pewdiepiepewdspdppewdietry not to smile

Can you watch without cracking a smile? (¤﹏¤)
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Shehab Sysy
Here is were it all started
Carlos Lima
3 damn seconds and I smile let's see how I get through this video
Fox Play
guys did some of u see the last vid in here that facelooks almost like pewdiepies face its sure for me sure cuz for me it was like pewdiepie filming kt xD
Hristo Naydenov
back when ylyl was actually funny...oh wait..
Hannah's Art Stuff
“jacksepticeye 2”
Grace Burns
Lol and the award youtube trophy in the back ... is JACK ... he’s always there
Rudyy Thompson
One year. Chris Chan channel.
I subscrieb and takes me to drama elert vedio
The subtitles are fucking brilliant. I love it
I lost at the first one😂
Ailajq Oxek
Ailajq Oxek
Why is jacksepticeyes play button there?
Jyoti Singh
Fox 69.... im dead😂😂
Jeff Jefferson
Check them out
Adrian Tavarez
Song at 5:12??
Mini Rice
3:17 don’t ask...
fanshy hu onchi
I'm a pretty pretty girl I'm naked in space oh look there's a little little squirrel
Michael Cook
999999999999.999999 present fails
Baller Mixtapes
Exactly one year ago
Stardust ZT
Suscribs a mi canal
Sebastian Mayer
i showed my friend paul this video and he laughed his dick off
noah hoiseth
That's were my boats at!!
MrDishSponge Spongebobsqaurepants
Wow then the new video started today and once i looked up the likes , the likes have a hundred thousand likes in one day
Teah McCafferty
I’m here a year after this was uploaded:)))
Can somebody subscribe to me
Gaurav Kalekar
i'm still here after 1 year...
Phobia Gaming
I was watching the Hercules one when u were watching ur quitting vid and u both said wait a minute at the same time
one year later troloklololokaDNAKLDLADANEF\
Funny !
The Twins Gamer
kill ur self
narino123 MSP
I’m not mad, just..

João Gonçalves
Did you smile?

Or did you lose?
a handbaAa AAG
BananaSquirrel 1
2:17 Fox 69
Jaquelyn Torres
He sounds like chuky
bj 88올림픽
I smiled when he smiled
Angel loja Flare
The thumbnail made me laugh and smile
Zolla Zinn's
0:29 Why do u have a jacksepticeye 2 Play button
ermari challenge
hahaha. like yess <8.,-44
Amber Gallego
He smiled 👆
DemonMaster Gaming
skrattar du! forlorrar du!
the thumbnail made me cry
Device king
Hamisah Sahran
I dare you get 100B subcribers😂😂😂😂
oluwafemi lawal
LMAO his keyboard is fucking trash bro
Miranda Family
I laughed so much! it's 1:23 am, im trying so hard not to wake anybody up
Paul Lee
where is part 2?
My identity Is a secret
This was me the whole time

😐 hahahaha * laughing with my mouth closed *
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