LaMelo Ball gets BLOWN OUT by 50 InFront on James Harden and Lonzo!! Big Ballers vs Compton Magic

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LaMelo Ball and Big Ballers played an unfair game against the Compton Magic today featuring Melo's Chino Hills Teammate, Onyeka Okongwu. The Compton Magic are absolutely LOADED with D1 players where as the Big Ballers tallest players was Davis. To be fair everyone knew that the Big Ballers were clearly out matched going into the game, so the fact that they showed up and gave it their effort for a full game deserves respect in itself. Compton Magic VS Big Ballers FULL HIGHLIGHTS from the Compton Magic Memorial Day Tournament! Onyeka Okongwu goes up against his own Chino Hills teammate LaMelo Ball and is tried to poster EVERYBODY! Court was PACKED with people!


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James Bperry
How you gonna be related to lonzo ball and suck at basketball?😒😤
7:25 why am I here
Bedirhan Özdemir
i hate ball family
Agron Legioneras
I'm with all these dudes 100%...Fuck defense! lol
Luis Martinez
A soft rich half white kid cant compare to guys from the hoods we have special talents , you just have the money to advertise your name but it won’t get you far
Fix the fucking title
Ogün Çiçek
If he can make nba everyone can get he so trash
Sebastian Meier
What the fuck is his hair tho
The ball got stuck he not a NBA player 😂😂😂
Can’t count how many times lamelo took his finger and dabbed his face like he was bleeding
Gun Channel
They lost this game depending on ball. He made them loose. They shoulda sat him down
9:37 my lord
Eugene Kwon
1:23 Rude
Them niggas lucky I wasn’t in the game I woulda beat the breaks out them niggas
Fuck LaMelo
J Bone
Shows me that when he gets on the court with other players that are talented he looks average
ChengHwee Lim
dunking freaks lol
Pilot Driver
Lamelo is dogshit
Chayden Stacy
Lamelo Ball and James harden play alike because they suck at defense
BlackShadow 07
It's not his fault that he has bad passes he has bad passes bc he doesn't pass the ball so when he does it's bad, so plz stop making fun of him(joke)
Joshua Childs
Stop hating on lamelo and his dad is a blobber mouth
Isaac Arias
7:30 James harden is in shock like how can someone suck so bad
LaMelo is a joke. His HS just ran a Grinnell/cherrypicking system so he could pad stats. Anyone could score 90 points in a game if you REALLY REALLY want them to using the Grinnell system. Look up Jack Taylor's 138 point game.
James Green
He is so shit
Jon Dominguez
They let those little skinnyass kids push them around all game lmao
Lucila Morales
Theyre playing lamelos team
Lucila Morales
So sad
Lucila Morales
Compten magic was getting wild they disturb lamelo so lamelo cant concentrate at 3 point shooting
Shut up your jelly you keep posting bad videos about him boy try to make sense
Rafael Delgado
Use to say the same thing about lonzo he won't make it to the NBA now look at him
All the sudden everyone is a basketball expert in these comments
Y'all people petty asf like it's sad be had a off game oh my gosh welcome to basketball I have off games as well I average 15 points and 11 rebounds for average but sometimes I have 9 points and 7 rebonds it happens
Maybe I'm missing something here, this kid needs a lot of work, not to mention he doesn't seem interested in playing Basketball. This is his Dad's dream.
Colin Schroyer
That court was trash i hated shit like this in aau
Furious Clay
Jesus can Melo at least try not to get his ass kicked on defense
Darwin Melgares
at 7:58 you can't let people do that.
Kaden Beilman
you could build a modest house with all these bricks
Jonny 2k
Why the fuq lavar walking on the court n shit
Clash Gamer
Goodbye NBA😂Not with them shots in The NBA
Boy Kawali
LaMelo haboy tae
Lori Rae Joe
Number 1 lowkey better than melo
so u got the worst player in the nba and the worst player in high school basketball all in the same family
They still play better defense then harden
_Hazza_ _Nazza_
Kobe would be proud
Miguel Dominguez
Who else smiles when the ball brothers suck balls?..
Rafael Martinez
lamelo istnt good
Issa Lit
nigga at 3:36 fine ash
Tiona Burnett
I can describe this with one word ☝️ (wait for it).

hyadee Richard Fung
I wonder how hard it is living up to dad expectation. Specially if u had a fcking retarded coach.hmm
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