Darnell Robison
he too soft
Wynterj 66
LaMelo isn't a team he's just a bad player that will never have a good career in basketball
that kid is fuckikg garbage
Audie Playz
This proves LaMelo shouldn't be in the NBA he keeps on going for buckets and it isn't working, he is pretty selfish for him to keep on going and trying to get buckets. If you're in the NBA you can't be selfish, LaMelo didn't pass the ball a lot in that game. I thought that he was better than this. And he keeps on going for the buckets??? Stop.
Steve Harris
Gonna have a hard time in college when your best move is a hesitation carry shot-fake
Steve Harris
excellent fundamentals on display!!
David Velázquez
Never seen a kid try (and miss) so many 3 pointers in my life.
Andrew Marquez
too much 3. sad.
Trevaris Browwn
#10 was better than him lol
Trevaris Browwn
this manslemelo just kept on shooting and wen and built a house ...... sad
Andres Hines
9:35 that pack holy fuq
Anthont Trejo
Half of his team look like little kids lmfao
John Dough
compton magic look older and bigger
Tim Smith
lamelo needs to work contruction. He would be a good brick layer.
Ice Cookie
Hes stupid He goes for the big shots this is why he will bad in the nba
Hunter Thomas
Number 4 got a nice shot...
Jay Diaz
Is that Marvin bagley on the Compton team?
lamelo ball sux...hes pure trash
I don't know anything about these two teams but it looks like the Compton team are legit college ready ballers. I'm even seeing them with tattoo's and stuff. LaMelo and his team are just a bunch of 15 and 16 year olds. They're playing grown men. They're supposed to get blasted.
Luis Enrique
Those compton niggas were shitty lmao.
They just outmatched the other team due to height but besides that all of those missed dunk attempts ahhaha
Lamelo straight up has either missed a shot or had a turnover on like 9 straight positions and he didn't get benched at all?????????
De money
I fill sorry
Soph Tchamp
0:32 are u even gud bro???
Soph Tchamp
0:32 are u even gud bro???
Blue Cherries
Spanking at 8:29 thank me later
身高 速度 配合度 ,都跟不上

Nate K
Sloppy + shitty game
michael mckoy
LA var type of dad to ask his kids opinion on how they play then tell them STFU!
This game was nothing but disrespect to the game of basketball.
John Wallace
Dude melo is grotesquely ugly and plays like a retard. BBB is the corniest name for a brand and the dad is a straight yam who couldn't cut it himself so he pushed his kids so he could eat off them. Dudes a terrible coach, kid namer, and shit talker. Lonzo is decent just sucks that's his dad and the guy pushes those kicks and that brand smh
maurice williams
They bullying that nigga 😂😂 but they are from Compton they don't play that shit
Rage Gaming
8:29 Daddy Lavar is a pedo?!?
Grandizer 45
Damn! Stevie Wonder could of shot better that night.
Those guys way bigger and the court small as fuk.
Fuckin queer constantly missed dunks
Korey Ramirez
shit happens
Non Conformist
yo his shoes have zero ankle love. hes wearing women's track shoes or some shit
Rik Meijer
Lamelo is very overrated so everything gets done for him
Yamcha Sama
Sam Kwarteng
They had no chance anyway
Rev Bernal
Lol stupid player
his shooting is very weird! close to childress
Justin Andrew
It's like this kid is having a staring contest with the rim and then throws the ball in frustration when he loses.
Big Ballers coach seems to be the real problem. He was angry from the start and always negative. Not helping his team.
nick miller
Can't hang. 50pts L. Not good. Mismatches everywhere
daved PrimeDice
foul foul foul
Foreign Nation
LiAngelo is the forgotten brother lmao
Draven Pascual
#1 on the black n yellow team is a solid defender
William Muller
Lamelo is not the next curry
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