Former Jihadist Explains Why Ariana Grande Was Targeted for ISIS Attack

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Could Ariana Grande have been a target of ISIS because the terrorist organization despises what she stands for? Grande has 46 million Twitter followers and 106 million on Instagram. Her concerts are packed with young women and girls who admire her self-assurance, and her sexy, proudly-feminine style. Mubin Shaikh, a former extremist, believes ISIS viewed the attack as a perverted PR opportunity. Some of the biggest stars in pop music say their shows will go on despite the carnage in Manchester.

Prizm Dstylz
No barriers between humanity, no borders no Mexican Wall # Katy wants Peace
Victor martinez
i think were gonna have war, war world 3!
General Mortimus
they hate waamen, they hate little girls. They hate everything we love,classic pedophile
Ben Jerry
Muslim ideals of converting the world to Islam is so retarded. We could all pretend we converted and manipulate it from within. We could make up any religious edict and start torturing and killing our enemies with the command of Allah. We could start wars with other Muslim nations under the pretence 'They weren't pious enough'. We could dismantle it from within so easily.
Cici Mypela
Concerts, sports games, protests ect need to be protected much more because of this cancerous ISIS. It's starting to make people scared and it's not right.
John Paolo Mendoza
Bono loves little girls?
not to condone acts of extremism, but what is it these celebrities really represent??
Hagi Bowen
If isiis wanted to bomb ariana they could have
If Ariana Grande had a beard or a Burqa she'd be totally safe no matter what she sang, said or did.
Mass Malo213
Cause they bitter , haters. Wimps, they only tuff when in a group. Unlike us Americans we tuff even alone
Maycol Geraldes
Im happy i didint went im only nine I can't die and I'm sorry that little kids died and the parents sorry for your losts
Jimmy McManus
No barriers, no borders. That way we can let all of the criminals and terrorists get in even easier.
rfegtergt ghjgj
they must kill justine mimer that will be great
at 1:24its hard to love when mony is involbed
and rich let poor peple starv and die
Max Schmidt
Illuminati t-shirt spotted
boss politics
I dont think this attack was targeting Ariana, in this age all politicians excuse is TERRORIST .
This attack was targeting the UK because of the brexit
Marty Music rules
parents complain about metal but it's alright to let your children see a strippe tease
Queen M
They probably just want to get known so they target a famous singer
Leonardo Zang
0:16 so he loves little girls?
Harley YZ
it is so easy to kill any people and make terror that is why ISIS is pussy! or any other killers they just losers.
WhenInRome KillTheKing
it is disgusting what she does to the legions of affluent yuppie spawn
hate man
i hate Ariana , Biber and all of those "popular" idiots but i wouldn't bomd there's concerts
People really need to stop dragging their children into these sort of events. Seriously! I would never take my kids to these sort of places.ever! To teach them what? how to suck a dick at age 12?
Qi Huna
ISIS should concentrate on taking out the LGBTQ during their Parades, which is the MOST LARGEST PERVERTED GROUP GET-TOGETHER!!!!

ISIS leave these small slutty girls go and DEAL WITH THE BIGGER ISSUE...........LGBTQ!!
Lovely Butera
Why is the world becoming so heartless.
Preserving The existence
shes an isis sympAthizer. Her music not allowed in my house
RobloxBroke Gamer
blame it on the isis k? we Muslims have NOTHING to do with this you won't understand anyways though
lol @"former" extremist...shouldn't he be in jail?
I thought this was an obvious reason...
Tim Curtis
This is why I dont listen to many pop artist and go to their concerts
Russia did it.
Joseph Caesar PadrĂ³n
Says the devil worshipers
Luis Zavala
I know a friend who has a cousin who was in the concert but left before the bombing
Tyrone Khan
they were illuminati sacrificez for likes of arianne and all the has beens that jumped on stage to try revive their dead careers
west is narcisistic immoral and sick!
anon for good
Islamic terrorism. DON'T keep calm and carry on. Get angry!
san tamso
Fake jewnews.
As long as they blow up Bieber, I have no problem with that.
Joy Wasti
no barriers no border.. while she lives in a mansion and gaurded by her bodyguards
Patrina Kraliya Vegas
Katy Perry might have Muslim blood on her, you never know because now, she's expecting to get along with each other, which is bulshit.
Ok now I really know why I'm not a Katy Perry fan. What a doofus.
Pffft. She wasn't the target. The crowd was
That is why they will alway's be 14th century. Stupid people seem to hang together then believe anything. The only thing they want is Death... I feel we should give it to them in large quantity. If you read the Quran you would also. WAKE UP!! READ THE QURAN!! THEY WILL CONTINUE TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN!! IT'S TIME TO GIVE THEM THEIR 72 VIRGINS and shove each one where the sun don't shine.
rapists and paedophiles complaining about immortality is the biggest BS of all time!!
Valentine Trujillo
The reason she was targeted cause she is what the elite likes...she's a pedafile's dream!!
Daniel Clarke-lloyd
guy on the sofa: they hate women

me: that's sexist
CNN is Fake News
Katy Perry put on that constipated sound that all cucks do when they squeeze out gruel fed to low IQ dummies "we should just love and have no borders". Yeah, Katy, why don't you leave your doors unlocked and just 'love on' whoever wants to come in. I'm sure it'll work out fine.
Frank ss
did katy perry said "co-exist with extremists" or did fox news distorted the news just like the other news outlets
just when I thought fox news was the most reliable news company wtf

still we need borders and oil and water don't mix
Beard of John
Is there such thing as a former extremist? Send that dude to Guantanamo
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