Lacoste – Timeless, The Film (Director’s Cut)


A story of an epic journey and love at first sight.

The hero embarks on a turbulent quest throughout the decades: the style evolves, but the polo maintains its inalterable elegance.

Life is a beautiful sport, since 1933.

The new brand film from Lacoste celebrates the French savoir faire and timeless polo elegance that has effortlessly shifted through the decades, from its conception in 1933 to the present day.

Gary Catlin
Кирилл Берсенев
🔥"В этой мирской суете, среди безликих толп,
Реже поймешь кто Те, с кем по пути, хоть в гроб.
Среди обрывков фраз, и полувсплесков душ,
Чаще идём в отказ, вместо за тем кто нужен.
Среди безликих толп, я пронесусь как рапид,
Как солнца луч в темноте, как метеор, болид,
Фокус в себя вобрав, себя увидев в тебе…" (с)
PS. Играет November - Max Richter
Beautty Bee
Thank you for visiting my channel. I subbed to your channel...subscribe to my channel... grat video!
Красивая сказка!
Mørgane Hugot
Beautiful 💖
Everything changes with time, but the first love will always be the first! )
Всё меняется со временем, но первая любовь навсегда останется первой! )
This is an absolute testament to the power of film making! Well done!!
dema alessa
تجنن الدعايه ❤️❤️❤️
Alexej Simonenko
щедевр. Спасибо мастерам

3 months ago
Bets Paris studio and the Ukrainian production studio Radioaktive Film
Sack Of Brains
So she runs away from him, and then too him?
Yurii Ovsiienko
ну ведь наивно и переиграно же...
Ты за ней всегда гонишься, а в какой то момент она понимает что тебя любит и хочет быть с тобой, но этому мешают какие то обстоятельства, но в конце вы встречаетесь и......
Olga Musinova
Блин...я плакала
Raúl Bustamante
#AMO ❤️
Обережно, двері зачиняються. Наступна станція - Славутич
Jessica Brams-Miller
Anyone know who the actor is?
Shaelyn Zhu
Who is the actress?
One of the very few commercials on YouTube I allowed to play to the very end! Great ad!
Also take notes all you assholes who bitch about having to buy a lady drinks you got off lucky
Wait is this supposed to an add for a movie or wtf?
India monnier
C quoi le chanson ??
ilian vasilev
Bitch if u like him y u runnin away?
Interesting to see that a 1,5 minutes ad is telling more story and emotion than nowadays hyper CGI Hollywood so called blockbusters.
Jos Fabre
Truly beautiful! This essentially captures the same kind of indescribable emotions as it's predecessor 'The Big Leap' perfectly. And boy, the atmosphere..
da hye
바이올린과 장면장면이 합쳐져 전율돋게하네요 이곡의 제목 아시는분?
Thomas Gueriche
On dirait une bande annonce pour un film
orhan şükrü
Bu reklamdan sonra 300 tl ye thshirt i alınır
Lorenzo March
This is beautiful
Łukasz Majewski
I think the makers of this add were heavily influenced by "Train de Nuit - CHANEL N°5" add.
Laura Martell
what is the name of the song??
Stunning. . .
Mateusz Olech
Lacoste Please make out of it a full cinema movie <3 This is so beautiful !!! I can't stop watching it !
Mateusz Olech
This i my fave spot next to Chanel's Train de Nuit no.5. Beautiful.
Yury Golovin
It is fantastic track and movie. This is the best movie that i watch
Ourania Kollia
Tape 44
it's amazing, I could watch it forever, again and again. bravo!
Kinda Here Kinda Not
They bump into each other; he doesn't realize things fast... after a few seconds he regrets letting her go. He runs chasing the train hoping he'd get there in time (which seems to be what the piece revolves around). It's about how a few seconds could actually cost us decades. And when he finally gets on the train he tries to chase her down; every locomotive represents a different decade which shows that this story is not the story of a specific person but the story of many over time. It's a very symbolic short film, it DOES NOT represent how we could lose love, but about how time is fleeting and we should act in the moment to avoid regretting a situation that could cost us so many years. They run so fast and then all the lights turn off and the train is empty, it's an eye opening moment for the girl as she comprehends the fact that she caused this situation in the first place by not waiting for her lover. The last scene takes place in modern times, and it seems that they finally found each other again and the fundamental idea is that you should let people roam, what's yours will always be yours.
lovely lady
wonderful idea...
Reza Opdebeeck
Евгений Шев
А вот это уже не реклама. Это искусство.
Юлия данилова
кто актер?
I love the atmosphere it involves so much. Can anyone recommend me a movie that has the same atmosphere? It's brilliant.
Tamuna Tamo
Lacoste has the most incredible Commercial's ever ! Love you Seb Edwards 💕
sounds so lovely! great ad!
Olivia Thiebaut
sona grigoryan
What is the song ?
Елизавета Д
So talented😍
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