Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes
This is a fake anonymous channel. It’s actually an Alt Right propaganda channel.
Anon Ymous
This IS NOT Anonymous......beware of the Fakeonymous
Bob Bob
I said this in a comment of one of the videos. They always attack people by themselves and that guy was alone.
timothy cannon
Cars don't lose bumpers. Case closed.
Now we know Heather was 350 lb woman that had heart attack,not killed by car
For as "tragic" & "aful" this was, it sure stopped being a blip on the radar. Perp--no word on him, lol.

This sh** disappeared like the rape charges against Trump and the porn star Machado & her silly accusations against Trump.
Nick Cox
I don't see brake lights.
Jerry Garrett
Load that slug Hillary up in a paddy wagon and haul her ass off!

Mr P
Dodge challenger !! not charger
Mark McKinnon
guy feared for his life....... not guilty!
David Karen
Charlotte Carlsen
Ronald Bernard found dead
Rena G
Driver is a dnc supporter who got paid to claim he is kkk....
INCREDIBLE NEWS!! This was a Premeditated SetUp to create Global Racist Trouble!!
Prosecute to the Fullest
Jordan Myers
challenger not charger
J Dub
Just because someone hits your car it isn't an excuse to drive full speed into a crowd then flee the scene. It is just an example of how all Nazis are scared little bitches and need a crowd to hold their hand. Go fuck yourself.
Fake news
chuck malmsteen
And let me guess, the creator of this video is a trump supporter... What a shocker. He's guilty, you people are just trumpatized
Reggie R2
Man i smelled bullshit!!!
John Doe
That's it? That blurry photo is all you've got? This wasn't worth making a video. It proves literally nothing, because it is nothing. You folks are reaching pretty far on this one. Glorifying violence is silly. You people are silly.
John Doe
Nice echo chamber you have here.
33 hoax coded fake news
Carson Jay
Anonymous are Pussies GTFOH! Now you lames are alt right?!?!? Hilarious
Jamal Jay
bullshit i was there he smashed his gas
Kawiks k
Bullshit racist
Russel westbrook
False flag please watch and research this they have the challenger leaving and people cheering its all fake look it up
Travis Rush
no no all these protesters need locked up thet work for the left they are causing all the problems around the world lock all of soro's people up all who are citizens treason trying to bring this country down
Scott Norman Rosenthal
I'm a "Leftist", but I wholeheartedly agree that the minute details in this case, or any case, MUST be considered.
The protesters were walking pass 1 car then turned left & were passing 2 cars with no harm..but the driver James had nothing to show he was with the ppl in riot headgear & riot shields..James could have just sat there as a 3rd car on the street..if he was afraid then he should have stopped since he could see the ppl march on that street..but he did backup fine after he ran over ppl..how fast was he going..fast enough to push a car & minivan into the crosswalk...speed & distance is needed for that..again how would anybody know that James wasn't a protester stuck in traffic..
Pamela Roy
Oh now that's a crock! That man floored the car way back to get a good head start trying to mow down as many people as possible.
Dale Ray
Anonymous EXPOSED , is exposed. Anonymous TRUMP>Anonymous PUSSY GRABBER>Anonymous PUTIN>Anonymous NAZI. Inevitably, to be Anonymous SATAN. That is where Trump Worship will "drag You".
I saw overhead footage somewhere for a few seconds and it showed that the crowd was blocking traffic at an intersection. The streets leading up to that intersection were relatively clear. When that car turned down that one way street he didn't know he was driving into a dead end due to the crowd blocking the streets at that intersection. Wish I could see more of that overhead footage...was it in the helicopter that crashed??!!
Karen Houser
bunch of crazy blm members suround my car im smashing too now if he is found not guilty they will burn a town down
Islammylife 4everAllahwilling

Mister Right
What fucking bullshit!
Nice speech to text job here...You have got to be stupid to believe such crap! Who drives like that into a group of pedestrians?!? Provoked with a broken tail lite? Really? Why is your car there in the first place? Just plain wrong and criminal.
jj coolj
He should get off free, he fucked up his car thats bad enough, i would do the same if people were hitting my car
Thomas Forrest
wake up left/ wake up right, your both being played.
Denise DeStefanis
Keep drinking the cool aide. The car incident was caught on tape by many. It was,a clear intentional hit. The protesters starting hitting the car only after it rammed into the crowd
John Doe
They are not reporting that the driver was a Hillary Clinton Supporter. He planned this and this story is just that "A Story"'
border lands
hopefully he gets premeditated murder but it may be involuntary manslaughter or some shit. either way, domestic terrorism, no different than ISIS. fuckin right wing nut jobs.
Bobby Mccary
The leftest bunch of morons read and read well if you start a civil war you will lose the right has far more numbers than you, you will lose the fight,so stop protesting your stupid narrative it doesn't count neither does your employer George soros
Duke Damage
HEAR! HEAR!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Bruce Lee YoungBar
branham.org will bless
um show the whole video, that's after he started speeding toward crowd, lol im pretty sure this was a government psyop, but at least be real lol.
david wilson
BS !!!
billy hill
oh hell here come the false flag idiots
Eric S
That was a good analysis, thanks. It would be a crazy twist to the situation if the driver was actually forced to flee because he was being attacked. All the people jumping to conclusions and talking about terrorism and making premature moral judgements would have made big fools out of themselves. We will see what comes out of the investigation. It's just a shame the video frame you posted doesn't show much details.
Michael Ellis
He wasn't "surrounded " that is ridiculous. He drove for a decent distance at a high rate of speed before plowing into the crowd. That said I agree he deserves and will get a trial.
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