Shantell Anderson
Annia and Elsia are so cool
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Belle Bethany
i have a better one it is golden so ha
Jazlyn Oropeza
Fidget spinners are for people not dolls you
gays are so dump and stipid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jazlyn Oropeza
Jazlyn Oropeza
Lewis Thomas
Shehzad Kamran
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Shehzad Kamran
I 💖fidget spinners and speaking of fidget spinners, I am your best friend
Sheri Mahidlawon
Lily The Kitten Gaming and more
Awsome fidget spinners!!
Orquidea Shaleemar Angcao
lake spiner
Miran Aryan
Cynthia Gonzalez
I are a Lucky
Awang Darmawan
can i have one to
Estelle Perilla
Awwwww I like the star one I wish u have a giveaway and I wish I have fidget spinners u have so much fidget spinners and I want the star one bcuz my name is star
Jossy's World
I have the one that looks like a wheel
Rihanna Stewart
irene castillo
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Adan Hernandez
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Master DanielGaming
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Jesus Krist
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Jesus Krist
After I watched this video I realized there is no god
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I love your videos thank you so much
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that pink one is pink gold
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hello I'm Daniela and I like some with your business because I don't write it and I think every I so much like to be this because you play with the dolls Elsa and Anna by so much like toys like you like the toys YouTube the big so much funny I want to do like you but I don't know how to say it but I'm so much like this because and I love the Spinners I have the Spinners that you have so I have all that you are in this picture I have all the videos that I have it in my house I have a lot of that Spinners I so much like this because so much so by ICU numler videos that I like bye
Daniela Ochoa
where do you get the golden Jewel fidget spinner
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