Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer 2 Breakdown

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer #3 gets broken down scene by scene with Star Wars expert, Ken Napzok.

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Raiken Xion
Im gonna go see this once, twice, a thrid, fourth, five times and six times at the cinema, but I wont see it seven times. Seven is just not a good number.
Personally, I think they're going to find a way to have Leia redeem Kylo via some kind of personal life sacrifice. Makes narrative sense, and does justice to Fisher's legacy.
Dean Barlow
It seems most people jumped on that Luke is talking about both Kylo and Rey. My thought is he is talking about the same person twice. Not saying it is right, but it wouldn't be the first time they were not telling the whole truth to the student e.g. Obi Wan. My thought is it is Rey all along. And she finds out Luke abandoned her on Jakku and that is the deception she has to come to terms with on her journey.
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That So Landon
Thank you Ken. Your analysis is well crafted and thoroughly communicated with some humor. You should have more Star Wars analyses. I will not name names, but a few other council members act like know it alls. They speak in insider code almost or blow right past all the canon, novels, and first hand panel experiences as if everyone should know all of that. You keep it simple, clear, and you describe and define any canon or insider interview material you introduce.
Talon Diwisch
I wish Snoke was some evil-looking alien creature. They’ve already done the old-man thing with The Emperor. Also, what’s the point of using motion capture technology just to look like another human? It’s a waste.
Gorilla walkers: "lets glue some extra crap on the legs walkers"
David Ostermann-Gartner
jd madison
the twins to rule the galaxcy!
Flip Masterson
Kylo is speaking to Rey when he says to kill her past. Snoke will give the order to take out kylo once he's unable to kill Leah. If you look close in the shot of him flying he's being shot at by the other tie fighters . Kylo will help take out Snokes ship and the scene where he's holding out his hand is for Rey to trust him, as she is injured from her fight with Snoke and unable to escape on her own. Benicio Del toro will be playing the sort of count douku role as kylo , Rey, and Luke will in fact, be the last Jedi. Episode 9 will be these 3 vs. Snoke and benicio del toro.
Marv Roberts
I think Kylo turns during the space battle. He starts by attacking the resistance but then begins attacking the first order, once he refuses to destroy his mother.

