Natalie Bankston
Lol he still had a whole bunch of Mavericks on his wall
Jeralynn Flores
so funny๐Ÿ˜‚
Speed0827 0827
You should do a call lab with Bach
Nunny06 AJ
This is one example of how you bullied them in the things that they loved so much.
Carrie Carpenter
The Martinez twins look board
CodeCoat 904
Nevaeh Esquivel
Did it
Lynette Valencia
Jake Paul
Karim Ramadan
jake come to dubai
Maddison Hance
Whenever he says โ€œWhy would you post that?โ€ I think about those 5th grade lectures about safety on instagram and snap.
Anime4 Life
Haha,,you still have Maverick stencils on your wall Jake?!
Lilli Daniel
Y'all's room needs......... Jesus
Star gaming girl
Jayden Ebdon
He scared one of the martinaz twins with the bat
Amelia M
TheFuriousLionGamer 27
U Paulverised or something?
this bores me tbh
Emalee Taylor
Emalee Taylor
Greg paul wire it better
You should of done Erikas with a guy!
Tater Tolley
size 3 or 12 mostly 3 size 3
Always Anna
It is weird going back to his older vlogs...
duhiqq x
Good time when the martinez twins are still in team 10................
Its Me McKenna
Its Me McKenna
Lol y'all's room needs "JESUS"
david Fountain
I love Jake:-)๐Ÿ’๐Ÿญ
xXPanda_GamingxX Pandaboy1905
I changed it to 27k dislikes... Lol
Elida 590
That was a cool prank!๐Ÿ“ฑI would have freaked out too!๐Ÿ˜†
Corey Cox
Diya Patel
Emilio sounded so America.๐Ÿคฉ
jader -ade
I live by ymca
Enamul Hossain
Iam now a hater because what you did to the Spanish twins when you pranked them you never said sorry but when the twins pranked each other the said sorry but you never did say sorry iam sad you never said sorry :(
Savage Unicorn_Team10
Did Kade Just Said "Singapore's Instagram Company?"
Caitlyn Witte
Jake paul wore it better
Keith Pedrosa
Uriel Garcia
Am size 3 or 2
Joshua Wease
Greg whore it better
luke davis
jake can you please meet me i live in panama city.fl
Yo jake why is the maverick sign in your room wall and the coloured one on the roof
cuteemma667 angel
Yo everyone in team ten r so nice and cute -especially the Martinez twins and kade and jake and Ericโ€™s and tessa r so beautiful and chance and anothony theyโ€™re r also cute
Di Quach
ura Rasimaviciute
Martinez twins are so cute
Trusdenitor Hasselbach
Hey my name is Tristan! Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
Rylynn Walberg
Jake's dad wore it better but Jake look the best in Merch plug plug plug !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adidas#Nike S
Love you so much
MexicanoAstaElTope ,
Who saw that thumbnail?
Good Vibes
This vid is all over the place
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