Austin Jones ARRESTED for Child-P0rn #DramaAlert Jake Paul & Lance Stewart HACKED! Smosh

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UPDATE: the video that Austin Jones uploaded today... Was not TODAY.. its from 2015. I watch the whole thing thinking it was a response him being arrested. I tried to put an annotation on the video to fix it but YouTube removed annotations. As far as i know Austin Jones is still in police custody & has court next Wednesday. Sorry guys... im retarded!

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UPDATE: the video that Austin Jones uploaded today... Was not TODAY.. its from 2015. I watch the whole thing thinking it was a response him being arrested. I tried to put an annotation on the video to fix it but YouTube removed annotations. As far as i know Austin Jones is still in police custody & has court next Wednesday. Sorry guys... im retarded!
The Banana Hammock
Person Vlogs
I love keem
Hillary Clinton
anyone else notice Keem is actually a funny and cool dude off his other medias?
PeachyPlum 918
Dang a lot of things in the news today
KAS_ L69
Austin should join team 10
Shelby Sanders
Keem’s laugh after the twerking video was me af
if she knows what a dick is, shes ready to be a "mrs"" -Austin Jones 2017
Street Films
Don't drop the soap Austin
I’m too sleepy to laugh, it’s hilarious tho 😂
Ice Wolf
I saw the girl in the Bermuda Triangle I think she is missing SOMEONE TELL CASH NASTY BECAUSE HE BLOCKED ME ON TWITTER
Miss Nobody cares
Austin jones twerks better then all the girls at my school
Diogo Marquez
Your obsessed with jake Paul

Your talking shit about him but yet if he wasn’t in your videos you wouldn’t be relevant, chill bro
"Agreed to speak with HIS"
Punisher 7
Austin Weinstein
Dark NationsEM
I like how as soon as he said roll it a ad appeared lol.
the assassin KIA
Sorry I laughed
America The Hero
Austin Jones: If you Can Count,
You can Mount

Police: If you Fuck, You better Duck.

Austin Jones: If you can Duck face, You can Fuck Trace.

Poice: The Fuck is Trace?

Austin Jones: uuuhHh....


Police: Damn It..
Doge27w- Gameplays and Doge
Why didnt I laugh Tho...
Anthony Lane
Jones is smarter than I thought. When he said "it hasn't given me a boner yet" he was lying. He was pressuring the girl into giving him more sexually explicit videos. Sick fucker. If only other people my age could recognize things like this.
jp"s number: 4400211807
Marcoroy 17107
Fuck you Austin Jones
sade b
I know that I’m late but you can’t forget the deefizzy was trying to warn people about it too he made a video saying that he couldn’t do much because it would have caused him some legal troubles
el jay
All tits and ass but no class...poor girls.
Twilight Princess
Im dead
Mr_Jay Hot
LMAFAOOOOOOO..."You sick fuck 😭"
otaku chan
Onision senpai can be a dick but u can't deny that he is a very right and honest person
Jessica Quinn
When he twerks tho hahahahahaha
CalYUM Hood
Austin Jones: “hey cutie”


Hbomb Hi
Ohhhhhh Jake pauls number now time for prank calling lol Just kidding
GhostSlinger 21
Austin Jones: my life is depressing now i fuck little girls
me: it doesn't work like that
Hi Bitch Bye Bitch
Austin is a sick ass fucking bitch
BigShot Henry
That hacker had me dying
bepe beepe letuse fam
At least keem knows hes an asshole
bepe beepe letuse fam
Omfg keem sounds like Jerry Seinfeld.
bella's world
"hey cutie" oh my god i'm cringing
Jose Rojas
Keemstar just dox this pedo
Jose Rojas
Never thought I was ever gonna watch drama alert but here we go
Hessa and Latifa AlOthman
This bitch Austin
i cant even go on his channel and leave comments like kill yourself because he disables all comments.
I used to hate this guy but now i know i was wrong😂😊😊😂😁😁💙💙
Lot of news today " here we go"
Margaret Adami
Watch what your children are watching on the internet parents
Molly Stones
5.20 the cringe OMG 😬
Smooth Criminal
Austin Jones: Well at least I can fuck guys in jail

Fat Criminal: No way your butt isn't good enough to give me boners
Benjamin Liang
Lol the Antony thing was old
That High Halo Guy
I cant wait till big bubba makes austin twerk naked in prison
Sosuke Aizen
Now austin jones, Do you think your butt is good enough to give guys boners ?
Don't drop the soap buddy.
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