I don't think that Kylo Ren is about to do some sparring with those guards. I think that is the scene where Kylo Ren betrays Snoke and kills guards.
Matthew Cook
Rey & Kylo are the brother and sister reborn from TCW!!
Keenan Dominguez
I feel as though luke will leave rey out of fear, I am curious though I feel the redemption of Ben Solo is a fantastic concept ie the man who longs to walk the path of dark only to be seduced by the light. Anakin was blinded by love and fell to his emotion and felt honest about what he did. Kylo Ren does not seem so confident in his endeavors, infact in TFA he calls to his grandfather for help to gain the strength to take the necessary steps to step further Into the darkness. Could Kylo seek redemption and offer to help Rey defeat snoke, and the First Order? Does Ben Solo truly die, and does Rey's loyalty to Finn, Leia, Chewie, BB-8, and the Porgs along with him!? Or does Rey (realizing she must walk a path different from the Jedi) decieve Kylo Ren In an attempt to Assasinate both Kylo Ren and Snoke on her own, Only to be captured? Will Luke then come to her rescue!? Resulting in an epic duel between The four!? Idk But Im excited Ken!
Bold Prediction: Present Day Luke Skywalker will not activate his lightsaber. He and Rey might have an altercation but Luke will not activate a lightsaber.
Ellie 8751
8:32 embers from force vision possibly embers from behind kylo ren at end of this trailer?
I don't know a single person that has an issue with Ewoks because they're cute. Being cute was never the issue with Ewoks. The issue with Ewoks was that they made the storm troopers look even worse than they already did which is fucking amazing considering how good a job the series has done at making them out to be absolute ass hats who couldn't possibly maintain power in the galaxy for longer than 5 minutes or so. As long as the Porgs aren't beating troopers in open combat I don't think anyone is going to have an issue with them.
Those are Craitisian Salted Foxes, Ken. Don't you watch Animal Planet?!
Sith Lord with bad-ass Tie Fighter pilot skills!! Big fuckin ✔ I'm all the way in!
The shot with Kylo and Rey is real. How else does Snoke get Rey? Kylo attacks Ach-To after Luke won't fully take Rey on to train, and they burns the force tree. Rey goes with him to Snoke where it shows her being force-frozen. And Luke to the rescue?
Michael Wilinski
I believe the Kylo and Rey thing is a misdirection. I think that’s Kylo putting out his hand to his mother.
Thomas Barlow
so everybody just listen to this. i think that rey is the reincarnation of the chosen one aka darth vader aka Anakin Skywalker, i feel like after luke walks away saying he is afraid. rey is going to ask if luke is her father then he will say "no but you are mine" also cool easter egg. in episode 4 . luke says "im not afraid" yoda says you will be. when Luke says i wasent. afraid then but i am now. he is talking about the dark side and vader
Anonymous Poster
Rey: "I need show me my place in all this"
Luke: Points to the kitchen
Rey is Kylo's daughter and Luke is Poe's father and Finn is Mace's great great grandson
Bryan Sowder
National treasure!
Glen Miller
Kylo is reaching his hand out to Finn. Same background...
What if the "past" Kylo is talking about is his relationship with Snoke & he becomes a "Grey Jedi".
Then if Luke abandons Rey, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch for Kylo & Rey to team up?
Also,what if the shot of Rey & possibly Snoke in the gold outfit could be where Kylo kills Snoke to save Rey ala Vader killing the emperor to save Luke?
Corey Donaldson
Phenomenal and very cool breakdown and discussion about the latest trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi Ken !
Corey Donaldson
Lots of awesome images in the latest trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi !
Video Bird
Id love to see Rey go dark. Also, with Snoke's robe design being an early emperor piece, maybe thats an interesting way of saying that he IS Plagueis : 3
Corey Donaldson
The First Order Scout Walkers in the background of the scene where Finn is fighting Captain Phasma look pretty cool !
If Luke is as scared as he looks, that makes me think he might try to kill Rey - while he still can. Which would of course send her running to Kylo or Snoke.
Donnis Bagby
Where in the hell is Lando???
Donnis Bagby
What if Snoke was talking about VADER???
I understand a character being conflicted, but this whole Luke Skywalker becomes a big scared pussy storyline really annoys me. A great Jedi Master, "the most powerful warrior in the galaxy" hiding in isolation on an island while the galaxy is in grave danger just doesn't make a lot of sense when you think about it. For Yoda it made sense. He experienced the height of the Jedi Order come to s spectacular fall orchestrated over twenty years by a Sith Lord literally sitting under the nose of the Jedi Order the whole time. Yoda had a lot of shit to think about. Yoda had hundreds of years of possible arrogance, misguided hubris, and possible fuck ups to think about. Not Luke. Luke is suppose to be a badass Jedi Master not some reclusive whiny fearful pussy elder.
Jeffrey Walker
I want thoughts on the 2 shots where we see Luke and Rey in the cave where it's either raining or they both fell in the water. (1:46 and 1:52) It seems to be later in the movie due to Rey having her "new" hair style. And oh guess what! Luke is in all Black robes!!! What does that mean? Does his FEAR of the raw power drive him to the dark side. Does he end up being the true antagonist of the movie? I mean he seems pretty ANGRY when he is looking up at (who I assume is Rey) and says, "This is not going to go....the way you think"
He seems to be yelling at her, maybe he even comes to HATE her.
Okay okay you can probably tell by now that I am trying to get out the Yoda quote, "Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering."
So maybe Luke's fear does lead him to the dark side. After all, "Fear is the path to the dark side".
Frank Schalk
Where is Spock?
I was thinking that Luke might've killed Rey's parents, wiped her memory & left her on Jakko but hearing Snoke saying about finding & sensing immense power perhaps Snoke was the one who either stole Rey from her parents or killed them. Then dumped her on Jakko but he would keep an eye on her till it was time find her again. He could've been doing this while also keeping an eye on Kylo Ren.
Justin Keck
Go Ken, great job as always. I am soooo (lightsaber sound) excited!
Jeff Duarte
Great stuff! Ken is the true chosen one! Ooohhhh Yeeaaahhhhhhh!
Daniel Risen
I love Ken
You missed him smashing his helmet
Michael Balsamo
my honest theory is that both of the padawans (rey and kylo) will both be turned away by their masters and their teachings( kylo from the dark/ rey from the light) and they will meet in the middle as the grey new age order of force users.
R Lamb
I believe that Kylo does kill Leia in that scene. He was fighting with the light and dark side inside him when he killed Han, so I believe he feels he needs to do this to completely extinguish any of the lightside inside him and fully embrace the darkside.
The Bacons
The falcon flying through Crait looks A LOT like the downed star destroyer in TFA. It's like they copy and pasted the CGI then just changed the surface. If that's true then it's a little lame but I have no idea and even if I'm right it's a relatively small complaint
Michael Lena
Snoke is definitely talking about Rey. Furthering Kylo's arch/trait/theme of his seeming inferiority complex.
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