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JELLY GUMMY BEAR►  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2juHk2GAbgAuhMzg5FF0bA

You have probably heard news about the car of a neighbor, an acquaintance or any other person being stolen. And you've probably wondered how thieves did it. Car thieves are real professionals: everyone has their own methods to steal a car quickly and quietly. It's hard to imagine, but their tools for stealing are made of metal cans, coins and, even if it sounds weird, tennis balls. Today we will tell you about 6 methods used by different thieves to open a vehicle without having the keys. But we warn you not to try to repeat this at home. This video was made for educational purposes and is an example of what NOT to do.

Kim Lovedail
What if your keys are stuck in the car
Rodney Jones
the worst bit about this video is that you tried some of these so you know they don't work but you still used them in your bs video. if didn't to enjoy it I'd say you should be raped with a 12" dildo and teabagged
Johnathan Roan
Tennis ball doesn't work
DarkStar 44
3:32 "all you need is a tennis ball"

*pulls out a screwdriver and a blowtorch
Capt RockcodAK
How do they drive away without the keys
Swifterz Studios
The coin in the thumbnail is a 10 pesos coin from Philippines :D
Rosendo Perez-Flores
how is this not deleted from youtube
Lu TheIceCreamLover
Jesam li jedina koja je došla od videa : 6 trikova kako možete otvoriti svoj auto bez ključa(tako nešto
nemanja adzemovic
guy called "Srpski trikovi" copy a lot of your videos
.my dad car Keys is in da car RIP
harshvardhan dubey
thats just amazing bro!!
4:59 what Film is this ? :)
Rachel Fryer
I unsubscribed because of that very sexist and unnecessary comment saying women are more easily fooled.
Interesting Facts
thanks now I can make love to my X wife's mum in strangers cars and not worry bout cleaning afterwards. .yeah babby
The only one that is likely to work is the cans. I can see that working dam near 90% of the time. I have to admit, I am sure it would work for me!
Slava Perrov
All you need is a tennis ball. And a screwdriver. And a torch. And to make a hole in the ball. And to apply pressure. Easy
Satans Voice
GTA carjacking in real life
Ghost Soldier
Karalho #Refugio Mental Tem Um Cana Em Ingles.
Ooh My God
You have to be fat to be a thief??
Ramon Preston
I leave my car unlocked with the key in the ignition. In the passenger seat is a pile of signs that can be placed in the windshield when the thief leaves. Things like"Thanks, but I would rather walk" My car is 15 years old and parts of the body have rusted off. When i win the lottery I want to buy a new car. Until then I will just have to drive my junker. Just follow the trail of parts in the road ....
da hinkle
Carry a spare key in your wallet.
Jim Vincent
Lone Wolf
Alan Trulock
What a bunch of horse shit.
Robyn Jones
This video is a criminal offence in itself!
Donovan Bryant
all of these are myths what fool would watch this and try these if u try any of these it will trigger the alarm
Jesse Bowman
This is why I keep a rabid midget locked in my car at all times.
Spencer Plays Gamez
"hey i got a idea, lets make a video for MORE CRIMINALS to break into cars"
Γαλανομάτα Χρυσαυγίτισσα
tennis ball is a myth, the air is not what oppens the door, its his stupid friend friend using the remote key, some even used a powerful air compressor which blows out more air than a tennis ball does and still doesn't do anything
Brad Suarez
That car thief needs to go on a diet.
Antonio Majstorovic
Wait you open the door and you got NO KEY to start the engine...
GTA Freak
5:00 CHAPPIE!!!!!!!!
Mr nice guy Gy
You basically told people how to hyjack cars and sell them for thousands of dollars
John Watson
Why are all the crooks white ??? Household security company's like ADT only use white actors in their TV ads to portray criminals.and they are never black. use
I think It Is very irresponsible to show things like this on YouTube .
Tyler Smith
What a joke!!!! 😈
All BS.
Sidney Mathious
I have never seen any of those tricks before, but they sound great.
why in the heck would u post how to break into cars.... idiot
Do not leave the keys in the car while filling up the tank, or just dashing into the store for a second. Stop the car, kill the engine, and take your keys with you.
Kieran deRidder
the Mythbusters did an episode with Carry, Grant, and Tori with the tennis ball and it didn't work.
Jovint Jayson
this shows you how to get a car not how to open a car..dafuk
Next Video: How to crash a car in one second
aleksspēle tv
um the coin won't work on me because i check every door if its closed. thats what you get when you have a low quality alarm. and rope wont work either because my locking pins go in the door and you cant get it out
Zoya Baloch
why you telling this
Bilbo Baggins
dumbest shit ever!!!
Why don't you put the tennis ball up to your asshole and give it a few kicks!!!
1:15 how do U power up a radio with a mobile open-frame AC power supply?
thats what was attached to the radio.
-kinda sux when a vid begins with a fake

AND when the freq is jammed the car woud not respond with the indicators
[informal] FILMS uk
Advert at the end for a channel that will entertain kids. With fire. How irresponsible. lol.
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