WORLD, but she tried to beat him into obedience and it required amy to arrive and ask superman to leave the FIGHT and go HOME to rural small ville! gal did not have any female skills since she is her daddy's ego or ELECTRA which means Jennifer garner as electra could have GAL and BEN be a couple? repeat marriage of a blind man and electra the assassin. As you know steppen wolf carried a AXE and you know the AXE country was FRANCE which houses all those terrorists and MAXIMS night club and crazy horse. we know that the muslims came through montreal to boston logan then into the TOWERS or HENRY II towers. WHY DID THEY HAVE BEN GO INTO THE TOWER!!!! just like 911????? as you know the 5 guys and 5 rings of the Olympics... you know the three boxes? the oral box or French, the greek box or anus and the ghetto machine box the vagina if they unite they will conquer society like in NAM when the usa had to flee and French Indochina is ruled bye the three boxes once they united. we know red dawn II was the invasion of AMAZON in seattle. we know that changing the face is really breeding rookeries like an amazon place and then the womb is the ocean with aquaman and the insects or protestants like wasps that will attack just like the Mormon kingdom in the pass... red dawn II was shot in Detroit...knowing SEATTLE is the attack site!!! ever think that GAL and kate middleton are twins? this picture open with her in LONDON... we know now that the attack on the empire will happen through French battle axe Quebec prov? the usa will run just like IN NAM!!! justice to the police of the usa/world...
going to see this movie today. hope it's good as the trailers depict it to be
Michael Thibault
“ my man “ rick and morty confirmed
Gilera Smoker
How is batman even a super heroe he depends on his gadgets
Justin Bourne
I saw this movie, its a good story, but in IMAX the film quality is very bad, and honestly I don't really like multi hero movies
Skyline R34
Name of this song plz
игоре паник
evil superman more epic that thanos!!thanks Henry Cavill
I always thought, I'd also have a marvel bias. But WW and JL proofed, that I didn't. I really liked them. Reality is that the first three movies just weren't that good. But now things are different, thank god :)
This FLASH ⚡ looks like a retard
Linggar Pangestu
Well, the point is adults enjoy DCU and kids enjoy MCU
Lunga Biyela
Wow, and we thought the Clark scene was a dream.
Anderson Mamani
DC is serius SUCKS, Marvel WINS!
How many subs dose he or she have?
SUPERMAN COMES BACK!! they use the ship and one of the power cubes to bring him back to life
Macro Android274
What's the music? 1:23
Cactus Slayer
Just saw this it was genuinely awesome
Melanie Carol Everett
🔴 'Justice League (2017) Movie' NOW available in HD Quality [ t.co/YmLpRhheBQ ]

Have a great time, love all you !
Trei Taylor
Saw it this morning and was pleased with the outcome Steppinwolf reminded me of Apocalypse from X-Men the animated series it was a lot of humor in the movie from every character even Batman i don’t wanna spoil anything but ima say it anyway 3,2,1 Slate Wilson 😉
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