UPDATE: the video that Austin Jones uploaded today... Was not TODAY.. its from 2015. I watch the whole thing thinking it was a response him being arrested. I tried to put an annotation on the video to fix it but YouTube removed annotations. As far as i know Austin Jones is still in police custody & has court next Wednesday. Sorry guys... im retarded!
soviet inigo
dude best vids execpt when ya sick and some other host take your place by the way i am new to your channel
Mike ™
Only White people are allowed to always have bonds on sexual cases, and even murder cases.
onii-chan 69xD
well, guess he can twerk in prison
sniper minczz
keem yours so funny
Anthony Andujo
I no joke freaked out about Onision exposing him, Onision is not the guy you'd expect...
Andrew Vigil
I can feel the memes rolling in
Ethan rich
why do ppl hate keem?
Johann Jimenez
i love this episode
Armys live for Bts abs
I can't see Austin Jones the same again. I used to love his voice and listen to his covers but shit happens! I feel so fregin dissapointed!
Sebastian Perdomo
I agree keemstar
Sebastian Perdomo
WTF Austin lol he is dumb AF
Elegant Hacker
Hey you fucking retard do you remember the fucking 15 year old girl that got nude for you do you remember that you retarded fucker! And talking about Austin Jones with child pornography you fucking retarded diving donkey you had girls on private streams get naked! What?? All the fucking keemstar “fans” your leader your god is also is a fucking pedo! So keemstar go fuck your self and I hope you go shoot your self you ugly ass fucker!
Owen Whittemore
The first thing keemstar would do if he got hit by a car would be to give out the address of the guy who hit him then post it to YouTube
Rebekah Ayala
Yo onision released that video on my birthday 😅
5:29 glad to share a laugh with Keem.
Echo-P43 56
keemstar is the white donald trump and the gossiper girl
like if you agree
cait is nøt emø
I actually liked Austin Jones. He is talented and no-one, including myself, gives a fuck about him anymore, because what he did is disgusting and to be honest he deserves more than 15 years
Keemstar you have my permission to spank Austin Jones arse. Hit him with all the fire bby.
MaHGod_u so kawaii
lol austin jones his butt so big almost kims kardashians and hes not even handsome he just good singer LMAO!!!!!
Illes Vekassy
Austin Jones blocked the comments on his videos... Theye weren't blocked till now
Leyah Cheney
When Austin was twerking, I thought of a chicken, lol
Sassy Potatos
"If her age's on the clock, she's ready for the cock" -Austin Jones, probably
5:39 i like that laugh
Bitch Head
the app
Totally Not Band Trash
It disturbs me a lot that I am going to the same high school that Austin guy went to 💀
Dr. Sleepy Head
Its like the Jinbop thing all over again. Can't people be Normal?

Austin Jones breaks bail violations by using the internet.

If he's not allowed to use the internet how has he disabled comments on all his videos?!?!?!?!

Drewby 1623
This reminds me of something,why am I still getting hate!
Hi Low
aftet he said roll it an add popped up lol
Zsofia Nemeth
I watched ONE video and now I can't stop watching😑
Bulldog_ 2757
At least it was YouTube and not snapchat XD
jake redmond
that austin guy how to bounce ass like a champ, no lie
those teenage girls that believe him are IDIOTS. HE NEEDS GOD DAMN ARRESTED, also if one of you have been sexually attacked by anyone, get help! like Jesus Christ...
He fucking apologised
Roses are red, violets are blue,
Jonney Cage
Let get right into the bullshit LOL XD
I'm actually really dissapointed about the whole Austin Jones thing. He has an amazing voice tbh but obviously nothing else about him is. and okay but now there's 2 of my favorite singers arrested for god damn child porn. whAT THE FU_
Luigi pensa
Austin jones is messed up
Ben Montoya
He's gonna look real pretty in orange.
Lane Marseilles
Also in the nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudes
the crazy shit is he followed me one day and started tweeted me and dmed a friend of mine. nothing sexual with me but idk about her
Exploziv X
I nearly came in my pants when I heard keems voice. fuck yes I wanted to him to report on this so bad
Lisa Gundry
PYROCYNICAL has nearly as much subs as you know.
John Gotti
It's ok you can laugh keem this shit is hilarious
Hippohello Inc.
Okay, so I heard "Zoie got a little tok drunk last night, so she got fuck-" then my brain paused and instantly thought she got fucked.
Cookie Kitten
And so have u keem
Hey you there I see you Over there
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